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Friday, December 5, 2014

End of World Begins With Christians, Authors, Gamers and Everyone!

New 12/5/2014

I've got to keep this blog going with regular posts.  I've been getting away from it with editing of my second book.   If you've read several entries of this blog you've probably come to understand that I'm a believer in a observer created universe.  You have some influence with what will happen based on your thoughts and actions.   Visualizations and affirmations have a lot to do with what happens tomorrow in the world.

Take Christians, for example.   Many Christians have a belief in the last book of the Bible.   It foretells a terrible outcome.   Many Christians in large numbers believe the last book has a literal meaning.  By virtue of a group thought form they believe those very events will occur in the near future.   This group thought form is an egregore.  Compared to a single person's thought form the egregore has more power.  As a whole, Christians weigh a lot on future events.

Authors also play a part in our world's outcome.   Many authors write of a dystopian future.   Some may take their ideas from other authors to do similar stories.   These stories can also weigh in as readers form a picture of the story in their mind.   Popular authors have many readers forming these stories in their head which could also release an egregore into the world

Gamers that are playing popular war like games are also in large numbers.   They've been playing with these artificial "war-like" worlds.  These gamers are also in large numbers.

We all play a part in shaping tomorrow's world, but some of us are influencing more greatly.  Think about it.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Best New Age Publishing Companies

Updated 12/5/2014

I wanted to give some of you an idea about what are some of the best new age publishers.  I believe that great publishers attract great authors.   My best method is to look over my bookshelves to see what publishers dominate my library.  

I will do something more thorough later, but I have to give credit to Llewellyn as one of my favorite publishers.  They have more books on my shelf than probably any other publisher.  I would have to say most of my learning comes from them.  

I've got to examine my library a little more to see what publishers are in my top 5 and get back to you on the rest.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What's New for November 19, 2014

What's Happening?  Wow, where is the time going?  I got another blog entry - rather I edited an old one.  Search my this blog to find the entry about "Beginner is all about Practice, Practice, Practice."  I will try to develop it more as time allows.  I've also updated the entry on Gray Cobb's daughter.  Be sure to read it.

I am falling behind in getting my second book out.  It may be a mad dash to just put it out there with the cheapest self publishing company that can reach world wide.  This is my latest grimoire, books of shadows as it is called in the circles of witchcraft.  After I produce this book I will have something to say about the Hebrew language in 2015 in this blog.  IT'S PROPER PRONUNCIATION!   I believe I am coming close to the proper pronunciation and feel I have directly contacted the God force: Osiris.  When I meditate on his name I have been taking on the aggression of this God.  I will use the acronym: S.F.E. or Spiritual Force Energy in describing these entities.  If may be a God or it may be energy.   I took offense at the whole push for Askenazic Hebrew pronunciation from a very dogmatic blog (see My Experience below)   Gray-Cobb's book will be tied in with what I have to cay about the caballa (or is Kaballah?)  After my book about the Egyptian Mysteries comes out, I will make a statement about what I believe the Egyptian language should sound like.  My books will tie in with this blog.  I've learned about the caballa, Freemason initiation and the Egyptian mysteries and will pass on to you rituals that can enhance, entertain and enlighten your life.  My meditations are being tested and altering my view and outlook on life.  There seems to be things I'm discovering all the time and I will pass it on so others can speculate the possibility of what the world may really be like. Testing, testing and more testing.  I am in the process of testing my 4th book.  Meditational prayer that has something to do with Egyptian magic.  It is combining what I will teach in my fictional story about Freemasonry.  It is just as important to test your books to make sure they work.  There is one secret that Geof Gray-Cobb didn't discover when he wrote his book.  See the post below on New Avatar Power (Get Your Instructions As Through Geof Gray-Cobb was Still Alive).  There is a puzzle to solve.  If you are successful you will get another N.A.P. type ritual for FREE!.

My Work As An Author:  My second book out will be about Gray-Cobb's magic.  The Canadian occultist and psychic was on the cutting edge of making long complex rituals short and concise.  Nobody had ever thought of doing what he had done.  I've decided to carry on his work with Avatar Power and consider myself an apprentice of the master.  As the rough draft of my fictional Freemasonry book is almost done, I will start working on my fourth book: Egyptian magic.   A free copy will be delivered to the Grand Lodge of England in 2015.  I believe it will be a controversial book that may amuse some Freemasons, but also infuriate others.  My fifth book will be my memoirs involving a variety of topics: affirmations, black magic, my own system of prayer, the Voynich manuscript and the U.S. Stargate program.  Stargate has a lot of meaning for pagans.   It means a lot of extra power.   My next books after that will be about invocation, evocations and finally god worship.  So, I better get off my butt and get busy!  I've got at least 8 more books to write.

