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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Don't Dream Of This Genie And Ghost Hunting

Updated 3/22/12

  The book The Vengeful Djinn by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno caught my eye at my local bookstore lately. Djinn may be a form of Genii. I encountered Genii spirits after researching Geof Gray-Cobb's book about Avatar Power. Just do a search of Jazar to find its origins. Cobb uses Genii in this book. I don't like to mix different spirits from different traditions like Cobb has done. Djinn however, don't seem to be anything like the character portrayed by Barbara Eden in that 60's sitcom. Guiley and Imbrogno produce a great read. Supposedly, the military have taken an interest in these beings. The book gives the secret about a metal that controls or dissipates the beings. So, if you work with Gods from the planet of Mars all the Djinn go running. The book takes a practical approach that might interest the ghost hunter. I had looked at ghost hunting as a possible business to start in my city. I just didn't think there was enough customers here to make the business thrive. I have gotten some information about on the practical side of ghosts. Our beloved dog had passed and I was attempting to take a photograph the ghost that seemed to still be in our house. Our other pets would stare into the pet bed where she used to lay weeks after she passed. I believed the ghost was still among us. Nothing turned up on digital pictures no matter how I tweaked the pictures. I did find that ghosts like an atmosphere opposite to what negative ion generators produce. In other words, ghosts like positive ions. Large amounts of iron are also a deterrent of spiritual beings. Books of witchcraft discuss the use of iron nails for psychic protection used around the body or on property.

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