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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Occult From China Helps Us To Know What To Do

Updated 2/27/13 (Formerly Intuition, My Techniques to Know the Unkowable)

I learned about the I Ching oracle at an early age when I was in my 20's.  Lots of books are out there on the internet about the subject.  I don't use the tarot exept for meditation purposes.   The I Ching is great at helping one to make a decision as to what to do.  Many of us come to a fork in the road of life and can't make a decision as to the best way to go.  The I Ching is a great oracle to help with decision making.  Ultimately, we still make the final choice as to what move to make.  The I Ching can't help one to see what we might have missed in evaluating the choices.   I have used the 2 books above and they are excellent.  I Ching has been found under the subject of the occult, but it is actually a philosophy.  This philosophy can be a way of life.   I might review Taoism in the near future.

In time, the oracles can help us with developing our intuition.  If you have used a pendulum for your decision making it may help you in getting hunches about your paths to take.   I won't cover pendulums here.   Just search on the words "pendulum" and "divination" in your Google search engine to read up on that method.  Let's get back to intuition.  You can check your intuition on a daily basis by getting a deck of playing cards.  One by one, try to guess what suit is the next card in the deck to be drawn.  If you find that you're able to successfully guess more than 25% of the cards your intuition is riding "high".   That would be a good day to pick to trust your gut feelings for gambling, or to make an important decision.  Always use your rational logic first to make a decision, but if logic leaves several choices go with your gut instinct.  It might be the best way to go.   I hope to cover more oracles in my published books.

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