Future Projects:  (Originally called Projects on the Side)  There is a Zine fest of very small publications coming up in October if I have the date right.  After some discussion, my publisher (friend and a very small publisher) have decided to not have a booth in East Lansing, Michigan to display my first book. Most of our time will be spent in advertsing/marketing/publishing of the second book.  I expect it to be copied in Europe by Finbarr International Books because I may not have an international copyright.  My first book, "The Cat Speaks Egyptian" should be available on Etsy soon..  More details about what the book is really about will be shown at my wordpress blog.  See below.  This is my first and last self-published book!  Binding and gluing take too long.  I can't work on my next book if we're busy making books.  In order to understand all the secrets about the occult you will need my books as well as this blog site. SOUNDS ARE COMING TO MY BLOG FOR 2014!  When I get a chance you will hear Thoth's name on this site as the Egyptians called him.  If you see any miscellaneous sound files - I'm testing this. Thoth's name is in the book with my interpretation of the ancient Egyptian language. Exciting things are coming, but I am a little slow for right now and am spending most of my time writing my books,   The book will hint about the Freemason's lost word., my other blog will give the details about what the book is about and how I did my research.   My friend's website, still under construction, will also show how we made this miniature book with pictures: . It's been a lot of fun.  All my books will be explained at the wordpress site.  It will focus on writing, science fiction, business, politics and government.   It will be available at the Triple Goddess bookstore of Lansing Michigan and Curious Books of East Lansing.   They will be the exclusive stores to carry my book at this time.    It is a fictional book that will hopefully change the world's idea about how to say the name of Thoth.

Old Ideas:  To produce the name of God:  Linux Format magazine from July 2011, page 73, has an article for an audio editor called 'Audacity'.  It is supposed to be located at   Read my blog further to see the dicussion about the Divine Name.  This is not my priority project at this point.  If you have Linux as an operating system on your computer you probably know how to load this one.  If not you can load Ubuntu linux on your system.  IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS!   It can screw up your computer.  I am trying to get an older computer updated with a new version of Linux so I can work with Audacity again.

After browsing 'The Elements of Music' by Jason Martineau and the 'Divine Name' by Jonathan Goldman I got some ideas from all the other things I have researched.  I was listening to the CD supplied with the book and it put me into an instant altered state.  I had emailed Goldman that I wanted him to put his 4 sounds in parallel with sound tracks placing the 4 sounds together like 4 sound tracks on top of each other.  I was working with the Linux software Audacity and got busy with another project.  I also used the book 'Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry' with the 3 Freemasons moving in unison 'Figure 32 THREE TIMES THREE' (see website  The word needs to be pronounced in parallel instead of serial.  This should be more intense that what Goldman may be doing when he produces the Divine Name in serial fashion.

Blog entries coming up?  This is a reminder for me to cover some great topics in this log:   Postmodernismother philosophies, metaphysics, deism, the medicine called Homeopathy and my understanding about God.   I will be updating my current entries out there to reflect the fact I'm somewhere between a deist and a pantheist (I think that is the word).  Most people don't know what category they fit into with the beliefs that they have.  I believe that we co-create our world with others through visualization and affirmations.  My worldview is in a Supreme Creator, but it is a deistic view since he set the world in motion and does nothing at the present time.  Miracles occur because we tend to believe strongly that something will occur.  Not all of us believe in miracles and that would account for reality being 99% miracle free.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet?  Over the summer, most Americans would believe in that.  In my teens, I was pushed to go to a "holy-roller" church to find miraculous healings going on.  The only explanation for what I saw: it is either (1) a magician's trick such as a fake to attract new members or (2) that human beings have an inherent God-power within them that make spectacular healing miracles possible.  We are each little God's co-creating our world.

I'm working on and researching: My breakthrough in hieroglyphics has already happened.  I am now looking at how it relates to ancient Greek, biblical Hebrew and Latin.  My new understanding of the Egyptian language leads me to believe I now have the proper pronunciation of the Mason word.  Calling the Egyptian gods with the same sounds the ancients did might now be possible.  I'm looking at the old Coptic language which is a collection of Greek sounds and the Egyptian sounds.  I think the Greeks had more sounds than the Egyptians did.

I will try to update this "Latest News..." entry when I update my blog.   This should keep you up to date on all occult and new age secrets that I'm researching or working on.  Your time and my time is very valuable.  That is why I am underlining my most recent changes (and some of my important ideas) to show you in my blog

I will always attempt to update the old entries to make them better and may introduce a new topic once in awhile as time becomes available.  Some of my ideas and experiments with the "Rite of Adam" will show up in my science fiction blog.


