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Monday, June 1, 2015

What's New for August 2, 2014

The Latest News:  Where has the time gone?   Busy with summer activities of trying to meet with old friends, grilling hot dogs and brewing beer.  I have a diverse number of hobbies and interests that distract me.   I've slowed down, but not forgotten this site.  I do a little bit every week to get closer to publishing my book.  By the look at the list below, I've got some great ideas but have got to get busy.  I'm not short of topics to talk about.  I'm just short of the time to talk about them.  
1. Here's the greatest riddle about a Freemason's wages: "A Fellowcraft Mason gets paid in corn, oil and wine."  Can you solve this riddle?   I have spent over 2 years looking for this and have found the secret and it's awesome!  This is just a small taste of my upcoming Freemason book.  I have found out a lot and am now trying to implement this into my life.
2. With Google changing their search, everyone is noticing a drop in hits to their sites.  I've been less concerned if I sit at 9300 hits instead of 10,000 hits.  I am looking at how many hits I'm getting versus the "who" is getting the top hits.  Not counting the sites that are paid advertising, I noticed Google has given top search results (the first page) to Christian sites in explaining the occult.  The latest is that Google has been changing or "weighting" priority to certain medical sites.  I've just heard about this and don't have the full details.  If it is giving validity to America's FDA or allopathic medical science as the absolute truth then the U.S. government has gone to far.  I may have to explore this topic at my wordpress site: my other site examines business and government.  Google has been good to me but I question their methods in letting religious authorities explain the occult.  Are they qualified?  Could I be best at explaining Christianity to the world?  This site will bring the best of the occult as if you did a search.  I want to show you what your search results should show in regards to the best in new age and occult groups.  I hope to also point out sites with religious bias - the sites you can stay away from.  Besides, how would a person with an Islamic background feel about a Christian explanation of the occult?  This will be another feature of my blog for the future.  This is a long time goal of bringing you good information without some bias from a religious group.  I had strong Christians in my family telling me everything else is "of the devil!"  I'm not going to let others be swayed by religious authorities without saying something about it.
3. I've come to the conclusion about the little known Stargate program.  There is a new entry in this blog about your best psychic time.  It will be a monthly feature from now on.  See it below.
4. My free eBook about the ancient languages is complete.  My Egyptian chapter is finished.  This is my theory of the languages: Egyptian language was based on the sounds of daily life and animals, Hebrew was very similar to some of the Egyptian vowel sounds and Greek completely caught the sounds of chakras.  Chakras are those energy points that run through out our bodies.  Check out the entries below.
5. Want to know how to practice mind over matter?  I'm going to put an article out on cloudbusting.  I'm not referring to an internet cloud - I'm talking about those fluffy pockets of vapor in the sky.  Real mind over matter comes from first working at breaking up the clouds.  More to come later.
6. Sales from my books about Geof Gray-Cobb and Freemasonry book will allow me test to see if there is any money in publishing.  If publishing turns out to be a lost cause I may have to start turning to more publicity methods for the selling of my books.
7. Over time, you will see me build my free occult directory.   It's been done at other sites, but that ends up being an advertisement.  I can let my readers in on my past experience while I discuss groups out there on the web.  So, you will start to see all my occult sources that made me what I am today.  You'll see one out there for the late Al Manning.
8. You can read the latest entry "What Will Armageddon Look Like?"  at my wordpress blog.  With the recent Netanyahu speech before congress, I was curious about nuclear weapons.  Most of our governments fail to tell us how destructive those missiles are.  You can read a most interesting article coming there now.  If there was an Armageddon how far would the blast carry?  Using data from Wikipedia about today's missiles, how much of the Earth would be left?  You can go to the link below for my wordpress blog.
9. I'm really impressed that this blog has survived from 2009.  It started as an experiment.  As I did my first blog entry, I asked myself what on Earth will I talk about?  It has only gotten easier as time went on.  All that writing actually did help me to be a better writer and helped me to write my first book.  I'm thrilled to see I've hit over 8500 hits as this blog is read worldwide translated to over 30 languages.

