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Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Not To Start a Secret Society and How I Almost Did

Updated 3/22/12 - Still under construction.

Some time ago, I got an idea to put together a group of people that believed as I do.   It would start with my blog.  My blog readers would be given information about how to do it yourself, but given a theory of what's possible.  The final chapters would be given to those that gave their email address to receive those chapters.  That group would be known as the followers of Nectanebus.  That email group would be given the opportunity to travel to Michigan to converse with the author (founder) of a special spiritual group called the Alchemists of the Invisible Grove.  They were going to be recipients of the information about prayers to the Forces.  That never happened, because the blog has that information already.   Anyway, the 'Alchemists' formerly mentioned would be given the key book I use to work the ancient mysteries.   Tests would be given to the candidates for entry to the Secret Council in order to keep those with a profane nature out.   Those specially selected were to work with me using that ancient mysteries book.

I felt that I wasn't in favor of maintaining an 'Order' or a 'Society'.  With the different personality types, I like to control who is in my inner circle.  Also, there was some legal aspects to consider.   Most of the U.S. is so controlled by laws; the only profession that really survives here is the legal or medical careers.   The U.S. chokes under it's own weight of laws it must enforce.   I decided I only wanted to fill the role as book author.  I will go into more detail about my ideas for a secret society later.

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