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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Problem With Christianity and Republicans

December 13, 2016

We have a new presidential cabinet building for 2017 that seems determined to find Muslim terrorists.   The person that helps me with marketing this blog has told me that sales of security products go through faster when you give people a fear that something is going to happen drastically to them.  Sales of mace sprays help women to feel more secure in walking to their car alone at night.  They had the fear and the advertisement played on their fear to sell them a product.  That appears to be the motivation by the new administration to find those terrorists and a justification for spending on the defense budget.   In the past, Republicans usually cut spending on infrastructure, education, human services and the environment.  Spending on defense, should be no different in this administration than with other Republican administrations in the past.  ISIS is a threat in Europe but spending every dime on defense is futile.

Even members in my own family will vote Republican, regardless, of who's running.  They belong to churches that endorse a conservative way of life.  Many churches will actually let their congregations know they should vote for the conservative party.  Just like other Republicans I've known, they have a narrow vision of whether someone will take their guns away through gun control.  They have this fear of loosing their guns.

Others will vote Republican to attempt to save Israel like we have to protect it from its muslim neighbors. These people think something bad will happen if we turn our back on Israel like God was going to go hard on us.  If you've read in the 2nd half of the Bible you know there is a verse that says God turned his back on Israel when Israel turned their backs on him.  Many have already turned their backs on God.  You can find many Christians that only go to their church on the holidays.  Many Christians preach the faith but don't actually follow their own religion.

Church has become something on a resume or a politician's flyer that advertises that he belongs to a particular church.   You usually find that he's boasting he's coaching little league baseball as well.  It becomes a list of all the things that make him a better candidate because he's helping to make the community better in some way.

Christians can no more prove their God (the God of Abraham) is any more alive than Allah.   The gods all appear asleep and nothing remains but their zealous followers who want to convert us over to their religion.

Christianity is no more different than the Catholicism of the middle ages.   The Catholic church ruled over all and tortured people for having an ideas contrary to the church.   Once again, so called "church people" are taking stands against Muslims.   Those religious personalities in government may wish to exercise their control over us once again.  My family pushed the Lutheran faith on me when I was young.  It is OK to push back as we don't need a church to rule over us again like Catholicism did in the past.

Evangelical Christians try to set a false precedent that our founding fathers were some of the greatest Christians alive.  Check your history and you will find many did not commit to an opinion; some were actually Freemasons that helped to give everyone a choice in the religion they wish to practice here in America.  On the whole, they didn't endorse any specific religion.

Look down deep at your own life.  Can you see when a Republican politician's changes actually benefited you?   As another Republican administration favors tax cuts for businesses, see how much prosperity actually rolls back to you.  Think about whether trickle down economics really works for you.

I favor freedom of religion.  What about you?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Give Thanks Today For What You Do Have: November 24, 2016

The Latest News:  Many of us get caught up with what we don't have in life.  There is a time to pursue goals and dreams.  There is also a time to reflect on what you have achieved or what you have.  Give yourself a pat on the back for what you have done, even if others have been short in recognizing your achievements. Take time to dwell on what you are thankful for and you may find a new power in your life to be satisfied with your surroundings.  You don't have to take time to praise another god or gods for what you have; if you have no gods - that's fine, just praise yourself for your hard work.  It can make a difference in your life.

I am updating several entries below.  I've updated the evocation entry and dropped the 'Under Construction' words in it.  Check out any entries with a new date on it.  All the newest information should be underlined for your/my convenience.   I am moving toward a more conventional blog here at the end of 2016.  The author of this blog is currently involved in the writing of occult/new age books. I am also engaged in using the new practices I've created to make changes to my own life and the world around me.  I've read and have in my collection so many books that I consider myself an expert on the subject.  As I am writing, this blog may go silent for months at a time.  I am still here, but just busy getting books ready for publication.  I am moving away from the sensational to the more conventional and you may see some posts go away.  If you want the real unusual  and the strange - just read the current event news going on.  There's plenty of it there.

