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Friday, August 19, 2011

Evocation and Raising of Spirits Out of the Ground

Updated Title Change 6-2-2015

Basic Concept: Evocation in its basic form is bringing forth a spirit or spirits to physical appearance by magic in order to ask questions or perform tasks. In some circles, this is called goetic magic.  It is a common belief that once a magician has found the power to fully control spirits it is assumed he/she can have anything he/she desires. This magic is also extremely dangerous and not meant for the beginner. Only one who has been working with magic for awhile should attempt evocation. This is one idea I should be delving more into in an upcoming book to be released in 2011 or 2012. I hope to release a more pure form of invocations and evocations than what is available in print today.

Books to Consider:
Ceremonial Magic & the Power of Evocation by Joseph C Lisiewski is one of the better books out there. Lisiewski has good insights about the dangers of this kind of magic. I believe he has felt the effects of this magic personally. High Magic by Frater M (check author spelling) has done his homework too. He covers a lot on the topic.
Familiar Spirits is
The Truth about the Evocation of Spirits
Power Secrets from a Sorceror's Private Magnum Arcanum by Gavin and Yvonne Frost
The book by Steve Savedow was quite a story. Savedow blows out electrical system in the house when he calls up the spirits. He talks about the dangers and pitfalls also, but does not seem to have succeeded in what he aimed to do.
by Steve Savedow

My Story: I haven't done a lot with evocation personally. It is more dangerous than invocation. Invocation is a safer drawing in a "God-like" being whereas evocation is typically calling lower grade spirits into a space. Evocation usually involves a spirit that might be hard to handle.

The 3 books above involve evocation and are a lot harder to master.

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