Secondary and Current Work
1. Still editing and adding to my 2nd book about Gray-Cobb and my own style of magic.  I keep coming up with more changes.
2. I've worked on my own versions of ancient Egyptian, Hebrew and Greek.  Crowley and Regardie may have pronounced sequences of letters for the names of gods, but I think I have their real names as they were pronounced.
3. My new online mini-book "Say God's Name: A New Way to Pronounce the Ancient Languages".  The book about the Golden Dawn has other systems such as Askenazic Hebrew and another method.  I will highlight those and then cover the reasons for my own system.   I should test all 3 systems to see which gives better results.  I thought of this while I've been working on my second book.
4. I've learned significantly about Caballa (magic), Freemason initiation from 10 years of study and Egyptian mysteries.  I need to pass this on in the form of books.  Books need to be able to be sold in Europe and Canada.  I may need to consider selling them in Spanish which will increase readership.
5. My occupational life seems to be dull and stagnant at this point.  Being an author in this blog brings me more fulfillment than I've gotten from other things I've worked at.  Occult has always been an interest and I will pass this to others that are on the same path.
6. I still need to get my first book sold on Etsy.  The books are handmade and I have 290 books left.
6. Testing, testing and more testing.  I need to test before I release any books and then I can tell others of the results that they may expect.

See the post below on New Avatar Power (Get Your Instructions As Through Geof Gray-Cobb was Still Alive).  There is a puzzle to solve.  If you are successful you will get another N.A.P. type ritual for FREE!.

My Work As An Author:  My second book out will be about Gray-Cobb's magic.  The Canadian occultist and psychic was on the cutting edge of making long complex rituals short and concise.  There were essentially stripped down rituals from the Golden Dawn and other magical grimoires.  Nobody had ever thought of doing what he had done.  I've decided to carry on his work with Avatar Power and consider myself an apprentice of the master.  As the rough draft of my fictional Freemasonry book is almost done, I will start working on my fourth book: Egyptian magic.   A free copy will be delivered to the Grand Lodge of England in 2016.  I believe it will be a controversial book that may amuse some Freemasons, but also infuriate others.  My fifth book will be my memoirs involving a variety of topics: affirmations, black magic, my own system of prayer, the Voynich manuscript and the U.S. Stargate program.  Stargate has a lot of meaning for pagans.   It means a lot of extra power.   My next books after that will be about invocation, evocations and finally god worship.  So, I better get off my butt and get busy!  I've got at least 8 more books to write.

My Projects on the Side:  I'm going over to a list form so I can inform you as well as keep my notes organized for what I am about to do.  This should work better for me.
1. Place my first book, "The Cat Speaks Egyptian" on Etsy.  Update details about what the book is really about on my wordpress blog.  See below.  This is my first and last self-published book!  Binding and gluing take too long.  I can't work on my next book if we're busy making books.
2. Work on Sounds of GOD are coming.  I don't want to put the sounds out until my books are out and then I may need to advertise on Facebook and link back here.  Movies are in the future to show someone exactly how to pronounce Thoth's name.
3. Update my other blog,,  My friend's website, still under construction, will also show how we made this miniature book with pictures: . It's been a lot of fun.  All my books will be explained at the wordpress site.  It will focus on writing, science fiction, business, politics and government.

Old Ideas to Follow Up on Sometime:  After browsing 'The Elements of Music' by Jason Martineau and the 'Divine Name' by Jonathan Goldman I got some ideas from all the other things.
A. I will check with Goldman to see if his site has put the divine name in parallel (sounds on top of each other - 4 angels - 4 Freemasons saying the name together.  I don't think the name is said in series (sounds following each other).
B.  Ideas came from my concepts in 'Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry' with the 3 Freemasons moving in unison 'Figure 32 THREE TIMES THREE' (see website  The word needs to be pronounced in parallel instead of serial.
C. I will always attempt to update the old entries to make them better and may introduce a new topic once in awhile as time becomes available.  Some of my ideas and experiments with the "Rite of Adam" will show up in my science fiction blog.

