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Friday, August 19, 2011

Read! Practice Exercises! Practice Spells and Magic

Updated 11/2/13

Whenever I had trouble sleeping at night, I'd meditate.  That includes visualization exercises.  Besides, you are really relaxed at night in bed unless you've been tossing and turning to try to fall asleep.  Take that annoying sleepless night to try to visualization of some object, person or animal.  The skill will pay off later.  You never know.  The boredom might put you back to sleep!

I wanted to really help the beginner to get started in the occult.  Just like I had done: start reading early.   You should have a zest or earnest desire to study this field.  If you only have a passing fancy go read some ghost stories and then do what you really want with your life.  This may not be what you really want to get into.  I used to go to my local library to read the whole section of occult books.  Everything from magic, divination or psychic fields.  Find what interests you.  Try not to hire those in the field to do things for you.  Practice magic rather than hiring someone for a single magic spell for $50.  If you have a good question about your life try out a legitimate psychic.  Watch out for psychics that might say you need to get another $200 to her or you might die next week.  Many of those in the field may not like my words, but you have to learn somewhere.  Try to do some things yourself.  If Tarot or the I Ching is your thing work with that and do it everyday for divination.  You may not feel you can predict what's going to happen tomorrow, but the reading might help you to be more creative in finding out which path you should choose.   It can take less than 1/2 hour out of your day to do some occult practice and plenty of time to do something else.  A little bit everyday.  My real start in this field was a book from Geof Gray-Cobb on Avatar Power.  I worked it every morning as much as much as possible.  I learned a lot just by working the magic.  If your thing is the psychic field try to work with psychic exercises or an astral projection.  Try to devote a small part of your time each to either reading, doing exercises and real occult work such as a ritual.  It isn't important to devote lots of time, but just try to do something everyday consistently for results.  With hindsight, I wished I could have developed my visualization skills to a greater degree.  I wished I had read more occult books by now.  The skills and knowledge help one to get better results for tomorrow.

My biggest drawback was bad habits - wasting time.  Watching TV, reading books that don't matter, shopping at stores that are not a priority in my life only deter me from carrying on with my life goals.

Draw up a plan for yourself.  Don't give all the fun things up, but bargain with yourself.  Tell yourself you will practice visualization for 10 minutes and than you can watch TV!  It is just like a person watching what she or he eats.   You might tell yourself you can eat your dessert as long as you eat your vegetables first.   Start today.  Once you get the ball rolling things get easier.   It's that first step that matters.

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