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Friday, August 19, 2011

New Ways to See Old Mysteries

As of 2/25/12, this blog is open again.   I have some personal issues that I will have to deal with, but I vow to finish this blog for my readers.

Basic Concept: The ancient Egyptians and their magic have been considered as one of the most powerful groups of people on Earth. Tales of their magical powers are hinted at in many books. If one believes the Biblical story of Moses working against Egypt to free the Israelis to be a true one then Egyptian priests were a formidable foe. A lot of Egypt's magical knowledge is lost, but there are hints as to what they did. There are many books today that reveal more about the Egyptian priests.

Books to Consider: The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt, Egyptian Paganism

My Story: I have read a lot of books about Egyptian magic and history. However, the 2 best books would have to be the 2 listed above. In the first book mentioned, I noted that there were 5 elements invoked and not just the air-earth-fire-water. The second book mentions the "Zep Tepi" event. This event was kind of a belief in a myth. These books gave me an idea about how a true Egyptian initiation must have went. I have gotten some idea about how Freemasonry can be rewritten in regard to this new understanding about Egyptian religion and magic. In my research, I looked into the Ennead and Ogdoad. The Greeks modified many of the Egyptian concepts and may have passed many off as their own. The Greeks hint at what the Egyptians were all about.

Concluding Ideas:

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