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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Christians Don't Provide Good Info About the Occult

January 11, 2018

Latest News:  There are a number of websites that don't represent a scholarly, informative examination of the occult.  Christian sites are poking up, buying high ranks in the search engine results. These sites represent a bias, bible preaching group of christians pushing their religious beliefs on you:

Of course, if you like to here someone harp about what you are supposedly doing wrong in your life go check those sites out.  

I will do reviews of various sites in the meantime during my inactive phase of this blog.  Those that are trying to increase their psychic ability will be assisted by this website:

This contains an image that shows the chakras, energy spheres, as miniature tornadoes positioned around the body.  I try to practice my visualization of 3 inch white paper cones positioned around my body to increase my connection to the psychic realms.  I visualize one at a time and sometimes feel the same thing as when I used to practice New Avatar Power - almost a ethereal euphoria.  At some point, you may feel negative energy, such as hate or anger, dissipating as you feel at peace.  At almost like being in your psychic body apart from your physical body.  I also alternate the visualization to small horns instead of the paper cones.  If you do psychic exercises see which one works for you.  Test two images and see which one works better.

I'm updating my #4 Sorcery Master Rite (see below).  You may find this blog helpful:

as it contains the spheres with the names.   Or you can refer to the New Avatar book by Geof Gray-Cobb for the pronunciation of the Divine Names.

My research into the occult goes on every week, but I won't pass on anything to the public in this blog until the current political administration is over.  They are moving in the wrong direction.  With the current U.S. administration trying to change copyright laws now, authors will have to keep track of all information that is borrowed and separate it from their own creative work.   This blog will become to overwhelming if I have to quote others properly or have to worry about getting sued.  I have removed the free eBook.  Some of my letters are in agreement with other authors, but I own the copyright for the Egyptian vowels.  (My publisher has reminded me that he owns the copyright!)   The free eBook contains the sounds I am pioneering and testing of rituals.  I have to admit the testing of new rituals is more exciting than writing this blog.  Others have suggested I sell a book, but a lot of work for a book with mediocre sales is not dear to my heart.  However, if find out how to work rituals that bring significant changes to my own life it doesn't matter what I pass on to others.  I may attempt to resell my first book again on an auction site.  I probably won't post any additional entries for quite awhile as I go through my blog to make sure I'm not using other author's works. Blogging won't be so great if we have to quote our references every step of the way.  I haven't made any money from any of this blog at this point.  I don't think I will write anything more during this administration as I await election of a new president.  I now have to go through my entries to make sure I'm not infringing on some other works.  I will be removing works rather than trying to reference them properly with footnotes.  I will finish uncompleted entries connected to my book reviews.  The new laws will only help a few that might own copyrights through lawsuits and fines, but now blogging websites will have to rethink whether they want to maintain the sites if they are going to suffer a lawsuit.  The state of America now is very much in the negative right now.

Check out any entries with a new date on it.  All the newest information should be underlined for your/my convenience.   The author of this blog is currently involved in the writing of occult/new age books. I am also engaged in using the new practices I've created to make changes to my own life and the world around me.  I've read and have in my collection so many books that I consider myself an expert on the subject.  As I am writing, this blog may go silent for months at a time.  I am still here, but just busy getting books ready for publication.  I am moving away from the sensational to the more conventional and you may see some posts go away.  If you want the real unusual  and the strange - just read the current event news going on.  There's plenty of it there.

I am somewhat between being a Deist and and a Pantheist.  We are in a universe that has natural laws as though the Creator made the world and stepped back to allow man to work.   Specific affirmations have lead me to understand that words control, not just what is going on in our bodies, but also tend to change the outer world if those words are stated repeatedly.  We also seem to have a world that has beings that can be commanded to complete tasks or provide information.   I like the Postmodern philosophy on life and have considered certain Atheist ideas as valuable also. Atheists have an interesting view on life.

Reflecting on my Past:
I think that we co-create our world with others through visualization and affirmations.  My worldview is in a Supreme Creator, but it is a deistic view since he set the world in motion and does nothing at the present time.  Miracles occur because we tend to believe strongly that something will occur.  Not all of us believe in miracles and that would account for reality being 99% miracle free.  Over the summer, most Americans would believe in that.  In my teens, I was pushed to go to a "holy-roller" church to find miraculous healings going on.  The only explanation for what I saw: it is either (1) a magician's trick such as a fake to attract new members or (2) that human beings have an inherent God-power within them that make spectacular healing miracles possible.  We are each little gods co-creating our world.

I will work my best to make sure this blog will continue.   I will continue to make it one of the most comprehensive, provocative places on the web for occult thought.

#6 Master Rite of the Illuminati

March 18, 2017

My reading of conspiracies has been fascinating since I started researching this topic back in the late 70's. You perhaps have heard of the Illuminati and its myth seems to precede the real facts of this organization. History shows us that Adam Weishaupt attempted to initiate an organization based on reason, Deism or natural religion and the idea that humans could be perfected in some way. The fear came from the idea that it was a force of revolution. Countries have had a fear of Freemasonry's past because it appeared to be a revolutionary group. Today, countries protect themselves from revolution. Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, are larger forces now for social revolution. Masses of people are judge, jury and executioner and no longer adhere to the standard forms of authority such as law enforcement. Economic revolution tends to be at the whims of a new president or premier who takes control of a country from the previous leader by changing laws. The individual has a lot less control over his environment as leaders cease even more power over their respective countries. The top Freemasons were usually people that represented those at top positions of government or business. Those top leaders have always been a force for change. We just don't hide that fact these days as everybody knows our top leaders' decisions the minute it hits the headline news.

Instead of believing in a Greek goddess of reason: Athena, Freemasonry was starting on a new chapter to utilize logic and reason. Men were using reason as defined by the modern philosophers. Remember, the Catholic church would punish people for heresy at this time. Deism was at its beginnings during this Age of Enlightenment as men were trying to define what it really was. God was tied to science and the world itself. Today, we might say deism is defined by all the books about affirmations or visualization that one can find in the self help section of a bookstore. Spiritual laws govern how things actually work in the world. Adam Weishaupt would be amazed if he could see today's world - people didn't abolish religion but many just gave up on it to become godless. We may have left it out of our own selfishness.
In college, I utilized another kind of affirmation. Call it divine guidance but I used a number of affirmations that started with "I am lead to meet women..." that were quite successful. I was quiet and shy in high school, but during my college years I was getting 10-50 times the dates out with women. I am a believer that affirmations work as I have the proof. Read up on Scientology's founder and you'll find he used affirmations as well.
Again, the same as the previous rite #5, we will implement an affirmation that you can say morning, noon and night. For those desiring the right type of work, the following affirmation is quite effective. (Use the term job or career, whichever works more for you for your situation.)
I am being lead into a career/job that is suitable for me.
Another good affirmation is:
Each and everyday, I am moving toward the perfect individual I am meant to be.

#5 Master Rite of Unknown Superiors

March 18, 2017

In line with the Rite of Strict Observance, I have created this rite. You can read about the Masonic Rite of Strict Observance by Arthur Edward Waite. History shows that the rite seems to fall apart as its members were disappointed with its results. It looks like this rite has ties with French Martinism, which I believe, is only a desired pursuit of a mind-link with Claude de St. Martin. I have discarded Martinism in favor of a mind-link with Nicholas Flamel as you can see from my previous rite. If you read up on Templar history it centers around a claim to supposed rights to land.

I'm getting off topic slightly, but wanted to give you some perspective into this concept. I wrote on my secret forces of prayer, previously, in this blog. You can review that subject again to get some idea of what I'm talking about. Those that have used affirmations will be familiar with this.

Back in my college days, I used something that might be comparable to using spirit familiars - I called them the "secret Forces" which were spirit helpers. If you explore this blog you will find my prayer to them. I defined the "secret Forces" as having specific names: Corey, Daniel, Perry, Theodore, Tess and Xavier. When good things happened I thanked them. When I wanted something I asked them for something in particular. My life was pretty much magical as I let them have more control in my life. I trusted them. I was thanking them for some fun and excitement in my later college years and my life became that.

This rite can be done by affirming the following statement 5-10 times throughout the day. Best is to say it morning, noon and evening, 5-10 times each.

(1) Ask your spirit guides to help you find out the secret knowledge of what the Knights Templars knew.
Say the affirmation: "Spirits are guiding me to know the secret knowledge of what the Knights Templars knew."
Thank the spirit guides for any perceived things that come your way related to the Templars.

Of course, you would do well to research the history of Templars through websites on the web, books or historical magazines at the same time to assist your pursuit of knowledge. My motto is "seek and you shall find".

Some of you may not be so inclined to know what secret knowledge the Templars may have held. You can use this second affirmation morning, noon and evening:

(2) Ask your spirit guides to help you get good fortune.
Say the affirmation: "Spirits are leading me into situations that get me good fortune."
Thank the spirit guides for any perceived things that come your way such as promotions, business deals, gambling winnings, or any other fortunate circumstances.
To change your mindset, try to make a few more affirmations, such as, "I have a fortune in cash" or "I always have good luck".

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Freemasonry Predates the Ku Klux Klan's Racism

Feb 12, 2017

Last time I looked, it appears we have a pro-white movement in the U.S.   Hating other races seems to be in right now.   White Supremacy seems to be an increasing in its momentum.

Some may wonder what I have to say about Freemasonry and it has nothing to do with what white nationalists or supremacists believe.  This isn't a philosophy you pick up in a number of lodge meetings regarding the fact that your fellow lodge members don't believe other races have equal rights.   It also isn't about the fact that your lodge members might do business with you because you are a part of a membership that only does business with each other.

The KKK infiltrated Freemasonry, here in the U.S., some time ago and doesn't resemble today what it was when it first started.

Some grandmasters may have changed Freemasonry rituals over the years.   Some lodges have changed the rituals into some psychology.   Albert Pike had to rewrite the rituals as he saw fit with his book Magnum Opus.   These are corruptions of the original rituals coming England.   I favor the 'Ancients' or 'Antients" versus the 'Moderns' Freemason movements.

I started looking at old rituals going way back in time.  Kensington Books had a number of reprints including the 96th degree of Freemasonry regarding the Rite of Memphis.   The book has it's own meaning at the back of the book.  The absolute best text is Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry.   I haven't gotten the revised to see what the changes are.   Search the old texts and that is where the true treasure is.   Those books are a window into the past.

What I've found is the early mysticism or mysteries.  That's the part that has been lost and no longer transmitted among its members.   It isn't just knowledge, but mental exercises that lead to spiritual experiences.   It isn't something you picked up in a few lodge meetings.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

#4 Rite: Sorcery Initiation & Mastery of Alchemy

June 4, 2017

The goal of this sorcery initiation is to find out the truth about alchemy as well as a number of other questions by conversing with goetic demons. Theoretically, the remainder of knowledge not known by the human race, is held by demonic power. The primary desire is to see if the 3 demons, that are said to transmute other metals into gold, can actually do so. If the old grimoires that exist to this day are corrupt, without any resemblance to the truth, our objective is to communicate with the other demons in order to obtain truthful information. These other demons can help us to know what the secrets of alchemy are and if any demons actually have the power to transmute metals into gold. This is more a full method of steps that need to be completed and not just a Rite.

It is important to note that if you have any fear or think the idea of conjuring demons is morally wrong than your own mind will work against you - DON'T PROCEED FURTHER WITH THIS METHOD. Also, if you think that it is a hoax don't try it or you may be in for something you haven't expected.

I've done hundreds of invocations, but not an evocation yet. I have worked with prayer request to 2 arch demons and I can honestly say the power is potent and very real. This is my blueprint and after some preparation I am taking the steps mentioned below in the near future.

As mentioned in some books, you can call goetic demons with their seal or talisman. Notes were provided by other authors to show that you make simple requests or prayers to these entities to get their assistance. Unlike some books, we don't order them around. We take a contrary approach of mutual respect. We aren't ordering them around to try to get them to physically appear - you probably wouldn't be ready for their physical appearance anyway. It isn't necessary to get them to physically appear in order to get them to work for us. We just wish to put in our request to have something done or to get information. We get their attention and put in our request - as simple as that.
You can get some idea of this kind of work if you read Martin Coleman's Communing with the Spirits: The Magical Practice of Necromancy. You can also read the book by Donald Tyson about Familiar Spirits: A Practical Guide for Witches & Magicians. Some of you may prefer to work with these 2 authors first, as the magic I'm describing here is the real heavy duty stuff.

Your initiation involves the following:

1. Buy a notebook which will be your magical journal. Keep track of your daily ideas, activities or whatever happens with your magical experiments.

2. Obtain Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia and specifically named Finbarr International books that I give you - this gives you an idea of our starting point. Some of you may have trouble locating the Finbarr books so I will help give you some of the details to make up for that shortcoming. Details coming soon.

3. Draw the talismans with your own free hand on pieces of cardboard that are related to the demons you will be calling - draw the talismans of the 3 that transmute metals. It doesn't have to be perfect and try a few times to get it good enough (in your own opinion) This information is in Godwins with all goetic demons along with their powers. I will give you some websites that have pictures of the demonic seals.

4. One method is to convert the demonic names in Hebrew from Godwin's book that you need. Look up the Hebrew letters in this blog and write them along with their English equivalent in your notebook. Dr. Rudd's Hebrew characters found for the 72 demons are shown in Google's image search if you search for "72 demons dr. rudd". I'm finding that the demons are of French origin and I am working on a French language chart for my readers so you can pronounce the names as they were originally called. I think that if you are using the demon's seal and pronouncing his name in the original language you're going to have more success.
DON'T say the words yet out loud as it is their names! It will call them and YOU are NOT ready yet! If you prefer Ashkenazic Hebrew, and are familiar with that dialect feel free to use that to pronounce the names later.

5. The general procedure - for those that can't wait to start testing here's the core of the steps:

A. White Magic
Many of you have already worked with the Kabbalah or Cabala magic. The magician calls the divine name, then calls the archangel, then the angel, the intelligence and the then the spirit. Many books have stripped this procedure down for convenience, but it is questioned whether you are giving up power of the magic to use a shortcut of the original method. Some books demonstrate Kabbalah magic as calling just the divine names without calling any of the lower spiritual entities. Those that know Geof Gray-Cobb's works know he used divine names with just the angels; I'll have to check to see if he made much use of archangels in his books. Other books will say that the divine name with the archangels should suffice. There is enough above to test the good angels in the Kabbalah. Test all the procedures to see which works the best.

B. Black Magic
Those that wish to live dangerously can follow through with the dark side. You will do so if you feel ready. Life is rather monotonous and uneventful now as I reach my later 50's of age. I never had the nerve to try these higher evocations of demons before as I followed the cautionary notes from other occult authors not to try this. I'm preparing and will be ready for my first evocation. The myths in books say they can teach you the secrets to the universe: many arts and sciences; philosophy and wisdom, can bring riches or the love of any man or woman. Another possibility is the ability to teleport and receive visions from any point on Earth. I am more interested in increasing my knowledge a hundredfold or finding the secrets of alchemy more than anything else. I have previously done hundreds of invocations and know the power of the divine names. Let's get down to business. You will need to discern the most efficient method of calling the 72 demonic powers. Those that succeed will be pleasantly surprised. Utilize 1 of the following steps:

1. The arch-demons or Chief Devils occupy what I call the negative Kaballah or what is sometimes called Qlippoth tree. Kether is Satan and Moloch under Kether.. I use MacGregor Mather's interpretation, former Golden Dawn founder, of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Use one of these in place of the divine name to call one of the 72 demons. Each of the 72 demons sits inside one of the 12 zodiac signs. Each sign is ruled by a planet.
(For example, Berith is a Duke commanding 26 legions under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The sephira associated with Capricorn is Binah and the associated arch demon Lucifuge using MacGregor Mather's interpretation. Using Godwin's book, there is no Hebrew Lucifuge. That name actually comes from Latin. So, depending on your own creativity, you can call the Chief Devil in Latin if you have the books and can use his symbol from the Book of Ceremonial Magic [printed on a printer for an authentic image] to assist you in calling up Berith to change metal into gold.)

2. The 2nd possibility is the same as step 1 with the following exceptions - call all the Chief Devils, with or without the original Latin names whichever you prefer. Then, ask their assistance to call the one of the 72 demons.
(As an example, if you did call Berith it would be identical to the example above except that you'd call the entire 10 Arch Demons.)

3. The safest and probably the first of the steps you should try is to call the Divine Name, the Archangel, the Angel to help you try to call the demon. (For example, using our same illustration, we can call the Divine Name of Saturn, followed by the Archangel of Saturn and then Angel of Saturn before calling the demon Berith to change metals into gold.) Extra note: there are numerous other angels inside the zodiac involving the Lords of Triplicity by Day and Night and angels of Decanates and Quinanaces, and if you are inclined, you can add these in but it may make the ritual so complicated you are more likely to do something wrong or not try it at all. Our key is to have some simplicity to it so you can do your magical work on a regular, routine basis. We have to be able to fit this into our daily life. If something takes over an hour to do you may not accomplish at all.

4. An alternative is to just call the 10 Chief Devils for the alchemical knowledge. They may bring ideas or concepts at unexpected times or places, but it is less complicated.

SPECIAL NOTE: You now have the backbone or core of the whole method of sorcery initiation. This is dangerous and it is not to be attempted by those that don't believe, think it's wrong or have a deep fear within of the procedures listed above. I assume no responsibility for your mishaps, be it house, home or family. If you are unsuccessful you stand to blow out the electrical system of your house or apartment, bring bad luck upon your family, make your house haunted with some nasty spirits or worse. If you look at other authors who have played with sorcery: Konstantinos, Lisiewski, Bardon, the Frosts, Savedow and Frater Barrabbas you can see the complexity and dangers of this kind of magic. Compared to cooking, it is similar to trying to produce a 7 course gourmet meal and make it taste good. It is not to be tried by a novice or amateur! I don't perform magic daily as it tends to cause pandora's box to open and unleash all kinds of unusual changes to my life I hadn't planned on - I don't recommend it to just anyone. The web is full of information to be explored. You can see the major grimoires that this type of magic is based on. Francis King and Stephen Skinner were pioneers of this type of magic in Techniques of High Magic, which I strongly recommend reading before commencing in this type of magic.

GOAL/OBJECTIVE: There is a lot of content here and it is easy to get caught up in the details. Your goal is to reach all 3 of the demons, in separate tests, to try to transmute a piece of metal into gold. If you are unsuccessful, such as if those demons don't cooperate, your next task should be to contact those demons that answer questions truthfully about all things. You can see those demons listed in Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia or from other sources. These demons that answer questions may be able to put to light what the real function of those demons are that supposedly transmute metals. As an operator of magic, we are to seek the truth to the nature of things. These beings can help us to understand what alchemy is really all about.

CAUTION! Suggestions about safety - your experiments can result in demonic possession if you are not careful! Suggestions on the safety of the magical operator: Invest in some books on psychic protection. Some of the books by Gavin and Yvonne Frost have been very helpful in providing protection for the magical operator. Refer to the wordpress blog:

as I will be referring to the Divine Names in the spheres. After reading up on Egyptian magic, I have found that the gods of Binah and Geburah help to restrain spirits in the triangle but also guard the operator from harm. Most black magic involves calling the watchtowers (air, earth, fire and water) to guard the operator. However this is more dangerous as the watchtowers merely help magic to manifest its power. I have a black triangle made with construction paper, glued to a square piece of cardboard. You can call the Divine Names from Binah and Geburah for their assistance. The god of Chesed, by calling his Divine Name, gives you true power over goetic spirits - he rules over them. Similar to Zeus, he rules over all demonic spirits. I'm rewriting all the black magic rituals and it is taking time. Make sure you have mastered calling up the Divine Names as I have done before calling up the demons. I have done hundreds of invocations over my life and am ready for evocation. In reading up on the Goetic Demons, it is said they can grant the power to view any place on earth as though one has teleported there. I will be able to see and hear everything in a place as though I was standing there. This power is a real interest of mine.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Demonology & Can We Change Lead Into Gold?

February 2, 2017

Feb. 10, 2017


The idea of alchemists changing lead into gold during medieval times has always been fascinating. If you take a look at Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia you will find 3 goetic demons that specialize in changing other metals into gold. Some have viewed these old grimoires as corrupt or profane books on magic that have no validity today. Can they be called false? If such demons exist with that specific power what would it take to harness control of such entities? We have this perception that you can't work with a demon, but people work with ouija boards everyday.

I've already tested the negative Caballa and have found it's power available and quite potent. At the point of Kether is the Archdemons Satan and Moloch. Each of the sephira have corresponding arch demons. They are a higher intelligence that may power the specific demonic power

I am currently building the #4 master magical procedure. It isn't a rite, but an involved number of steps that the student can try to arrive at the truth of alchemy.

The blog entry coming soon will be called: #4 Sorcery Initiation & Mastery of Alchemy. The student of magic will have the opportunity to perform a variety of steps to see if alchemy is real. About 10 goetic demons answer truthfully about many of the unknown secrets about the world. Also, 3 of the goetic demons, it is said, can transform metals into gold. Perhaps the "scientific method" used by the Invisible College was a method, through trials and tests, to work with spiritual beings to unlock the secrets of the universe. The original Royal Society of England may have used experiments to measure the spiritual world. I will offer hints and methods that should prove useful with this type of evocation. These procedures I will list here may come close to the Rite of Strict Observance as it is known in Freemasonry.

McMoneagle's Data from Fort Meade - How to Use Stargate Secrets

Feb 10, 2017

Many of you have been waiting for my book to finish to find out what the secret of Stargate is. You're also waiting for why the secret is the way it is. It is a theory I have, but I have my proof. Discussions with a coworker have lead me to pursue publication but the publisher will own the work and may only let me have the profit from 500 copies. I don't see a lot of profit here.

This is a timing secret that should boost my occult magic by 3 times in power. Other witches and sorcerers stand to benefit from this as well. So, I'm going to tell you how to interpret Joe McMoneagle's data from Forte Meade. The U.S. government sure would like to know what their scientists missed. They never hire anyone with an occult background. Scientist data misses the boat sometimes.

So, get McMoneagles book, Remote Viewing Secrets, to look at the graph so I can show you how to use it. You'll see 2 peaks and this corresponds with 2 of the brightest stars in the Pisces constellation. These are stars known by the Babylonians. As you stand on the Earth and when those stars are on the other side of the planet from your location, the power to remote view spikes. This means that at that time anyone in that location can remote view or use their intuition at a greater level. I've already proved it but I haven't posted my data yet. I needed more data, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is true. There is a rounded curve almost 1/2 the height of the peaks on the right of the graph. (I'm missing my graph and I will have to check on this again.) This rounded curve is the planet Jupiter. As the constellations are turning, this planet is in motion and will account for the longer time it has influence on the graph.

To true astrologers, what does this mean? The peaks are the times that the sign rules: it is the greatest power at this time. Jupter is the ruling planet time also and is kind of 2nd to the peaks in power. The times at which the sign is exalted or falls means very little. The time that the graphs dip is showing detriment. This is to try to work with goetic demons under the sign. Try to work with magic using the gods Poseidon or Nut to utilize the time the peaks are their greatest. This is using the power of Pisces at it's greatest. Also, if you work with Jupiter for any magic, the rounded graph is the best time to try that. This is theory and needs to be tested. Forte Meade can't provide data as to when our magic, psychic or divinatory is the greatest. Besides just magic the other occult abilities may yield greater results also at this time. Experiment and your observations will lead you to find out if this is the greatest secret ever told.

I need to test to see if my magic is stronger at these times. Forte Meade verified that a physical effect was happening: remote viewers were more successful at this time. My intuition, by my own tests, shows that my ability is stronger at this time as well. My theory is that, by these graphs, my sorcery will be greater than it has ever been.

This is only one sign. My attention goes to the other 11 zodiac signs. What power will they yield?