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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sage Advice from an Armchair Alchemist

May 12, 2016

My publisher recently put out his blog entry on gruit ale and found some startling facts.   I just used some kitchen spice to be a great picture for this blog entry.  Of course, the spice pictured is really what we are talking about here.  See his blog at:

He tells us: "sage was used to remove iron from a spa during the early 1900's."  

If you were to look at the Kabbalistic tree, Jupiter is represented by Chesed on the right pillar.   Immediately, to the left pillar, you have Mars represented by the sphere Geburah.  This is interesting.   Sage is a plant corresponding to the sphere Jupiter.   If Sage does diminish Iron, then this is using a plant of Jupiter to dissolve an element of Mars on the opposite pillar.   Sage would balance out the other plants or minerals of Mars and might be an effect of alchemical chemistry.   I do recall reading somewhere that sage is full of the metal tin.   Tin is a metal corresponding to Jupiter.

This is simply amazing.   I was thinking of composing an experiment with part of an old rusty nail, in a jar in solution of water. One would then add periodically more and more sage spice over time.  The rusty nail would be observed to see if it has a reaction with the metal or if the metal would slowly dissolve.

The Voynich Manuscript Revisited

May 12, 2016

Over the years, I used to toy with trying to crack the Voynich Manuscipt.  Many others have come up with their theories.  I noticed that a particular shorthand exhibit was being displayed at the museum where I work. Shorthand was originally used in the development of teaching materials for the blind.  If you search on Lucas embossed stenographic characters you can see a number of examples in the image search of Google.   Several of these shorthand characters could have been used to solve some of the characters in the Voynich Manuscript.   I had always had a hunch that John Dee was behind the manuscript and his language of communication would have had to be middle English or Latin existent at the time of his life.   I remember reading that one individual, coincidentally with the same first name Lucas, solved  Roger Williams's shorthand that was previously unsolved.   

The stenographic characters created by T. M. Lucas are displayed on the page:
and also at:

Of all the types, the Lucas characters have the characters that come the closest to possibly composing the code of the script.

The book, the Voynich Manuscipt: The Mysterious Code that has Defied Interpretation for Centuries by Gerry Kennedy and Rob Churchill has the Voynich manuscript letters shown on page 243.  The character shown above was interpreted to be the letter 'k'.  I made a rough drawing of the character myself above.  I could have drawn it with a better horizontal line; so sorry, the drawing is not as true as I had liked.  

Reexamining the Lucas characters, the character above could be formed from the code 'wh' with a vertical stroke and a slight curve to the right at the bottom of the stroke. The top of that stroke could have a loop symbolizing an 'o'. Connected to the loop is a horizontal stroke that could have been for an 's'. The additional vertical stroke for a 't' could have been a null character to make it more difficult to solve. The character above, feasibly, could be the word 'whos' which was a middle english word prior to when the word became 'whose' in our dictionary. I'm speculating, but this is a possible lead. I am researching some other characters to see if I can find some other matches.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring Finally Here? May 18, 2016

