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Friday, August 19, 2011

Spiritual Force Energy: Just Pretend, Pray to the Spirits and They Perform Tasks

Updated 6-2-2015

I have studied many types of magic. I had come up with my own system of magic and had developed my own magic called the "Forces".  Using the process of prayer from the Bible I had created a prayer to those spirits I referred to as the "Forces".  One can view these spirits as part of God.

In the past, I have studied books from the Al Manning.   Manning ran the ESP Lab of Texas.  I believe it is now run by his son in Colorado.   I had also devoted time to a book called, How to Use Astral Power: Key to a Miraculous New Life.    I combined both to create my hybrid system.   I utilized the concept of prayer from the Bible to create my system.

I found that by practicing New Avatar Power and learning other forms of magic I had a real interest in this sort of thing.  I bought occult book after occult book soaking up information like a sponge soaks up water.  I wanted to learn as many of the secrets as I could.  I wasn't a fan of all Manning's magic, but his book on Gnostic Magic shed some light on how to give up things to get other things. It was kind of like sacrifice or trading things with the spiritual world.  Manning believed one should have fun with the spirit world. The other author, Reginald De Koven MacNitt, was a U of M professor who wrote about Astral Power was a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. His form of magic was similar to prayers. Spirits would then intervene after we called or prayed to them. I probably used more these author's philosophies than anything else to develop my own magic. I was to the point that I could write my own rituals.

To be successful, you have to suspend your judgement.  Just pretend something is there just like a child pretends to have an imaginary playmate.  We all used that imagination at an early age, but now we forget.  Practice again.

Let's get started on this journey together...

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