I am somewhat between being a Deist and and a Pantheist.  We are in a universe that has natural laws as though the Creator made the world and stepped back to allow man to work.   Specific affirmations have lead me to understand that words control, not just what is going on in our bodies, but also tend to change the outer world if those words are stated repeatedly.  We also seem to have a world that has beings that can be commanded to complete tasks or provide information.   I like the Postmodern philosophy on life and have considered certain Atheist ideas as valuable also. Atheists have an interesting view on life.

Reflecting on my Past:
I think that we co-create our world with others through visualization and affirmations.  My worldview is in a Supreme Creator, but it is a deistic view since he set the world in motion and does nothing at the present time.  Miracles occur because we tend to believe strongly that something will occur.  Not all of us believe in miracles and that would account for reality being 99% miracle free.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet?  Over the summer, most Americans would believe in that.  In my teens, I was pushed to go to a "holy-roller" church to find miraculous healings going on.  The only explanation for what I saw: it is either (1) a magician's trick such as a fake to attract new members or (2) that human beings have an inherent God-power within them that make spectacular healing miracles possible.  We are each little gods co-creating our world.

I will work my best to make sure this blog will continue.   I will continue to make it one of the most comprehensive, provocative places on the web for occult thought.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

This May Be Urim and Thummim: Israel's Divination From the God of Abraham

New: November 6, 2016

My latest thoughts are in regards to Israel's divination device called Urim and Thummim.   This may be right in front of us all along and we never realized it.   Toys given to Israel's children during the time of their holiday may have been the God's oracle.

Children hiding in caves with this device pretending to play a game with the dreidel:

This may have been the actual form of divination for Israel's holy to find the sinners among the group if you remember your Bible verses.   You can find this toy everywhere on the web including social media:

It is not too impossible to imagine calling a god down into the device for the purposes of divination.   A good witch or sorcerer can use this as a divinatory device.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

U.S. Army Remote Viewing Experiments Show Us The Best Time To Be Psychic


It's all in the CARDS!   I'm not talking tarot cards here:   Instead of making many of you wait till the holiday weekend, I decided to let you demonstrate this for yourself by getting an ordinary deck of playing cards.  Remove the jokers so that you should have 52 regular playing cards total.  At the various times indicated below for your city, try to guess the color of cards before you turn the cards over.  It will be black or red.  You will be measuring your own psychic ability.   I don't have a statistics degree, but if you get 26 cards right you are pretty much at normal probability.  If you get much above 26 cards right, record it at the various times.  Be sure to record your psychic time for the day.  Remember, the time occurs in your area about 4 minutes earlier everyday.  (See notes below)   I'm doing several trials now myself and will display my results in about a week.   I think if I have about 20+ trials at the psychic time and compare it to trials at the non-psychic time I should reach a valid conclusion.  The results are amazing and will only take 5 minutes at a time.  You may notice that you aren't really psychic, but your results may increase as you test yourself near the times to be psychic listed below.   I will be displaying my results with the playing cards soon.   I'm finding my results with guessing the cards improve 25% over my average at other times.   Not phenomenal, but it is still amazing to me.   I'm collecting more data of this experiment and will display my results soon.   Others of you, with greater amounts of intuition, may find bigger improvements when you try the cards.

If you saw my entry about "What's Happening" you will know that I mentioned I use a constellation software. One appears to be wrong.   Also, Fort Meade has been removed from the software for some reason.  This is quite odd and appears our government may have requested to have the city removed.  I have found a bypass to this problem listed below.  This was a previous entry but now I've updated it.   I am now tracking psychic times for a variety of cities in the U.S. and other countries as well.   More countries will follow.  My blog is read in over 30 languages and that allows for me to be seen in most countries of the world.   (Please note that the computer software I use may not account for Daylight Savings Time.  I may need to do a correction in the future to adjust for this.  I am writing an eBook that has to do with timing of magical rituals.)

