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Friday, August 19, 2011

Using Subliminal CD's to Increase Psychic Ability?

Updated 6-2-2015

I seem to recall that the U.S. spent a lot of time testing remote viewing in the past for the use of psychic spying. It was either a book or it was in the news. I don't think they spent a lot of time developing the skills of the participants. They probably only tested a few gifted participants. It might have been a different story if they actually invested time in development.

I never was really born with any psychic ability, but I decided back in the 80's to try out some psychic development cassette tapes to see if they would help increase my abilities. After using the tapes, I experienced psychic visions. Psychic visions are almost flashes much like one was in a dream state while awake. I would get flashes of images like a still picture of something. These tapes were subliminal with words being said in the background of music. It worked and I would say they trippled or quadrupled my abilities within a short time. My abilities waned as I stopped using the tapes; I would assume that my skills will return if I used this product again. The tapes were lost over time. I still remember the names of the companies that gave me the success: Valley of the Sun Publishing and Potentials Unlimited. I bought a CD from Valley of the Sun Publishing 2 years ago, but I didn't have the same experiences that I did 30 years ago. Maybe, I didn't have the same topic on tape. I have a clairvoyance CD now instead of the vision inducing tape I had earlier.

The full information on these 2 companies:
click on Spirituality & Metaphysics
there are 2 CD's which are in this area
Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Remote Viewing/Time Traveler
use the link to the publisher's company found on his website-
link to
there are plenty of psychic development titles here

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