The Latest News:  It amazes me that Europe is now trying to sue Google for that ridiculous lawsuit.  It's excessive for a supposedly Android monopoly. Is it worth selling Android phones in Europe for that?  Google should remove Android coverage from Europe or leave them with non-working apps and see what those countries think of that.   I should comment on these headlines at my Wordpress site as this is used only for my new age information.  Please note that my publisher has an excellent blog entry on gruit ale as it pertains to homebrewing.  He was the publisher of my miniature book:  He's done well with the other forms of social media and Facebook.  He is getting 200-300 hits a month.  It looks like I hope to get something out to CreateSpace for my second book this year in the next 3 months.  The last chapter will be in this blog and it will involve evocation of spirits.  A free chapter to those that have bought my book.  I am less concerned about selling books than I am with using the information for my own personal gains.  It is important that I find out the true secrets of the universe, but I don't have to convince any of my readers that that is the case.  If my books are successful I may consider having them published in other languages.  Due to the recent changes in Europe with their privacy laws,  I have decided to delete all comments. I will no longer display comments.  If you wish to contact me, in regards to questions/comments, just email me.   Don't bother to try to solicit some business through my email address - I buy nothing through an email solicitation so don't waste your time.  If you do contact me through email I will display nothing about your personal identity.  I may say "a reader asked me about astrology.  The question was..." and I may respond to that question.  All authors of books may be subject to review and I may mention whether I'm impressed with the author (giving the author's name) or not.  That's what I do here - I review books as well as discuss occult methods.  If you are a person in a blog that is publicly available and you have dealt with myself or someone unfairly we may discuss it here.  I did it before with the occult blog from England (shown below).  So, I might review a blog site to tell my readers whether it is worth joining.   In summary, I may review books, blogs and occult organizations.  There's still a lot of work for my friend, my publisher, to get the miniature book up for sale on Etsy.  After 2 more books to publish, I may retire to do just my research without writing a blog. I haven't been convinced that publishing is all that profitable as very few authors make an income to live on.  It is more important to use magic work/psychic work/divination work in your daily life to make changes.  Many people will argue that the occult brings no benefits to daily life.  If you apply the methods over a long period of time you can begin to see changes.  Check out Stargate below:

1. Here's the greatest riddle about a Freemason's wages: "A Fellowcraft Mason gets paid in corn, oil and wine."  Can you solve this riddle?   I have spent over 2 years looking for this and have found the secret and it's awesome!  This is just a small taste of my upcoming Freemason book.  I have found out a lot and am now trying to implement this into my life.  I realize now that this 2nd book won't reveal this secret, but "God will establish" great things in your life.  That itself is a Kabalistic riddle that many know what it refers to, but the readers will understand this further.  My Freemason fictional tale will reveal only one pillar.  Many who are smart enough will be able to reverse engineer the other 2 pillars of Freemason philosophy after I have published the book.   
2. With Google changing their search, everyone is noticing a drop in hits to their sites.  I've been less concerned if I sit at 9300 hits instead of 10,000 hits.  I am looking at how many hits I'm getting versus the "who" is getting the top hits.  Not counting the sites that are paid advertising, I noticed Google has given top search results (the first page) to Christian sites in explaining the occult.  The latest is that Google has been changing or "weighting" priority to certain medical sites.  I've just heard about this and don't have the full details.  If it is giving validity to America's FDA or allopathic medical science as the absolute truth then the U.S. government has gone too far.  I might have to "step on a few toes" but homeopathic medicine reined as supreme in this country at one time.  I have found my local pharmacist will put down homeopathic cures.  I may have to explore this topic at my wordpress site: my other site examines business and government.  I am thinking of taking my wordpress site to pure fiction while I examine the future of America.  Google has been good to me but I question their methods in letting religious authorities explain the occult.  Are they qualified?  Could I be best at explaining Christianity to the world?  This site will bring the best of the occult as if you did a search.  I want to endorse those sites that are fair and unbiased to the occult.  Then, I want to point out those sites that are biased and religious in their views of new age.   Besides, how would a person with an Islamic background feel about a Christian explanation of the occult?  This will be another feature of my blog for the future.  This is a long time goal of bringing you good information without some bias from a religious group.  I had strong Christians in my family telling me everything else is "of the devil!"  I'm not going to let others be swayed by religious authorities without saying something about it.
3.  I've come to the conclusion about the little known Stargate program.   The Magical Memoir of Nectanebus II will be an eBook and I hope to publish it with Barnes & Noble.  My results are under point 7: "Discovered Stargate Secrets" of my document The Magical Memoir of Nectanebus II. It is contained on my Google Drive under the subfile My Drive.  What I have found is not anything great for the U.S. government, but witches and occultists are probably really curious what I know.  This secret will make magic more stronger than ever.
4. My free eBook about the ancient languages is complete.  My Egyptian chapter is finished.  This is my theory of the languages: Egyptian language was based on the sounds of daily life and animals, Hebrew was very similar to some of the Egyptian vowel sounds and Greek completely caught the sounds of chakras.  Chakras are those energy points that run through out our bodies.  Check out the entries below.
5. Sales from my books will test to see if there is any money in publishing.  I only hope to publish 3 more books in paper and the last will be an eBook.  My essays you will be able to read here on this blog.
6. Over time, you will see me build my free occult directory.   It's been done at other sites, but that ends up being an advertisement.  I can let my readers in on my past experience while I discuss groups out there on the web.  So, you will start to see all my occult sources that made me what I am today.  You'll see one out there for the late Al Manning.