As of August 23, 2016, this is the time you are the most psychic in these major cities using a 24-hour clock:  (Correction will be coming in the future as I need to calculate the adjustment for Daylight Savings Time)   More cities will be shown after I get the DST time correction finished.  Times listed are not sidereal but the real clock time for your area.   Around the U.S. Labor Day weekend when I have more time, I will give you my method to demonstrate for yourself what this peak time can do for you.   I will provide some data of my own, for my area, to give you some idea what this really means.   If your city isn't listed, you may be able to roughly compute approximately yours if you know your city coordinates west or east of the city listed.  Each degree west is about 3 minutes and 58 seconds later. From the data below, Lansing, Michigan looks like it is about 1.5 degrees west of Detroit Michigan.   For many of you that don't have computer software to check on this the alignment of the heavens can be checked visually.  In a clear sky, look up in the South direction, the double star Spica of the constellation Virgo will have just passed the South line when it is good in your area.

Lansing, Michigan, U.S.                  17:00       (my place of residence)

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.                   16:54
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.                      17:12
Denver, Colorado, U.S.                   18:21
Edmonton, Canada                          18:55
Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.                19:02
Seattle, Washington, U.S.               19:30
Juneau, Alaska, U.S.                       20:18
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.                    21:52
Mumbai, India                                 18:30
Toronto, Canada                              16:39
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                16:35
Manila, Phillipines                          15:17
Liverpool, England                          11:34
London, England                              11:23
Paris, France                                    11:13
Hamburg, Germany                         10:42
Berlin, Germany                              10:29
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation  9:21
Moscow, Russian Federation            8:52
Beijing, China                                     3:37
Sao Paulo, Brazil                                2:31

Be aware that the date for these times is good for August 23, 2016.  Each day afterwards the time has to be recalculated to be 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds later for each day.   For example, the day afterwards in Lansing Michigan will be about 16:56  (not accounting for the 4.1 seconds).

NOTE: I use Stellarium software at to get my data.   Depending on the version you use, you may find discrepancies between the versions.   I may contact the organization to find out what is going on.   If they can't get it right I will announce their software is unreliable and that they need to fix it.   Just because they remove Fort Meade doesn't mean we can't use a work around and make an adjustment.   Fort Meade is 76.74138 degrees West and Washington, D.C. is 77.01638 degrees West.   Fort Meade is about 0.275 degrees East of Washington (the difference).   Using the conversions above:  0.275 degrees X 3.96667 minutes per degree = 1.09 minutes.  That just means that the constellations will occur at Fort Meade about 1 minute sooner than they do in Washington, D.C.  Now, if Stallarium removes Washington, D.C. I will just figure a conversion from another city!   Be aware Stellarium calls Washington D.C. just "Washington, United States".

In about 15 days, those seconds can be significant in your calculations.  This has to do with local sidereal time.   This calculation is the amount of time it takes a stationary observer on earth to see all the stars that normally pass over their respective spot before the stars start to repeat.  The times above were not found by using 13:30 local sidereal time mentioned by McMoneagle in his book.   They are the exact position, that psychic energy should be the greatest.   My memoir coming out soon will detail what the secret of Stargate is and why this time should be the greatest energy.  I don't look to calculate sidereal time, but I seek to find a particular arrangement of the heavens to determine the optimum period.

If you've read Joseph McMoneagle's book, Remote Viewing Secrets, you may have some idea about what I'm talking about.  Type into Google's search engine "local sidereal time psychic", click on the Images tab and you will find several graphs that show data from the experiments in the book.  Several websites have discussed this.  This graph shows the peak times to be psychic. Remote viewers for the U.S. army had tested psychic spying back in 1997. This is now declassified as this book has gone public.  Psychic spying is equivalent to mental projection.  It is an attempt to believe you can see a far away location in your mind.  Some individuals have a significant ability above others to do this.  They can describe somewhat the details from a distant location.  I am of the conviction that anyone can get better with practice.  This data is the result of many experiments. McMoneagle tries to explain it away in his book.  Scientists had felt it something to do with the location of the Milky Way in respect to the observer's location.  The Milky Way is located approximately between the Sagittarius and Scorpio constellations.  You can check Google to see its location next to those constellations in an image search.  So, the psychic time was better when the Milky Way wasn't visible from the observer's location.  When the Milky Way was visible from the horizon the ability dropped significantly for the observer.  From the book, I concluded that we have psychic levels that change throughout the day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Astral Projection

