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Friday, August 19, 2011

Homemade Deities

As of 2/25/12, this blog is open again.   I have some personal issues that I will have to deal with, but I vow to finish this blog for my readers.

Basic Concept: This chapter is a continuation of Chapter 6. I was exposed to the Lutheran church at an early age. I was familiar with Christian prayer, but had little success with it while I was in the church.

Books to Consider: Joyce Meyer's book on Simple Prayer (check title spelling). I am not endorsing Christianity here. The book sheds light on how to have better success with prayer. The Christian Prayer for Dummies (check spelling also) is another good book on prayer.

My Observations: Using information from Al Manning and the author of Astral Power (mentioned in Chapter 6) to construct my own magical prayer in October of 1986. Joyce Meyer's book above helped me to refine the prayer years later in 2009. I named and designated 5 spirits that would help me in various matters. The spirits' names were Corey, Daniel, Perry, Theodore, Tess and Xavier. Corey helped with me spiritual development, Daniel helped with business matters, Tess helped with me with love and relationships and Xavier would help me in developing my own magic. Xavier may have had lead me in the development of this prayer to the Forces. I will have to look up my old notes to see what Perry and Theodore helped me with. I seemed to recall that one knew past and future; the other spirit would know people. (another update on this later with more details) I defined each of the spirits above by name as well as their attributes (e.g. Tess would help with love and relationships). I pretended that they had been with me all along helping me with life. It is the idea that there are angels helping us all the time, but I was just giving them their names and thanking them. I always referred to them as "Secret Forces". I talked to them out loud, but whispered to them so other people wouldn't hear me. I found that this prayer was more effective than the Lutheran prayers to God in the past. I would see results frequently.

Prayers to the "Secret Forces" were as follows:
1. Contemplate these spiritual Forces. Take a moment to imagine they are there. Just pretend they are there; eventually one will swear that there are spirits intervening.
2. Talk to the Forces just like they were family members. Tell them what's on your mind, but try not to be negative.
2. Ask forgiveness for your wrongs or faults. Spirits want to help you to achieve your goals and be happy, but if you get sidetracked it's your own fault. Apologize and you will stay on track because you will think someone is watching over you and you have to stay committed.
3. Ask any of the specific spirits by name to help you with something: "Please give me strength/Please help me to find/Please help me to work with...". This is an optional phrase if you want to work with an individual spirit.

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