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Saturday, December 17, 2011

U.S. Supports Pharmaceutical Industry Which Advocates Allopathy

Updated Title 6-2-2015

Something I've discovered about illness. It tends to strike at the same time every year. This is my personal opinion as the FDA is a 'meanie' and will prosecute false claims.  I have been subject to some of the most unusual illnesses that have plagued any one person. I don't get migraines - thank goodness. I've had a lot of other things. Sinus infections, kidney stones, Bell's Palsy, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, ear infections, vertigo, and acid reflux among others. Most of these ailments had come on at a particular time of year. Year after year, my sinus infections come on at very specific time. Now, while others may say it is an environmental illness I'm prone to lean toward an astrological reason. AGAIN, THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION.  If you take time to look at herbs, specifically within all the books on witchcraft you can see what I'm talking about.  PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO STRINGENT LAWS IN THE U.S. I AM NOT MAKING ANY CLAIMS TO HEALTH CURES.  I WILL ONLY EXAMINE THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE IN THE U.S.   YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP ON THESE ISSUES.   ALWAYS CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR FOR ANY HEALTH ISSUES YOU MAY HAVE.   Some explanation is in order here.   If you look at U.S. history you will find that the country had a different way of taking care of health issues in the past - homeopathy.  Somewhere along the line, the FDA gained power over the years as it administers what it sees as the cure-all for the world.   Allopathy is what insurance pays for in this country.   Basically, the pharmaceutical industry reins supreme in the U.S.  The FDA is stocked with a group of pharmaceutical doctors that decide things.  They were there to protect Americans from medical 'quacks' and false claims.  However, you might be destined to take drugs for years because allopathy can't always cure your illness.  The FDA would say they protect you by testing drugs in clinical trials and will state that they effective.  If they are wrong they allow the victims to only sue the company for damages.  Homeopathy, and herbs are only permitted or allowed at this point generally with no medical insurance coverage coming from U.S. medical insurers.

It might take awhile for me to drive home my point.   Many in the U.S. feel we have lots of freedoms.   Freedom is really an imagined quality.   For instance, many military personnel are told to keep quiet about things so as not to cause controversy.   Soldiers are expected to keep any opinions to themselves.  Bad rumors might make the armed forces look bad.   It is a different ideology in there. Sometimes, our freedoms in this country are but an illusion.


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