New: August 9, 2016

I wanted to call this new chapter of my blog the Noncyclopedia, or Experienceclopedia (combining the words experiences and knowledge), to discuss a topic in the Wikipedia. As writers try to define the topic it is not a "a supposed form of telepathy" as mentioned in the Wikipedia. Telepathy may appear to become possible in the experience it is not, on the whole, a "form of telepathy". Astral projection is found in occultism and can be similar to lucid dreaming. The sense of astral projection may be experienced through hallucinations that may be brought on by medical operations or disorders as well.

While there may be no scientific evidence that the consciousness can separate from the body, the author Robert Monroe, collected much data from his astral projection experiences to write about it. His family, per info from his first book Journeys Out of the Body, believed that Monroe could project distances to perceive things going on his family's life without being physically present.

Monroe documented 3 realms of the astral world. The first one coincides with this world. Some travelers in the astral have been able to fly to points around the world or distant planets in space. The second realm appears to not be subject to time. Multiple times exist at the same time in this area. The third realm is some kind of parallel world that is similar to our world, but it has different features or technology than our own.

I myself underwent a contract with a witch years ago. I paid for an astral travel course for $45 which was supposed to help me project from my physical body. I was successful but the experience made me sick for the remainder of that day. I later used numerous books on astral projection to escape my body temporarily. I never was able to escape on a regular basis. It appears it is a skill that people are good at or only have the experiences temporarily.

There are a lot of books on the subject.  However, I find that these books are the true classics and were in my collection at one time.

The Art and Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel
Projection of the Astral Body by Sylvan J. Muldoon
Astral Projection by Oliver Fox
Leaving the Body - A Complete Guide to Astral Projection by D. Scott Rogo
The Study and Practice of Astral Projection by Robert Crookall
Astral Doorways: Techniques for Experiencing the Boundless Possibilities of the Astral Plane by J. H. Brennan

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Diabolic Discourse

November 12, 2016

As some of you have worked with Israel Regardie's Middle Pillar Ritual, it is one of the most powerful forms of mysticism out there.   The mystical forces are almost overwhelming if you meditate on them on a daily basis.    If you refer to some of the books on the Middle Pillar many authors point out that the area of the feet is the where the Earth sphere is located.   Next, Water is located in the groin area.  After this, Fire is located in the Heart region. After this is the Air which is supposedly located in the throat.   Finally, comes the Spirit, or 5th element, located halfway inside the top of our head and the other half above the head.   If you have Geof Gray-Cobb's book on Avatar Power you can see an illustration that refers to this ritual.

The books say the sphere of energy located in the throat doesn't really exist.   It is as if it is missing.
NOTE: Please be aware that some Christians believe, step 5, would call up Satan or Lucifer.   If you believe this I advise you not to try this as you may not be prepared for this rite.  This rite may be too much for those with mental illness or are weak in character.

