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Friday, August 19, 2011

Reformed Freemasonry, My Own Mystery School and the Illuminati

Updated 3/22/12, Still under construction

I don't really approve of Albert Pikes's revisions of Freemasonry. It is similar to the conclusion I had about the Lutheran church. I was a confirmed Lutheran, but realized later that it was a movement that came from the ideas of 1 man. Why would we follow the philosophies of a single man? Although, I have followed highly respected genius men who have commanded people in quasi-masonic movements. Many of the initiation rituals have been published from years ago and are available to the general public. Current rituals in use by lodges today have changed by its members, but may have had their beginnings from those old published rituals. I offer my framework for an overhaul of Freemasonry for the 21st century. I would call the new member "the Free Journeyman". New tools would be discussed that are in use today by tradesmen. The first 3 rituals would be named Free Thinker, Free Worker and Free Journey. The first 3 rituals would not invoke only Ptah, the Supreme Architect, but also the other 2 from the Egyptian trinity as well. The members would progress to 3 levels within the organization: the Deist, the Rose Cross and finally the Illuminated Knight. Logic and reason would not be the only things taught. The Deist members could stop where at their level just absorbing philosophical and political teachings in addition to logic and reason. Those wishing to progress to the Rose Cross would learn theurgy, thaumaturgy, intuition and creativity.

My grand plans were for a mystery school taught through the internet. After an intense marketing campaign, most of my blog readers would learn to practice the occult themselves, receive a directory of occult sources and exercises along with my experiences as to what is possible. Those joining my mailing list would become the Followers of Nectanebus. The Followers would help write my final chapters and be given more exercises to perform (called the Lesser Work). Those in my local area could join my group: Alchemists of the Invisible Grove. These members would meet 1 day a week for discussions, receive a free copy of the Prayers to the Spiritual Forces, and undergo tests to allow one to join the Secret Council. The tests would find and help eject members of dogmatic faiths to find those pure of heart. Christians would have to deny/reject Christ as their Lord and Savior whereas Freemasons would have to discuss and express opinions about religion and politics for several hours. Tests would help sift out those with extreme dogmatic beliefs that might cause friction in the Secret Council. The Secret Council would be an inner group with no name. This group would join me in magical working using one of my key occult books. I realized I'd rather be an author or publisher of books and blogs. I would rather not recruit and train people in personally in a school atmosphere. For those that haven't focused on Freemasonry may not know what I'm referring to. Feel free to email me if you have questions. I hope to make future blog postings a little less complicated. More book reviews to come.

After 30 years of research, I've come to a conclusion about the Illuminati. Illuminati is mostly a name given to higher degrees of occult organizations. It is not a name of group holding any immense power. Our economies and nations are at the mercy of wealthy individuals buying up companies, commodities, options, futures and various other derivative investments. These investments may take a toll on the rest of us. Those wealthy individuals may or may not be working as a group. Take for instance George Soros' currency trading that almost broke the bank of England.

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