Secondary and Work
1. Writing nonfiction is hard work!  I have kept editing this book about about Gray-Cobb and my own style of magic.  I keep coming up with more changes.
2. My new online mini-book "Say God's Name: A New Way to Pronounce the Ancient Languages".  The book about the Golden Dawn has other systems such as Askenazic Hebrew and another method.  I will highlight those and then cover the reasons for my own system.   I should test all 3 systems to see which gives better results.  I thought of this while I've been working on my second book.
3. I've learned significantly about Caballa (magic), Freemason initiation from 10 years of study and Egyptian mysteries.  I need to pass this on in the form of books.  In the case that the U.S. government shuts down due to budget talks - most nations will be able to see our government's ridiculous sideshow on how not run the U.S., I will publish in my books in Canada.  It is my intention to sell my books in other languages in Europe anyway because my interest comes from worldwide readers.
5. My occupational life seems to be dull and stagnant at this point.  Being an author in this blog brings me more fulfillment than I've gotten from other things I've worked at.  Occult has always been an interest and I will pass this to others that are on the same path.
6. I still need to get my first book sold on Etsy.  The books are handmade and I have 290 books left.
7. Testing, testing and more testing.  I try to use my books to change my life first and then I can add real life experiences to my writing.  I need to test before I release any books and then I can tell others of the results that they may expect.

See the post below on New Avatar Power (Get Your Instructions As Through Geof Gray-Cobb was Still Alive).  There is a puzzle to solve.  If you are successful you will get another N.A.P. type ritual for FREE!.

My Goals As An Author:  My second book out will be about Gray-Cobb's magic.  The Canadian occultist and psychic was on the cutting edge of making long complex rituals short and concise.  There were essentially stripped down rituals from the Golden Dawn and other magical grimoires.  Nobody had ever thought of doing what he had done.  I've decided to carry on his work with Avatar Power and consider myself an apprentice of the master.  As the rough draft of my fictional Freemasonry book is almost done, I will start working on my fourth book: Egyptian magic.   A free copy will be delivered to the Grand Lodge of England in 2016.  I believe it will be a controversial book that may amuse some Freemasons, but also infuriate others.  My fifth book will be my memoirs involving a variety of topics: affirmations, black magic, my own system of prayer, the Voynich manuscript and the U.S. Stargate program.  Stargate has a lot of meaning for pagans.   It means a lot of extra power.   My next books after that will be about invocation, evocations and finally god worship.  So, I better get off my butt and get busy!  I've got at least 8 more books to write.

My Projects on the Side:  I'm going over to a list form so I can inform you as well as keep my notes organized for what I am about to do.  This should work better for me.
1. Place my first book, "The Cat Speaks Egyptian" on Etsy.  Update details about what the book is really about on my wordpress blog.  My publisher is slow in getting info on his weebly site as he has had other things to do.  See below.  This is my first book!  Binding and gluing take too long.  I can't work on my next book if we're busy making books.
2. Work on Sounds of GOD are coming.  I don't want to put the sounds out until my books are out and then I may need to advertise on and link back here.  Youtube Movies are in the future to show someone exactly how to pronounce Thoth's name.
3. My other blog,, is going over to a science fiction format in the near future.  It will be my science fiction writing which will focus on business, politics and government as if I ran the U.S.  Hey, I can't do any worse than the politicians!
4. My first book was a miniature book with pictures: and this needs to be finished.

