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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Favorite Authors - the Excellent 11

New! Updated 2/25/2012:

The Excellent 11.  My magical hat goes off to the absolute greatest of occult authors and teams of authors.  They taught me a lot of occult concepts.  These books are by far the greatest that I have encountered in my 30+ years of research.  The following list is not in order of importance, but rather alphabetical by author/team, and the book that is one of the greatest by the author/team.

1.Ted Andrews:  Simplified Qabala Magic

2.Geof Gray-Cobb, Maiya Gray-Cobb: Miracle of New Avatar Power, Twist Your Fate, The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals (under his anonymous name Frater Malak), Secrets from Beyond the Pyramids, Acupinelogy, Angels - The Guardians of Your Destiny

3.David Conway:  Complete Magic Primer

4.Patrick Dunn:  Postmodern Magic: The Art of Magic in the Information Age

5.Nick Farrell:  Making Talismans: Living Entities of Power

6.Gavin Frost, Yvonne Frost:  The Witch's Book of Magical Ritual, the Witch's Magical Handbook, Power Secrets From a Sorcerer's Private Magnum Arcanum

7.David Godwin:  Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia

8.Francis King, Stephen Skinner:  Techniques of High Magic: A Handbook of Divination, Alchemy, and the Evocation of Spirits

9.Israel Regardie (and Marc Allen):   The Art of True Healing

10.Donald Tyson:  The Magician's Workbook: Practicing the Rituals of the Western Tradition

11.Frater U.D.:  High Magic: Theory & Practice

If you are out to purchase any of these be sure to check all the possibilities.  Check on-line with all the bookstores because there may be an ebook for less price if you have a digital reader.

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