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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pathway of the Christian

Minor grammar corrections  4/17/14

I guess you could say that this blog entry is about seeing things through the eyes of a Christian.  I capitalize the 'C' out of respect for Jesus Christ.  I would say that Christians know the names of God, but a majority of them don't know how to use them.   Freemasons would be the opposite - they know what they could use the names for, but don't know the names.  Actually, I would say Freemasons don't know where to look for the name.   Most of all compiled Christian knowledge comes from the popular book - the Bible.   Take some time to do a little research in the old testament where God shows his people how to pray.  The King James version refers to 'Yahweh' as being the name of God.  I would say that his name is pronounced "YAH WAY" as I recalled hearing it in church.  When you find that prayer it is worded like, "May Yahweh do this... and may Yahweh do that..." with 'this' and 'that' meaning various things you are praying for.  After the world fell into sin, God had right to be here.  You have to bring him in with an affirmation.  That affirmation is 'May' and it allows Him into the world to take some kind of action.  A lot of Christians don't know this.

The new testament is different because changes occurred after Christ died.  There was a new method to prayer.  Prayer no longer referred to the old 'Yahweh', but now took into account a trinity concept with respect to God.  Search for the verses.  I think it is in one of the first 4 books of the new testament.  One had to start to pray by calling out to the Father, but the tail end of the prayer would state ' Jesus Christ'.   Many churches don't grasp this concept.  Prayer is now a 2-part process.

Tithing is also another concept from church.  I should be covering this topic in another blog entry.   

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