Old Ideas to Follow Up on Sometime:  After browsing 'The Elements of Music' by Jason Martineau and the 'Divine Name' by Jonathan Goldman I got some ideas from all the other things.
A. I will check with Goldman to see if his site has put the divine name in parallel (sounds on top of each other - 4 angels - 4 Freemasons saying the name together.  I don't think the name is said in series (sounds following each other).
B.  Ideas came from my concepts in 'Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry' with the 3 Freemasons moving in unison 'Figure 32 THREE TIMES THREE' (see website  The word needs to be pronounced in parallel instead of serial.
C. I will always attempt to update the old entries to make them better and may introduce a new topic once in awhile as time becomes available.  Some of my ideas and experiments with the "Rite of Adam" will show up in my science fiction blog.

1. I am somewhat between being a Deist and and a Pantheist.  We are in a universe that has natural laws as though the Creator made the world and stepped back to allow man to work.   We also seem to have a world that has beings that can be commanded to complete tasks or provide information.   I like the Postmodern philosophy on life and have considered certain Atheist ideas as valuable also.  Atheists have an interesting view on life.

Reflecting on my Past:
I think that we co-create our world with others through visualization and affirmations.  My worldview is in a Supreme Creator, but it is a deistic view since he set the world in motion and does nothing at the present time.  Miracles occur because we tend to believe strongly that something will occur.  Not all of us believe in miracles and that would account for reality being 99% miracle free.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet?  Over the summer, most Americans would believe in that.  In my teens, I was pushed to go to a "holy-roller" church to find miraculous healings going on.  The only explanation for what I saw: it is either (1) a magician's trick such as a fake to attract new members or (2) that human beings have an inherent God-power within them that make spectacular healing miracles possible.  We are each little God's co-creating our world.

My Other Blog:
My Wordpress blog was originally a dystopian science fiction story.   The D.S.A. (Divided States of America) 2037 A.D. -  Journal as told by the Prime Advisor, Secretary and Historian to the President.   This was a fictional account discussing the United States in a future time period, its problems, where it's headed and the solutions to what saved America from the brink of falling apart.   That's what was so different about my science fiction story.  I was to be using an oracle to predict real future events that will occur in the world.  As I find out more, I will change the science fiction story to predict the future demise of the U.S.    The changes to companies, laws, and the country will be astounding. I am aiming to have a kind of  Harry Potter sorcery for adults crossed with a techno-horror story about our future.   Currently, I haven't had much time to devote to my science fiction blog.  My science fiction blog is located at:

I will work my best to make sure this blog will continue.   I will continue to make it one of the most comprehensive, provocative places on the web for occult thought.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Air, Earth, Fire and Water

New:  March 26, 2016

Many of heard of the concepts of air, earth, fire and water in occultism.  It is thought of as 4 elements that are commonly found in new age and occult reading.  I thought I would add this simple idea to the blog, but it can be a life changing concept.

While these 4 elements have been brought up by other authors, I thought I would give my input on best to use them.  Most people can use the elements for visualization and affirmations.   You don't have to use these for spirit work.

Start with the Earth element.  Any of your goals or dreams have attributes that can be sensed.  Go for a walk outside and notice the the ground or dirt next to your feet.  You get the idea even if you are in a grassy area.  Picture that same dirt with your eyes close.  Your goals have many different things about it just the dirt or earth outside.  It has a certain look about it.  You can hear dirt as you drop dirt from a height onto the ground.  It has smell and can be felt.  It even has taste, but we will leave that one to babies that may eat dirt from time to time!   Picture your goals or dreams with your eyes closed and try to sense all you can about your objective.   For example, one might be looking for a new job and it may help to narrow the definition down to what I really want: a job more than $10 an hour.  This is a modest ideal, but some people are out of work and it may help

Next, we consider the Air element.   Notice that when someone speaks words it is similar to the wind. When the wind blows, you may think about it as your body is being impacted by this force of weather.  Words also make us think.  Thinking is the intellect involved and we need to put our goals and dreams into words that describe it.  Let's go back to our example of finding a job.   Let's state in words what we really are trying to achieve.  "I have a job that pays over $10 an hour."   There are many books on affirmations out there.   It helps to say your desire in present tense.  I find that affirmations have some way of occurring and it tends to keep you focused as if you are a piece of metal being pulled toward a magnet.

