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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bargaining with the Christian God

Updated Title 6-2-2015

This is the hardest entry to write, and I've saved it until last to comment on.   I grew up on prayer that wasn't being answered.  I had commented elsewhere in this blog that God doesn't answer prayer.  If He did exist as Christians say he did he'd say, "Hi", now and then.  Thus, I became a deist: God set the Earth in motion and He sits back.  It [the Earth] is up to man at this point.  

I reached a stage to make bargains with God.  If you have never gotten an answer to prayer maybe you need to bargain with him.  I recall I made a bargain when we lost one of our dogs.   My wife was pretty distressed.  Our beagle-cocker spaniel dog had jumped the fence.  I bargained that if our dog came back I'd read the old testament by a certain date.  The dog came back in just over 24 hours being missing.  Whether God was really behind it or whether the dog came back on her own is still a question.  I had the obligation to read the old testament.  I started reading, but missed fulfilling my end of the bargain by the deadline.  I did finish the old testament of the Bible eventually.   The dog would run away again and was gone longer: over 48 hours!   I bargained going to church again.  The dog returned and I did hold up my part of the bargain - I would attend a church service.

Think what you will, but bargains might work when you don't see results from regular prayer.  

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