Blog entries coming up? Pardon me while I change to outline form:
1. My own occult directory
2. Postmodernism,
3. Other philosophies,
4. Metaphysics,
5. Deism,
6. The medicine called Homeopathy and my understanding about God.

1. I am somewhat between being a Deist and and a Pantheist.  We are in a universe that has natural laws as though the Creator made the world and stepped back to allow man to work.   We also seem to have a world that has beings that can be commanded to complete tasks or provide information.   I like the Postmodern philosophy on life and have considered certain Atheist ideas as valuable also.  Atheists have an interesting view on life.

Reflecting on my Past:
I think that we co-create our world with others through visualization and affirmations.  My worldview is in a Supreme Creator, but it is a deistic view since he set the world in motion and does nothing at the present time.  Miracles occur because we tend to believe strongly that something will occur.  Not all of us believe in miracles and that would account for reality being 99% miracle free.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet?  Over the summer, most Americans would believe in that.  In my teens, I was pushed to go to a "holy-roller" church to find miraculous healings going on.  The only explanation for what I saw: it is either (1) a magician's trick such as a fake to attract new members or (2) that human beings have an inherent God-power within them that make spectacular healing miracles possible.  We are each little God's co-creating our world.

My Other Blog:
My Wordpress blog was originally a dystopian science fiction story.   The D.S.A. (Divided States of America) 2037 A.D. -  Journal as told by the Prime Advisor, Secretary and Historian to the President.   This was a fictional account discussing the United States in a future time period, its problems, where it's headed and the solutions to what saved America from the brink of falling apart.   That's what was so different about my science fiction story.  I was to be using an oracle to predict real future events that will occur in the world.  As I find out more, I will change the science fiction story to predict the future demise of the U.S.    The changes to companies, laws, and the country will be astounding. I am aiming to have a kind of  Harry Potter sorcery for adults crossed with a techno-horror story about our future.   Currently, I haven't had much time to devote to my science fiction blog.  My science fiction blog is located at:

I will work my best to make sure this blog will continue.   I will continue to make it one of the most comprehensive, provocative places on the web for occult thought.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Church of Wicca, the Frosts and Great Books on Witchcraft


Gavin and Yvonne Frost were leaders in teaching witchcraft.  They had placed a good share of their knowledge in the books from Parker Publishing.  Years later they would publish works similar to the one's they had done before.   It was good to get the updated versions but the classics are good too.  Even if I wasn't using the systems in their entirety, I was using the theory to begin to create my own rituals and spells. Once I began to create my own talismans.  I was designing my own in the 80's.

I've seen other witchcraft books on the shelves today in stores and they don't compare.  These were more comprehensive and goal oriented.  It wasn't the traditional witchcraft were you celebrated the solstice but it more pertinent to what one wanted: attracting love into one's life for example.  

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Russia's Conservative Watchdog Problem Solved, U.S. Can Learn As Well

New 4-26-2015

I was doing reading about the new age in Russia. There is quite a new age revival in that country going on. The Russian Academy of Science wants to promote its own ideas against the occult which perceives it to be a pseudoscience. For the U.S., our churches and law enforcement are the main opponents to those ideas that are not mainstream. Churches think its just plain wrong and law enforcement thinks occult is just a cover for criminal activity. (I could say cops are just a cover organization for a group of people that only go golfing and hunting - they serve no valuable purpose except to seemingly maintain peace and control over society) I can say that the driving engine of the occult is affirmations and visualizations. This is the concept that what I say and what I picture in my mind can have an effect on my inner self as well as the outside world. Philip H Farber combined magic and NLP. NLP and magic combined together is really interesting concept and I might say it changes the theory of some things.

