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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Accept No Substitutes, This Is The Real Name of God

Updated 3/23/13

Recent works by the authors Greg Braden and Jonathan Goldman are must reads. Jonathan Goldman's book, The Divine Name, is a must have in anyone's library. Goldman's concept is something as plain as the nose on our faces. Could God's name be just 4 few sounds? His forward plugs for Greg Braden's book, the God Code. Braden's theory is that God's name is written in our DNA. I liked Goldman's book. I even tried his sample CD and the sound of God is on it. I listened and I can say it was better than champagne! It kind of made me happy and I forgot my cares. It put me in an altered state very quickly.  It was kind of spiritual ecstasy, joy or contentment. I couldn't put my finger on it. I don't suggest listening to it in moving vehicle as it can put you in a trance. Both authors are missing something.

I did contact Goldman in regards to something I've discovered inside Freemasonry that might hint at how the sound should be produced. Freemasons are searching for the real name of God. I am not a Freemason and not under oath.  This sound represented by the letters YHVH or the Tetragrammaton might have been discovered by Goldman.

I asked Goldman to join all 4 sounds in unison because of some ritual I saw in a book on Freemasonry.   I told him the sounds needed to performed in parallel not serial (whereas one sound follows another).   I think this would result in a more powerful effect.  It may even help to make rituals of ceremonial magic more powerful.

    ....more information to follow...

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