Thirdly, we examine the Fire element.   Things that you want are desires.   You have to take some kind of action toward those desires to make them come true.  Let's look at if you are trying to camp and you are going to cook something.  You might have some charcoal bricks and lighter fluid to grill something.   To get that fire going you need to light some matches or take some kind of action to achieve your goal.   That is if you want a fire to cook something you have to initiate or take some kind of action to get it going.  You get the idea.   Want and action must both happen for this to occur.

Lastly let's look at the Water element.   This is a very confusing idea for a lot of people.   Water usually is comprehended when we take a bath or swim in a lake.  You can feel it.   Emotions are very much the same thing as you feel them.  Can you feel as if your goal or dream has already taken place?   You can take many paths to get to this feeling of the water element.  Let's look back at our job example.  Feel as if you got the job: feel the exhilaration - the emotions that come with getting your goal.   Really immerse yourself in that feeling.

Now, you can see the engine that drives many self improvement books out there.   In just a few short paragraphs, I have summarized numerous books and websites on the subject.  To get something you must know everything about your goal.  Know, or at least imagine, what your goal might look like, sound like, feel to the touch, taste (if it has a taste) or smell (if it has that).  You should be able to put the goal into words - take the time to write that down in a notebook or log.   You should really want that goal and take steps to getting it.  Lastly, try to imagine the feeling you get from achieving your goal.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fanaticism and the End of the World

Updated: January 4, 2016

I am still busy composing this entry.  With the events regarding extreme Moslems in the world today, I figured it was important to mention how we are all affected by zealous fanatics and their wish to convert us all to their deep-felt beliefs.  This entry is long overdue as you may have encountered "holy-roller" Christians, devout Muslims or that common citizen who wants to push his ideology on you in your daily life.   Formerly a confirmed Lutheran, I can give you honest information about what it's like to be pushed by family members into believing the world has an ending.  This is kind of point and counterpoint entry as I look at both sides of the issue.  Most of you have probably adopted the ideologies of your parents.   You may be a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu or something else.  Maybe, you are agnostic or atheist and only believe what your local judge in a courtroom has to say about what the law of the land is.  Down deep, you have an ideology that you adhere to as the ultimate truth.  I will have a possible timeline of future events, which I have derived from research, that should tell us where this Earth is headed.  The book above may have been trashed by its readers years ago after it was found we didn't have a massive comet impact of the Earth in 2004.  Many churches feel that when we have reached 2000 years after Christ that there are many calamities that will come upon the Earth.  While I try to maintain a logical, rational idea about life, I have still had religious beliefs ingrained in me since my childhood exposure to religion.

I've collected several prophecies from several sources.  The book pictured above peaked my interest because it details attacks on cities in Europe and a comet that will impact the island of Crete; then roll over to devastate Turkey and parts of Russia with a massive tidal wave.  I've been kind of an armchair futurist trying to spot trends in history.   My research included Farmer's Almanac claimed to have figured out the problem of 2000 years after Christ: 2025 A.D.  There was a Catholic website that had narrowed down the date to 6 different dates.   With my new information, I have projected this comet to impact Earth: 2025 + 4 years = 2029 A.D.  I was in the process of writing a horrific tale of an asteroid impacting the moon and splitting it into pieces that would fall into the ocean.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My 100 Best Books Of All Time On The Shelf

New:  December 10, 2015

Many of you will wonder what are the best books that are in my occult library.  Well, I have to compare them and this may take a little time.  You will see the list build slowing over the next few months.   If you are reading this in another country, please be aware that the titles may be converted to your language on this list and may not be available in your native language.   I have held onto my copies for years and there may be newer editions out there.  Some are available in a less expensive paperback.  I try to group them in order of my preference.  They are also ordered by category.  The category, COMPLETE SYSTEMS, means the book is just about a complete philosophy in itself to help you bring change to your life.

1. Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry by Crown Publishers (this is not the newer edited version).  This book helped me to unlock what Freemasonry really meant.  This is true Freemasonry and was its form before many of the lodges today have modified it.

2. The Masonic Myth by Jay Kinney, 2009.  The author, a Freemason, does a great job telling you what it is and what it isn't.  He covers a lot of history.  Pictures of the early tracing boards are found here.

3. The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, edited by Carl Weschcke, Sixth Corrected Edition, 2011.  Israel Regardie's writings continue as writers have contributed much to show the workings of the Golden Dawn. This book has a tremendous amount of information with over 800 pages.  The Golden Dawn shows us what they believed at that time.   Look at how they call spirits.  See the early pages as to what the foundation of their beliefs are.  It is a complex read, but tremendous knowledge is to be gained for those that are patient to take the time.

4. The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt by Rosemary Clark, First Printing 2003.  The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt by Rosemary Clark, First Printing, 2000.  I use both of these together to understand the immense knowledge of the Egyptian priests.  You may need other books about hieroglyphics, but the author does a good job at making Egyptian religion easier to understand.  Don't buy one without getting the other to accompany it.

5. Greek Alphabet: Unlock the Secrets by Catherine R. Proppe, 2013.  This Michigan author has done a lot of research into the Greek alphabet.  Her research has helped to continue my research further.  She defines a lot of Greek words.

6. Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Joseph J. Weed, Twelfth Printing, 1979.  This book covers a lot of Rosicrucian teachings.  If you want to know a quick guide to implementing the ideas of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC without becoming a member for years this book will take you there.

7. The Greatest Secret of All: Moving Beyond Abundance to a Life of True Fulfillment, Marc Allen, 2008. Allen does a wonderful job at teaching you affirmations that are related to New Thought philosophy.  You may have read about affirmations, but this goes a little further than the rest.

5. Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain, 1982 paperback.  Gawain, I believe, has teamed up with Marc Allen and his company to release her book in a newer version.  This is the all-time classic book about visualization.  You may not believe in an observer created universe, but I've had enough proof in my own life to believe we all have a hand at creating the future of Earth in our own way.

6. The Universe Next Door by James W. Shire, Third Edition, 1997.   Shire does a great job defining worldviews or philosophies about life.   I love the chapters about deism, postmodernism and the new age.   He really does make those ideas clear if you have only a mild idea of what they mean.

7. The Meditation Handbook by David Fontana, 1992.  This book is one of the best meditation books on the market.  If you are serious about rituals you need to be able to meditate and get to deep level of relaxation.  This book is great at highlighting several methods to help you get there.  I noticed a lot of meditation books aren't worth the purchase from your local store.

8. The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol, 1969 paperback.  This is a great book to show you what faith is.  You don't have to be a Christian to work an act of faith.  Do you know what faith is?  Can you believe something into manifestation?


Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Next Two Narratives: A Look At Geof Gray-Cobb's Magic And A Story About Freemasonry

May 18, 2016

My next 2 books will be in a narrative form and may be my last ones depending on the profit they create. The next 2 books are: 1. Geof Gray-Cobb's N.A.P. magic and 2. a story about Freemasonry. It is a story or future tale, history or fiction.  

My book on Mr. Gray-Cobb will cover a stronger magic. I'm carrying on where he left off. I'm adding new concepts to improve it.

With NAP, I have to tell historical stories from my past to make it interesting. Whereas, the future tale is used for my Freemasonry story. The Freemasonry story will resemble fiction, but the careful reader will find complete rituals of Freemasonry within. I have solved 80% of the riddle with Freemasonry. I use it now on a daily basis. It is another form of mysticism as I discuss the hidden verbal tradition of the organization.