My opinion is that Russia's Academy of Science should classify occult and new age thinking as "consciousness experiences" whereas it could classify everything else as "worldly perceptions". In other words, the psychic can be thought of the mind entering an altered state that causes it to experience something that can't be measured by outside world observers. It can't be proved nor disproved. It is close to what the mind goes through in dreams. To some people, the occult is no more important than listening to someone explain a ghost or dream they had encountered the previous night.  It's an interesting story and then people usually move on to the next activity in their day. What we need to do to live in society is what is called "worldly perceptions": this is the way we perceive the world to be, to work in it, and to coexist with family members. Atheists and occultists can coexist together if Russia's Academy of Science makes the above classifications. The Academy can then move on to what it should be working on - to promote science.   If someone has an astral projection experience it is no more threatening to life than describing a dream.  No one really opposes discussing dreams.  It is a natural human experience and some will encounter an astral projection as well.  

Our governments tend to concern themselves with things they don't need to concentrate on.   

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Free eBook, Chapter 5: Advanced Concepts of Ancient Language

NEW  5-23-2015

I'll be uploading some images to give examples soon.  This is the final chapter of my free eBook.

I had spent 2-3 years putting all this together about the ancient languages.  This will be used in my future books.  I practice saying the language with these 3 interpretations.  Now, I have a real feeling I'm onto something big here.  I don't have anyone to really back me up on this as there are multiple theories out there from people with advanced college degrees.

There was a book I used to find out about ancient Greek.  I agree with the theory of putting one vowel sound with each syllable and stuck with that.  I have differed with the experts on the overall sounds of each letter.  Greeks used something called pitch instead of giving syllables accent.  We put stress on syllables making that syllable sometimes louder.  It is hard to describe something that I do naturally by speaking the English language.   A syllable with pitch is just attempting to make the syllable shorter than the rest.  That's how I treat it.  It takes a lot to get used to, but it isn't that hard.   The best example of my system is how to say the Greek God name Apollo.  My system, which I didn't work it out this way, was a revelation.  The Greeks give you everything to say their words correctly.  Say the word "Apollo" in the English language. Hear the extra syllable at the end?   Look at the break down of the word in ancient Greek:

          Hah / paw' / loh / oo

The accent in the picture above is a empasized "H" sound like one would say, "Huh!"  The accent above the "o" symbol is the pitch: this syllable is said quicker.  If you see the example above the God name has 4 syllables.
 That's right, there is an "oo" sound or I could have written the "ew" sound.  When we say it the "oh" after the last "l" is an "ew" sound following.   The apostrophe after "paw" is my notation to denote the pitch is higher so that syllable is said quicker.   It is actually shorter in length than the other syllables.

Hebrew takes a little longer to understand than Greek, but it is similar to the Egyptian language.  They use a default "ah" sound between consonants with at least one vowel sound with each syllable.  Once you got down the Greek, the Hebrew isn't too hard to understand.   The divine word for the Supreme Being at the point called Chokmah, in the magical Cabbalah, represents wisdom.  The God Yah is actually

         Ee / hah

My system uses one consonant at the front of every syllable.  If no vowel sound is found it defaults to "ah" between the consonants.  The exception is the Aleph letter in Hebrew.  If it is found at the beginning of a word, it creates an "aw" sound by itself.  With a string of Hebrew letters try to find the vowels first, then place "ah" between the remaining consonants.  With Hebrew, I don't worry about pitch or accent of syllables.