The Rite:  
1. First work the Middle Pillar Ritual where you have the circulation of the energy throughout the 5 spheres of your body: feet, groin, heart, throat and the top of the head.
2. Focus on the energy sphere in your feet area.  Say, "I invoke the Prince of the Power of the Earth.  I now have the Power of Earth within me."   Say this 3 times to invoke the power.   Focus on the energy sphere in your feet area a little while longer.
3. Focus on the energy sphere in your groin area.  Say, "I invoke the Prince of the Power of the Water.  I now have the Power of Water within me."   Say this 3 times to invoke the power.   Focus on the energy sphere in your groin area a little while longer.
4. Focus on the energy sphere in your heart area.  Say, "I invoke the Prince of the Power of the Fire.  I now have the Power of Fire within me."   Say this 3 times to invoke the power.   Focus on the energy sphere in your heart area a little while longer.
5. Focus on the energy sphere in your throat area.  Say, "I invoke the Prince of the Power of the Air.  I now have the Power of Air within me."   Say this 3 times to invoke the power.   Focus on the energy sphere in your throat area a little while longer.
6. Focus on the energy sphere in the top of your head.  Say, "I invoke the Prince of the Power of the Spirit. I now have the Power of Spirit within me."   Say this 3 times to invoke the power.   Focus on the energy sphere in the top of your head a little while longer.
7. Remain quiet for awhile to contemplate whatever thoughts come to you.   Don't force any thoughts as you remain calm with eyes closed.

Master Rite of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Revised From An Older Entry 7-2-16

This entry is being updated and was originally called "My Philospher's Stone - The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree".   I am going to delete the old entry referring to an eBook I was going to produce.   I never got around to doing the eBook and have decided to let the public work on this one as I describe the ritual in its entirety.

Anyone who has Christian teachings in life is familiar with the Garden of Eden story. Assuming the story was real with a real Adam and Eve the Tree of Knowledge of the Good and Evil existed at one time. Using information from the description of this Rite, one should be able to construct a ritual to have the participant identify with Adam, transform a piece of fruit into the apple from the Garden of Eden. The participant would take a bite to obtain the visions or knowledge of Adam. All knowledge should flow into the participant and that person, theoretically, should become a god.  This is a ritual involving a communion.  I am looking at protestant transformation ceremonies that involve communion. Some of you may be familiar with these. This ritual, with Masonic overtones, is what I can also call the Rite of Adam. Ritual of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. (abbreviated: R.O.T.T.O.K.O.G.A.E.) It may be dangerous. I was working on my Ritual of the Nonself (abbreviated: R.O.T.N.) and may have contracted an illness held by the target contact in my experiment. I have halted testing of that ritual for the time being. The ritual is to help one become another person in thought, word and deed.   After much work, I realize that the Ritual of the Nonself may be something along the lines of the Martinists.  Check out the 'Book of Secrets'.   My work with the Ritual of the Nonself may lead to the Tree of Knowledge.   Some may be wondering what I meant by 'The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree'.   The expression may refer to a son who hasn't amounted to anything good - acting just like the rest of his family.  However, I am referring to something altogether different.

Essentially, the Rite involves 3 main ideas: 1. An apple is used during the ceremony 2. You identify the apple as being one and the same with the apple that Adam and Eve ate 3. You eat the apple 4. You identify with Adam 5. You derive some spiritual experience where you may become "God-like" for an instant.

Some have said that the instant Adam and Eve ate the apple in the garden that they became God-like and all-knowing.   That is the goal of this rite.   This was the fall of mankind and we suffer Adam and Eve's sins to this day (if you believe the Christian view).  Why would we want to suffer if we didn't commit the same sin as the 2 in the Garden of Eden?   You know the Christian view:  sins of the fathers are upon the children.

My philosopher's stone might actually be the result of my 30 plus years of occultism studies.   I may have enough material from what I've studied: a philosophical secret organization, witchcraft, Freemasonry studies, and ancient mysteries.    My spiritual fathers are those philosophers that have gone before.   They are my heroes.   You can tell who you are meant to be by the type of heroes you have.   Who do you respect?   Who is your idol?    Answering questions like these says a lot about who you really are.  Claude de St. Martin would be one of mine.   Essentially, everything I need is already inside me.   I have to look inside myself.   The apple has fallen and it is there for the taking.   I just have to eat it and wait to see what happens. I am in my 50's and I'm willing to take more chances.   My life is mediocre with nothing really exciting in my career.   I worked magic to create change and excitement; it was like opening Pandora's box or going into the 'Twilight Zone'.   It was very much surrealistic.   Assuming that the Devil was the Serpent in the Garden of Eden it seems natural to pull him up for such an operation.