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Friday, August 19, 2011

My Dealing with the Devil

Updated Title Change 6-2-2015

The Concept: There are stories that float around that make us aware that it might be possible to sell one's soul to the Devil for a large sum of money. You don't have to go that far, but you can make small deals all the time to pull things in your favor.

This one isn't in any of the books and I found this out by experimenting. Some people think that in order to make a deal with the devil you have to sell your soul. It's kind of like the old Faust story where the poor fool has the Devil collect his soul on a specific night. No, that is simply not the case. If you are in trouble with a large financial obligation or a legal judgement has brought against you make use of the following ritual. Some people can't get God to answer prayer, but they can get Satan to work because most people are afraid of him. Fear is like negative faith. If you have a large need you just have to come up with something you can give up in exchange for the favor that Satan will grant you. Maybe you can promise to stop giving money to the church or going to church all together. Make it something worthwhile, but something you can commit to. Don't try to trick the Devil with giving up chocolate bars. It is has to be something major that you can give up. Remember, a deal is a deal so don't try to go back on your obligation. Of course, if he doesn't fulfill what you wish you are under no obligation to keep your end of the bargain. Let's get the props ready...

The top of some bedroom furniture makes an ideal altar. You can use an old dresser. Clear the dresser of any normal everyday items such as pictures, personal items, or receipts. Place a dark cloth down or if none is available don't bother. Obtain two black candles or red candles with some holders. Don't spend a lot, but if you are missing some good candle holders take a trip to the dollar store. Fill your altar with other occult items such as a deck of tarot cards, a magic mirror or a crystal ball. These aren't really necessary, but only help to establish the atmosphere. It's important that you feel the atmosphere is right. If there is something you feel is not quite right take some time to fix it. For example, if you think a crystal ball will really help go out to your local new age store to buy one. Occult supply kits are usually found at major booksellers in your area as well.

If you feel that jeans and T-shirt are less than serious try wearing your robe or some dark sweats during the ritual. Before the ritual, be sure you are alone in your apartment or house. At the very least ensure that won't be heard. If anyone hears about what you are doing they may think you are wrong about doing this, they may be afraid of you or they might just think you are crazy! Don't tell anyone you are doing a ritual. Light the candles and concentrate on what you want. Look into the candle flame and pretend the Devil can hear you (he actually does listen whether one believes he is there or not!) Address both "Moloch and Satan" as though you were speaking to 2 people in the room that go by those names. Do not call out the name "Devil" as this is a general name and is not specific as to who you are calling out to. Moloch is like saying "Mall-eck." Both demons are of the same corresponding influence and will work together. Speak out loud about what your problem is and ask him what you want him to do. Tell both of them what you are going to give up in return if you grant him your favor. Repeat your need and what you will give up at least 2 more times. Plea with them and ask them that they grant you this favor. Really mean it. Don't joke about this. Be serious and the Devil will take you seriously in your request. To seal the deal kneel on one knee, place your hands above your head like you were trying to grab a ladder. Say "Barad Moloch! Barad Satan!" Barad is pronounced "Bah-rod." You are giving them the ultimate respect by hailing them in the Hebrew language. Stand up and stare into the candles for awhile. Let your mind just drift or daydream for a few minutes. Extinguish the candles. Try to repeat the ritual daily until you get your results or the event has passed. The Devil works on matters of accusations, litigation or any situation where someone is pointing the finger at you. I usually work on more positive aspects in my life, but the Devil would work equally as well at bringing a politician down from a particular position. I've dealt with the Devil on 2 separate occaisions and assure you the above ritual works well. For personal reasons, I will not disclose what I wished for.

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