With the ancient Egyptian, you can see the breakdown of words into hieroglyphics arranged in an array.  I have an example of Nefratem as it is in some books.  The following words breaks down to:

         Nfrah / far / tatm / mah

In the picture above, the scribble lines are divisions between the syllables.  You can check Budge's book of hieroglyphics to find this example.  When a symbol incorporates several other symbols try to put all those consonant sounds together.  If you can say the word "smart" or "try" you can see how we join consonants together in the English language.  The "Nfrah" is similar to those examples.  The 2nd syllable is sounds like "far" because the default vowel between the consonants is "ah".  The 3rd syllable is like saying "tatem", but make the "em" sound very short.  It is almost like saying the girl's name "Tatem".  In that word, the "a" is more pronounced with the "e" sound very short.  Just like the girl's name, the Egyptian sound of the "a" is longer than the "e" sound in that syllable.  The special symbol below the "t" is actually broken down into a "t" and an "m".  The 4th symbol, which is also a syllable is an "m".  The default vowel is "ah" so the sound is "mah".

You now have a basic understanding of how to pronounce the ancient languages.  This is what I call Nectanebus Greek, Nectanebus Hebrew and Nectanebus Egyptian.  This is to distinguish this system from others out there.

If you have any questions about how to say a particular word in any of these languages, leave me a comment and I will add some answers to this free eBook.  These are the sounds I will use in my future books coming up.  I've been practicing these sounds and I feel they have a lot of power in them.  My books will show you how to use these sounds to make changes in your life.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Free eBook, Chapter 4: Ancient Egyptian Language

New 4-18-2015

I've used several books to come to my conclusions.  With the idea of language based on animal sounds, I searched for videos on the web.  This is what I call Nectanebus Hebrew.  It is my own version.  I use it to pronounce the God names and I feel I am making contact as an incredible force seems to coming through. This is my 4th book that will incorporate ancient magic of Egyptian priests.  This is my system of pronunciation.  These are the sounds of English words.  I got some of my ideas from the Hieroglyph Detective, by Nigel Strudwick.  I am not entirely convinced he's got all the sounds right.  Please consult an English dictionary to get an idea about these sounds if you are in a non-U.S. country.   If you are in France, for example, the translator may change the words below "mate" to words that may not represent the the sound properly for your country. This entry is really only good in U.S. and English speaking countries.

aw in raw

ee in meet

same as ee in meet, but the syllable is longer or almost double the syllable

same as the above hieroglph

a in date

ew in few, this sound is best described as a teenager in this country finds something repulsive they might make the sound, "ewww!"

b in boy, think of a bare foot coming down hard on dirt and it might make this sound

p in part

f in fake

m in met, this sound may be best made with mouth kept closed for the "m" sound.  I'm still experimenting on the best intuitive method.

n in not

r in rest

h in hat

emphatic "h" is like the "H"  in the word "Hah!", with a blast of exhaled air as if you got back some revenge at someone after they did something to you

k sound as if you are trying to say "lock" as far back in the throat as you can go

ch sound in German "ich" sound with tongue

s in sat

z in zoo, it is almost like the sound of a squeaky door

these 3 are all variations of the sh in shout

q in the country Iraq, listen to the sound - it is like k at the back of the throat, almost like saying the word "key" very lightly

k in kite

g in get

t in ton
emphatic t, like you were yelling "Tom!"

d in dog

z in azure, this is the sound from a YouTube video showing a snake charmer working with snakes as hovered back and forth saying, "zshah, zshah,..." over and over.  I was convinced after the video that this is truly the sound.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Time to be Psychic According to U.S. Army Remote Viewing Experiments


This is a new monthly feature of this blog.  I am now tracking psychic times for cities in countries with my greatest readership.  I am read in over 30 languages and that allows for me to be seen in most countries of the world.  As of April 15, 2015, this is the time you are the most psychic in these major cities:  (please note that if your area is on Daylight Savings Time you will need to subtract 1 hour to get your real time, these times are the real time for these areas)

East New York, NY              12:30 AM - 1:30 AM
Chicago, IL                           12:25 AM - 1:25 AM
Denver, CO                            2:34 AM - 3:34 AM
Los Angeles, CA                    3:28 AM - 4:28 AM
London, United Kingdom       7:32 AM - 8:32 AM
Quebec, Canada                   12:20 AM - 1:20 AM
Moscow, Russia Federation  5:02 PM - 6:02 PM

Times are tied to the star constellation locations near your vicinity.  Times decrease 4 minutes per day.  For example, if you lived in Denver, CO and wanted to check your best psychic time on 4-20-2015 you would subtract 20 minutes from the interval above.  So, the interval would be 2:14 AM to 3:14 AM.  (5 days later multiplied by 4 minutes per day).  As time permits, I will try to update this at least once per month.  You may be as much as 5 times more psychic than what you may be at other times in the day.

If you've read Joseph McMoneagle's book Remote Viewing Secrets, you may have some idea about what I'm talking about.  Type into Google's search engine "local sidereal time psychic", click on the Images tab and you will find several graphs that show data from the experiments in the book.  Several websites have discussed this.  This graph shows the peak times to be psychic. Remote viewers for the U.S. army had tested psychic spying back in 1997. This is now declassified as this book has gone public.  Psychic spying is equivalent to mental projection.  It is an attempt to believe you can see a far away location in your mind.  Some individuals have a significant ability above others to do this.  They can describe somewhat the details from a distant location.  I am of the conviction that anyone can get better with practice.  This data is the result of many experiments. McMoneagle tries to explain it away in his book.  Scientists had felt it something to do with the location of the Milky Way in respect to the observer's location.  The Milky Way is located approximately between the Sagittarius and Scorpio constellations.  You can check Google to see its location next to those constellations in an image search.  So, the psychic time was better when the Milky Way wasn't visible from the observer's location.  When the Milky Way was visible from the horizon the ability dropped significantly for the observer.  From the book, I concluded that we have psychic levels that change throughout the day.  The times above are generated from the local sidereal time in those respective areas. So, Los Angeles time of 3:28 AM corresponds to 1230 Local Sidereal Time.  McMoneagle's book discusses a 2 hour window but I tightened it the best hour within that time for the cities above.  Local Sidereal Time is linked to the constellations and it takes 23 hours and 56 minutes for the constellations to circle around us as the Earth turns. In 23 hours and 56 minutes you could see all the constellations if you could stay awake, had no cloud cover and no interference from sunlight.  This is a natural daily occurring phenomena.  Your psychic ability is greatest at these times.  Unfortunately, science can't explain this away.  If you are into the occult you will have some idea what this is really is.  I will highlight my theories in my upcoming magical memoir.

These are based on approximate times for local sidereal time.   I have found websites and apps for my phone that don't seem to be able to compute the correct sidereal time for my local area.  You may find the same problems when trying to compute the time for your area.   The book showed me that 1800 sidereal time occurs when the Milky Way pops up above the horizon.  1800 is the worst time for psychic ability, but 6 hours earlier is when psychic ability is the greatest per the details from McMoneagle's book.  I use the constellation themselves in determining Local Sidereal Time for the area.  I use the program Stellarium, on one of my computers running a version of Ubuntu linux, for seeing the constellations.  I will try to ad more cities in future months.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sylvia Browne's Best Book of Angels


Sylvia Browne is no longer with us, but she left us a number of books.  I've reviewed many at the bookstore. I consider this one the best.  At a time several years ago, I got a terrible illness of vertigo.  It took a year to pass - it just had to run its course.  This book, Book of Angels, was an inspiration because the archangels seemed to really work.  I did the exercises in the book.  I contacted the necessary archangels for a healing and those spiritual beings seemed to stop the illness.  Dizzy spells would stop abruptly with no apparent reason other than these spirit beings were at work.  The illness had to run its course and took a year to leave, but this book seemed to give temporarily healing relief.  The book talks about her organization.  I want to look more at Gnostic churches as there is much more to these organizations.  Many people have found her to be fraud, but this book is the real deal if you are working with angels.  Unfortunately, psychics are always scrutinized greatly in our society.