My dystopian science fiction blog is at my Wordpress blog.   The D.S.A. (Divided States of America) 2037 A.D. -  Journal as told by the Prime Advisor, Secretary and Historian to the President.   This is a fictional account discussing the United States in a future time period, its problems, where it's headed and the solutions to what saved America from the brink of falling apart.   That's what is so different about my science fiction story.  I will be using an oracle to predict real future events that will occur in the world.  As I find out more, I will change the science fiction story to predict the future demise of the U.S.    The changes to companies, laws, and the country will be astounding. I am aiming to have a kind of  Harry Potter sorcery for adults crossed with a techno-horror story about our future.   Currently, I haven't had much time to devote to my science fiction blog.  My science fiction blog is located at:

This blog will continue and I will continue to make it one of the most provocative places on the web for occult thought.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Experience

Updated 8/2/14 with editing and corrections

We might all have stories to tell when it comes to joining a particular blog.   It can be a frustrating experience filled with debate.   It is hoped all people can participate in a blog with tons of creativity.  However, that isn't always the case.

Many N.A.P. discussions were going on at the blog when I was a member.   I
had interjected in those discussions.  There were some leaders of this group that seemed to want
to push others in a specific direction.  Let me give you an example of a blog discussion  about
N.A.P. and let's define some things in the topic.  Verify the following in Wikipedia or other
sources of the web if you wish.

Gray-Cobb's book, New Avatar Power, came from either the Nuctameron by Apollonius of Tyana
or  Transcendental Magic by Levi.   Apollonius lived in a Roman province prior to 100 C.E.  From
some of the books on the Latin language, we still aren't completely sure of the pronunciation of
this language.   From all the research I've done, Ashkenazic Hebrew is a theoretical pronunciation system used by a variety of Jewish people.  We really don't know for sure how
Biblical Hebrew was pronounced either.   We probably come closer to proper Latin pronunciation
than we can speak ancient Hebrew today.

The evocation magic blog member, raum215, questioned everything and liked to add all kinds of
tidbits that really didn't pertain directly to a blog topic.  Member raum215 was hung up on
pronunciation claiming he knew how each of the ancient words was pronounced.  Everyone that
refers to cabalistic words pronounce them differently.  His claim was that some of these words
had to be pronounced in Ashkenazic.  I found raum215 didn't like those who stated things, but
rather liked those who questioned.  He was to the evocation magic group what Aleister Crowley
was to his prospective organizations:  just a another man seeking power.  I don't supply things
here to feed my ego.   It's fine raum215 knew a lot of things, but he needed to not sweep other
people's ideas under the rug like dust.

Member raum215 stated he knew where the word Labezerin came from.  Everything doesn't have
to fit "Sephardic and Ashkenazic hebrew".  He was correct stating  "and there were already LOTS
of dialects"; so, other pronunciations would allow magickal miracles to occur as well.   I'm sure
you could still get results if you didn't speak Ashkenazic Hebrew correctly.

There are leaders and followers and I choose not to follow the information provided by raum215
just as others chose not to follow the controlling authority of Aleister Crowley.   I may have been
banned for a N.A.P. Ritual of Lust,  or running a link back to my blog.  After reviewing all the
Google web cached pages stored on my computer, I believe raum215 had me banned because he
felt I gave wrong information about N.A.P.   Perhaps, I didn't speak Ashkenazic Hebrew

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All Pets Don't Go To Heaven?

New 4/1/14

A recent death of our dog in January of 2014 lead me to some new conclusions.  If you've been keeping up with this blog you will recall my work with psychic explorations.  After our dog passed, I started getting what I call a psychic flash.  I am usually waking up in the morning and receive a still image of something.  I had received a still image of our dog standing outside the house on the south side.  I can tell my dreams from my psychic impressions.  Psychic impressions are usually still images like a picture whereas dreams are a movie for me.  Chrissy, our dog, was in one of these still pictures.  She was standing in the grass outside staring at me as though she was seeing me.  It was kind of like when you take a picture of a pet with a camera.  I think that I may want to get into American Indian legends to see what actually might happen to pets when they pass away.  My wife thinks they go to heaven, but I think the contrary.  Pets may remain here on Earth and recycle into another animal.  They may even help their fellow pet friends when they cross over.  If I ever really develop full clairvoyance I may find that all our pets have remained on the property and have been watching us all along!  Now, to look into the beliefs of American Indians...

Russia: In The New Age This Bear Is Not Asleep

Updated: 7/20/2014

With the recent reports of Russian Separtists downing the plane in the Ukraine, some might wonder why I would credit anything to Russia.  Well, countries will always war and politicians will always disappoint their peoples.  Putin is one man, but occult is something personal for each individual.  There is still some wonderful new age information that can be learned from this country.

As I've promised, I've done some searching to find you some great reading by my fellow Bloggers:

It's always interesting to read what others have decided to publish on their blogs.   Take time to enjoy a few.   

China: More Contributions Than Just Tea Leaves

Updated: 7/20/2014

Here are some of some Chinese related occult sites.  Some just have a small mention, but might be worth reading.  The first one is more on just books: