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Saturday, March 7, 2015

What's New For March 28, 2015

The Latest News:
1. Sales from my books about Geof Gray-Cobb and Freemasonry book will allow me test to see if there is any money in publishing.  If publishing turns out to be a lost cause I may have to start turning to more publicity methods for the selling of my books.  
2. As you can see I've got my little mini-book as some of the newest entries out here.  Those entries will help give you some understanding about some upcoming books I've got coming out.  I've been drawing Egyptian hieroglyphics to finish the 4th part. 
3. Over time, you will see me build my free occult directory.   It's been done at other sites, but that ends up being an advertisement.  I can let my readers in on my past experience while I discuss groups out there on the web.  So, you will start to see all my occult sources that made me what I am today.  You'll see one out there for the late Al Manning.
4. I've started publishing more entries at my wordpress blog.  You can see my link to it below.  With the recent Netanyahu speech before congress, I was curious about nuclear weapons.  Most of our governments fail to tell us how destructive those missiles are.  You can read a most interesting article coming there soon.  If there was an Armageddon how far would the blast carry?  Using data from Wikipedia and one of today's missiles, how much of the Earth would be left?
5. I'm really impressed that this blog has survived from 2009.  It started as an experiment.  As I did my first blog entry, I asked myself what on Earth will I talk about?  It has only gotten easier as time went on.  All that writing actually did help me to be a better writer and helped me to write my first book.  I'm thrilled to see I've hit over 8500 hits as this blog is read worldwide translated to over 30 languages.

Secondary and Current Work
1. Still editing and adding to my 2nd book about Gray-Cobb and my own style of magic.  I keep coming up with more changes.
2. I've worked on my own versions of ancient Egyptian, Hebrew and Greek.  Crowley and Regardie may have pronounced sequences of letters for the names of gods, but I think I have their real names as they were pronounced.
3. My new online mini-book "Say God's Name: A New Way to Pronounce the Ancient Languages".  The book about the Golden Dawn has other systems such as Askenazic Hebrew and another method.  I will highlight those and then cover the reasons for my own system.   I should test all 3 systems to see which gives better results.  I thought of this while I've been working on my second book.
4. I've learned significantly about Caballa (magic), Freemason initiation from 10 years of study and Egyptian mysteries.  I need to pass this on in the form of books.  Books need to be able to be sold in Europe and Canada.  I may need to consider selling them in Spanish which will increase readership.
5. My occupational life seems to be dull and stagnant at this point.  Being an author in this blog brings me more fulfillment than I've gotten from other things I've worked at.  Occult has always been an interest and I will pass this to others that are on the same path.
6. I still need to get my first book sold on Etsy.  The books are handmade and I have 290 books left.
6. Testing, testing and more testing.  I need to test before I release any books and then I can tell others of the results that they may expect.

See the post below on New Avatar Power (Get Your Instructions As Through Geof Gray-Cobb was Still Alive).  There is a puzzle to solve.  If you are successful you will get another N.A.P. type ritual for FREE!.

My Work As An Author:  My second book out will be about Gray-Cobb's magic.  The Canadian occultist and psychic was on the cutting edge of making long complex rituals short and concise.  There were essentially stripped down rituals from the Golden Dawn and other magical grimoires.  Nobody had ever thought of doing what he had done.  I've decided to carry on his work with Avatar Power and consider myself an apprentice of the master.  As the rough draft of my fictional Freemasonry book is almost done, I will start working on my fourth book: Egyptian magic.   A free copy will be delivered to the Grand Lodge of England in 2015.  I believe it will be a controversial book that may amuse some Freemasons, but also infuriate others.  My fifth book will be my memoirs involving a variety of topics: affirmations, black magic, my own system of prayer, the Voynich manuscript and the U.S. Stargate program.  Stargate has a lot of meaning for pagans.   It means a lot of extra power.   My next books after that will be about invocation, evocations and finally god worship.  So, I better get off my butt and get busy!  I've got at least 8 more books to write.

My Projects on the Side:  I'm going over to a list form so I can inform you as well as keep my notes organized for what I am about to do.  This should work better for me.
1. Place my first book, "The Cat Speaks Egyptian" on Etsy.  Update details about what the book is really about on my wordpress blog.  See below.  This is my first and last self-published book!  Binding and gluing take too long.  I can't work on my next book if we're busy making books.
2. Work on Sounds of GOD are coming.  I don't want to put the sounds out until my books are out and then I may need to advertise on Facebook and link back here.  Movies are in the future to show someone exactly how to pronounce Thoth's name.
3. Update my other blog,,  My friend's website, still under construction, will also show how we made this miniature book with pictures: . It's been a lot of fun.  All my books will be explained at the wordpress site.  It will focus on writing, science fiction, business, politics and government.

Old Ideas to Follow Up on Sometime:  After browsing 'The Elements of Music' by Jason Martineau and the 'Divine Name' by Jonathan Goldman I got some ideas from all the other things.
A. I will check with Goldman to see if his site has put the divine name in parallel (sounds on top of each other - 4 angels - 4 Freemasons saying the name together.  I don't think the name is said in series (sounds following each other).
B.  Ideas came from my concepts in 'Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry' with the 3 Freemasons moving in unison 'Figure 32 THREE TIMES THREE' (see website  The word needs to be pronounced in parallel instead of serial.
C. I will always attempt to update the old entries to make them better and may introduce a new topic once in awhile as time becomes available.  Some of my ideas and experiments with the "Rite of Adam" will show up in my science fiction blog.

Blog entries coming up? Pardon me while I change to outline form:
1. My own occult directory
2. Postmodernism,
3. Other philosophies,
4. Metaphysics,
5. Deism,
6. The medicine called Homeopathy and my understanding about God.

1. I am somewhat between being a Deist and and a Pantheist.  We are in a universe that has natural laws as though the Creator made the world and stepped back to allow man to work.   We also seem to have a world that has beings that can be commanded to complete tasks or provide information.   I like the Postmodern philosophy on life and have considered certain Atheist ideas as valuable also.  Atheists have an interesting view on life.

Reflecting on my Past:
I think that we co-create our world with others through visualization and affirmations.  My worldview is in a Supreme Creator, but it is a deistic view since he set the world in motion and does nothing at the present time.  Miracles occur because we tend to believe strongly that something will occur.  Not all of us believe in miracles and that would account for reality being 99% miracle free.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet?  Over the summer, most Americans would believe in that.  In my teens, I was pushed to go to a "holy-roller" church to find miraculous healings going on.  The only explanation for what I saw: it is either (1) a magician's trick such as a fake to attract new members or (2) that human beings have an inherent God-power within them that make spectacular healing miracles possible.  We are each little God's co-creating our world.

My Other Blog:
My Wordpress blog was originally a dystopian science fiction story.   The D.S.A. (Divided States of America) 2037 A.D. -  Journal as told by the Prime Advisor, Secretary and Historian to the President.   This was a fictional account discussing the United States in a future time period, its problems, where it's headed and the solutions to what saved America from the brink of falling apart.   That's what was so different about my science fiction story.  I was to be using an oracle to predict real future events that will occur in the world.  As I find out more, I will change the science fiction story to predict the future demise of the U.S.    The changes to companies, laws, and the country will be astounding. I am aiming to have a kind of  Harry Potter sorcery for adults crossed with a techno-horror story about our future.   Currently, I haven't had much time to devote to my science fiction blog.  My science fiction blog is located at:

I will work my best to make sure this blog will continue.   I will continue to make it one of the most comprehensive, provocative places on the web for occult thought.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Decoding Biblical Hebrew

New 3/4/15

This is my latest chart to show my conclusions about ancient Hebrew.  This is Part Three of the series and make sure you read the start of the mini-book.    Note the subscript 1 below: Similar to the Greek language, Cheth is an expelling of air as the "c" is said.   It is the same thing as if you were to say the word "hot" with the emphatic "hah" sound coming out at the beginning of the pronunciation.   Note 2 below is similar with the emphatic air coming out while the "c" is being said.   The "c" should be coming from the back of the throat.   Note 3 is a "t" with the emphatic air coming out.   Also, it should be noted that the Hebrew letters Kaph and Mem each have 2 variations and may be seen in either form.

Ancient Greek Language Secret Revealed

Updated 3-7-15

This is the Part Two of my mini-book.   My way of speaking some of the letters differs from some other experts that have discussed the subject.  Please note that the Theta and Chi letters should be pronounced with an emphatic "h" sound similar to expelling a lot of air from the lungs.   So, Theta is not "th" but a "t" with expelled air.  Chi is similar because instead of "ch" it is a "k" with a lot of expelled air also.

Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley & Israel Regardie Spoke Only Letters

Updated March 7, 2015

If you've done your reading you realize that many of the original Golden Dawn members spoke letters only when they summoned their Gods.   I'm talking about the first original G.D. members and not any new groups that have surfaced recently on Facebook.

Golden Dawn members spoke letters, abbreviated YHVH, as "Yod Hay Vaw Hay".   Then, there is the reference to Ashkenazi and Spheradic Hebrew.   One was older than the other and there are many dialects out there.   What's really right?   If all the Gods can be called using different dialects maybe the entities are smart enough to know we are calling them by whatever name we call them.   Over the last 2 years, I've developed my own system.  I'm open to ideas if anyone has any suggestions.   I had thought of publishing a book called "Saying God's Name: A New Way to Speak Ancient Languages".   I didn't think it would sell well as it was too specialized in the subject matter.  Also, I don't want to deal with self-publishing again in the long step of going through the U.S. copyright office again.  Just consider it as a possibility as you read further.

So, here's my FREE BOOK.  It is Part One and will have some charts to follow soon.  This is the system that is the foundation of my upcoming books.



Many people may wonder where I got my ideas to pronounce the ancient languages.   Well, several books gave me ideas that lead to my conclusions.   I have in my library the following books:

The Egyptian Book of Life: A True Translation of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Featuring Original Texts and Hieroglyphs by Dr Ramses Seleem
Egyptian Hieroglyphics: How to Read and Write Them by Stephane Rossini.  
teach yourself hieroglyphics by Ronald L Bonewitz, PhD
Hieroglyph Detective: How to Decode the Sacred Language of the Ancient Egyptians by Nigel Studwick

I studied the Egyptian language for almost 3 years now and some interesting ideas have come to light.   Some experts have come to the conclusion that Egyptian hieroglyphics are based on ideas whereas some think that they are from sounds.  The book listed above by Dr Ramses Seleem had interesting an concept that animal sounds were used in naming the animals.  Not too many other books, that I’ve read about the Egyptians, make that claim.  I just had to explore this idea further by listening to sounds of animals on the web.

My intuition lead to me to believe ancient Egyptian was not a language of ideas, but rather one of sounds.  I was buying the sound theory.  Let me guide you in my journey.   You may want to reference a list of Egyptian hieroglyphics shown on the Google image search engine.   The letter B is a picture of a leg, but it also includes the foot in the drawing.  It could very well be the “bah” sound of the foot hitting ground.  If you could imagine the sound of a wicker basket tapping a table as if it was being dropped you may have an idea as to what the letter K is.  The K has the picture of a basket.  The letter T is a symbol of a bread loaf.  Think about bread without preservatives sitting around for awhile.  You know how rolls turn into rocks if kept too long.   Think about the tapping sound they’d make on a table.  The Z letter has the symbol of a door bolt.  If you think of a squeaky door that Z sound may be closer to that squeaky sound rather than a “zah” sound.  Are you understanding the idea I’m making here?   

Now, the vowels get really interesting.  Much hieroglyphics are shown without any vowels in between the symbols and the letter “a” was probably the default.  The “a” sounded more like “ah” found in the word “father”.  I found a number of hieroglyphics symbolizing animals.  I listened on the web from hundreds of animal sounds to hear what they really sounded like.   An ass or a donkey has the symbols of a lower arm and vulture symbols.  The donkey makes the sound “aye aw”.  I might be slightly off in my interpretation, but I think I’m closer than most of the experts.  Listen to a donkey or ass on the internet so you can make your own conclusions.   The symbol of the quail chick should be an “oo” sound because that is how a quail chick sounded on the web.  The Egyptians probably used sounds derived from their surgery work.  The placenta symbol is probably something squishy or I’d say it is close to saying the word “key” and leave the “ey” off as you tighten the throat.   For an animal belly I listened close to our cat’s belly.  The watery sounds come close to saying that same former “k” from down deep in your throat.  That should come close to duplicating the sound.   With the slope symbol you can think of the q sound in the word Iraq, but I think of grains of sand blowing over a desert sand dune: “kee”.   The tether rope sound is best imagined as a rope that is loose and suddenly drawn taut so there is no slack in the line.  The cobra sound has been described by several authors based on the theories they have.   I was watching videos on the web of snake charmers and saw a snake making the “zshah” sound.  I knew this had to be it.  It is definitely not a “dj” sound.  

While I can’t know for sure, I’m relying on my intuition in many of these translations.  I was working on translating all the Egyptian gods using my newly created system.   I said the God names as though they were an Egyptian mantras.  I wanted to perceive any results from saying the mantra meditation.   I can say some of the results were fantastic.  I’m generally a person that is peaceful and don’t generally loose my temper too much.  After saying the Osiris mantra, I became quite hostile on the road when someone pulled in front of me.   Osiris is a God associated with the planet Mars.   Osiris is a warrior god?  

Some of the 2 consonant symbols may have been a shorter syllable without the default “ah” sound between consonants.  Just like we say the “pr” in the word “printer”, the Egyptians may have said the 2 consonant symbol “nb” together rather separating it with an “a”: pronouncing it as “nb” instead of “nab” (sounding like the word “knob”).  

I’ve looked over the examples of hieroglyphics and have come to the conclusion that the grouping of the symbols were sometimes showing syllables vertically.  It was to help the reader break a word down to syllables.  (example here).


In studying the Ancient Greek, I got my ideas from these books in the last 2 years:

Greek Alphabet: Unlock the Secrets by Catherine R Proppe
Basics of Biblical Greek by William D Mounce
Edgar Cayce on Vibrations: Spirit in Motion by Kevin J Todeschi
Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras by James D’Angelo, PhD
Planetary Magick: Invoking and Directing the Powers of the Planets (the Magical Philosophy, Book IV) by Denning & Phillips
The Divine Name: The Sound That Can Change The World by Jonathan Goldman

I liked much of the research that Ms Proppe detailed in her book.   However, I did have some differences in interpreting the Greek letters.  Now, this is the ancient language and not the Greek being spoken today.  The ancient Greeks knew the Egyptians and I think their language may have been similar in some ways.   I’ve done a lot of studying of new age subjects including the Kaballah. The sounds one makes when meditating on the chakras comes amazingly close to the vowel sounds of the Greeks.  

Unlike the Egyptians, I believe the Greeks meant to show one how to pronounce every letter.   Our English language develops confusion as some words are not intuitive as to how they are to be pronounced.   

Let’s start with the vowels.   The letter Alpha has a capital letter that looks just like our letter A in the English language.  It sounds like “ah” as in the word “father”.  Epsilon looks just like our capital letter E sounds like the “e” in the word “met”.  Letter Eeta looks like our capital letter H in English.  I disagree with Ms Proppe in her interpretation.  I say this is the sound of “e” in the word “obey”.   The Iota letter looks a lot like our capital I in English.   It is the sound of “ee” in the word “meet”.   Letter Omikron looks like our capital letter O.  I give it the “aw” sound as in the word “saw”  The letter Upsilon looks a lot like our capital Y.  I am in disagreement again; this is the “oo” sound as if you were trying to scare someone by saying “boo”.  The last vowel is Omega is not like any of our capital letters of the English language.  In disagreement again, this sound is “o” as in the word “bone”.   

Seven Greek vowel sounds were said to be powerful in magic.   Search on the internet about Greek vowels and magic.  However, I think these are the sounds one can utter to activate your psychic centers or chakras of the body.  The last 4 books I have listed show the authors come really close to coming up with the same 7 vowel sounds, but they are always off by one or two.  I used intuition again to come up with my own set.   Listen to way these Greek Gods were called by the ancient Greeks under my system:

Poseidon is called  PAW - SEYE - DOHN
Apollo is called AH - PAW - LOH - OO.   (The Greeks knew you can’t say the word “Apollo” without putting the “oo” sound at the end.  Say it slow and draw it out and you will get the “oo”.)

Using the other authors interpretation of the vowels would not have those 2 Gods sounding like that.   


Refer again to Jonathan Goldman’s book listed above as it applies to the Hebrew.

After studying the Egyptian, I tried to do comparisons between the Hebrew and Egyptian characters.  I found that their symbols and their associated sounds don’t correspond.  I do believe the Hebrews shared some of the same methods as the Egyptians in their use of vowels.   I feel that they placed vowels at the beginning of words, but they used default “ah” sounds between consonants just like the Egyptians did.  The Aleph is the “ah” as in “father”.  The Yod is pronounced as “ee” as in “meet”.  The Ayin is actually an “ay” sound like the example of the donkey for the Egyptians previously mentioned.   The Hebrews didn’t seem to have a corresponding “oo” sound.  

I only have a few more changes to tell you about for you to understand my own system.   I am pretty much in agreement with the other authors out there.  I don’t derive my system from the Ashkenazic nor the Sephardic dialects.  Sephardic is a more recently developed dialect.  The Vau is actually our “f” sound.   The Qoph is like saying the letter “c” in the word “cough”, but say it in the back of your throat.   The Tau is not “th”, but rather, it should be “t” with an expulsion of air coming out of your mouth.  It is almost like you were trying to say the word “t” and spit on someone at the same time.  


Many books refer to the letters YHVH.  These are the letters Yod - He - Vau - He.  Let’s break this down:

Yod is the vowel sound “ee”.   He is a consonant and followed by another consonant.  We form a syllable by putting a default “ah” after it: we’ve got “hah”.   With Vau, we have another consonant followed by another consonant, so it is “fah” not “vah”.  Lastly, we have He again.  This is a syllable and needs a default “ah” to make “hah” again.

Therefore, YHVH, should sound like  EE - HAH - FAH - HAH.   Of course, some might argue that this name has no power anymore as God gives us new names in the New Testament.   That would supersede the old names.   I’ve been vibrating chakra sounds for sometime now using my system.  When I sound this name I can almost feel some kind of power going through me.   If I use Mr. Goldman’s book from above to say his version of God’s name it also can be felt within my body.  Maybe, it isn’t God I’m feeling.  It could be just the energy from my chakras.   

Perhaps God’s name only activates the psychic spheres and the feeling of God is the psychic energy coming through from the universe.  Maybe, that is something to think about.

(There are future entries coming in chart form to show some of my conclusions about the alphabets. Keep an eye out for new entries)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Al Manning's Works and the ESP Lab of Texas

Updated 3-7-15

Back in the 80's I was really buying up the occult books.   I was building up my library.   The late Al Manning was a certified public accountant turned occultist.  You can verify some facts in the Wikipedia.   Some of the titles were Eye of Newt in My Martini..., Helping Yourself with ESP..., Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft..., Miracle Spiritology, The Miraculous Laws of Universal Dynamics and there may have been others.  Many of my books were tossed out because I had strong Christian parents.   I remember having the books and not remember selling them.   Al Manning was a close 2nd to Geof Gray-Cobb when it came to authors.   His book on Gnostic Magic became a model for my work with spiritual forces.

Al Manning was the founder of the ESP Lab of Texas.   This was originally a mail order outfit until the internet came along.  You can search Google to find the ESP Lab (leave the "of Texas" off) as they have moved to Colorado.   They carry on well without Al Manning.   They give you free lessons too.   They can do a candle ritual for you or a more intensive magic for problems or needs.

I checked to find out where Al's books are at for prices.  I was surprised to find a few good bargains out there for the occult collector.  My favorite book: "Helping Yourself with the Power of Gnostic Magic" is going for about $80.   His New Ishtar is going for about $47 now, but the White Witchcraft has a number of sellers selling it for close to $3.   That's one's a bargain.   In recent years, I was trying to track down a miniature pyramid Manning designed to increase magical power.   He mentioned it in one of his books.  The pyramid seems to have disappeared and now there seems to be just a "pyramid exercise" mentioned at the ESP Lab.

Mr. Manning was a great author.   Buy his books or check out the ESP Lab.  It is worth it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

End of World Begins With Christians, Authors, Gamers and Everyone!

New 2/28/2014

I've got to keep this blog going with regular posts.  I've been getting away from it with editing of my second book.   If you've read several entries of this blog you've probably come to understand that I'm a believer in a observer created universe.  You have some influence with what will happen based on your thoughts and actions.   Visualizations and affirmations have a lot to do with what happens tomorrow in the world.

Take Christians, for example.   Many Christians have a belief in the last book of the Bible.   It foretells a terrible outcome.   Many Christians in large numbers believe the last book has a literal meaning.  By virtue of a group thought form they believe those very events will occur in the near future.   This group thought form is an egregore.  Compared to a single person's thought form the egregore has more power.  As a whole, Christians weigh a lot on future events.

Lately, the price of oil has been dropping considerably.  This was one of the prophecies.   The other morbid prophecy was that wheat or bread will rise 7 times the price.   The possibility of war, adverse weather or other problems between nations could leave us with a massive food shortage.  I remember my buddy in college used to tell me that if his family was starving he would steal.   Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.   Makes you think.   What would you do?   If we had a depression in the U.S. today, people don't have the respect for each other that they did in the 20's.  They might think the only option is to break into the neighbors house for food and money (if money is worth anything).

Authors also play a part in our world's outcome.   Many authors write of a dystopian future.   Some may take their ideas from other authors to do similar stories.   These stories can also weigh in as readers form a picture of the story in their mind.   Popular authors have many readers forming these stories in their head which could also release an egregore into the world

Gamers that are playing popular war like games are also in large numbers.   They've been playing with these artificial "war-like" worlds.  These gamers are also in large numbers.

We all play a part in shaping tomorrow's world, but some of us are influencing more greatly.  Think about it.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Best New Age Publishing Companies Are Free At Your Local Library

Updated 3-7-15

I wanted to give some of you an idea about what are some of the best new age publishers.  I believe that great publishers attract great authors and great reading.   My best method is to look over my bookshelves to see what publishers dominate my library.  

I will do something more thorough later, but I have to give credit to Llewellyn Publications as one of my favorite publishers.  They have more books on my shelf than probably any other publisher.  I would have to say most of my learning comes from them.  

The library is an excellent source of material if you low funds or are on a budget.  One of my favorite books from the local library is Low Magic: It's All In Your Head... by Lon Milo DuQuette.  He is United States Deputy Grand Master of the OTO.   My other favorite is Rediscover Magick of the Gods and Goddesses by Jean-Louis de Biasi.  Jean-Louis de Biasi is Grand Master of the Ordo Aurum Solis.  You can read more about him at the Amazon site which shows his books.   I came to know the Ordo Aurum Solis through the books of Denning & Phillips awhile back.

I think the reason authors don't make too much money is the fact that so many incredible books are at the library.  Nobody has to buy any books anymore.   Seek out books at your local library.   See what they have on the shelves.   I had built a lot of knowledge from the metaphysical section of Lansing Community College and Eastern Michigan University while attending college.  

I've got to examine the rest of my library a little more to see what publishers are in my top 5 and get back to you on the rest.