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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Intro, Blog Intro, Occult Intro and How It All Began

Updated 11/2/13

I have updated my mission statement for those that did not see it above:  'My goal is to make this blog one of the most comprehensive occult/new age book blogs on the web and a training tool for the beginner. Speculation of the unusual, and discussion of controversial subjects, examination of strange ideas will be commonplace here. It may seem outlandish at times, but I drive home the real truth.  I strive to push the envelope of esoteric concepts. I focus on Witchcraft, Christianity, Freemasonry, and Ancient Mysteries. I am kind of a scientific sorceror who is currently reengineering/synthesizing new rites/procedures.'

Before December 2012, I have available my procedure for the Ritual of the Nonself.   This procedure should help you to become another person.  It will contain information from various book sources.  In December, I should have the best working ritual ready (that I know of) for the Rite of Adam.   This Rite, also known as the Ritual of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, is something of my own creation which should help to bring one infinite knowledge.  Knowledge of the "Gods".   Join me in this blog and check back often.   As I reveal more to those that are interested, more will be revealed to me.  Please bear with me as this older blogger (in his 50's) shares his wisdom over the past 30+ years of occult research.  You might find something worth gold in this information.  These notes may look like a chaotic rough draft, but I am constantly refining the chapters.   Come back soon and see what chapters are freshly updated.

I work at selling books and other items on auction, writing (slowly) my first occult book/ebook, have some personal health issues, and am married with "honey-do" lists to execute!     I don't always get time to work on my blog as others do, but I try to update from time to time.


I am trying to overhaul this blog to make it more like a blog and less like a book.   We will always be under construction so there may be some typos here and there. It is too hard to work on as an ebook and I'm going back to blog format. The picture at the beginning of this blog is a sigil I used to create an occult system back in the 1980's. It was copied again in March 1997 into another notebook to preserve my notes. You can view some of the designs here in the blog. The letters S.O.D.I.C. contain my magical name. I will not reveal what my magical name is. Nectanebus2013 is not my magical name. I should be able to show you how to do some of the same things so you can construct your own magical system also. We will cover some of these things later in the blog.

There are secrets everywhere.  There are new age secrets.  Even in the Bible.   Take a look at Galatians 4:8.   I use a Revised Standard. version:  "Formerly, when you did not know God, you were in bondage to beings that by nature are no gods; but now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and beggarly elemental spirits..."   Man thinks he is the most powerful being on the earth.  The sorceror knows that the elemental spirits are in charge of the earth.  Air, earth, fire water are in charge of the earth.  Look at the tornados, earthquakes that control man.  The sorceror that controls the elements controls man.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I've spent over 30 years researching and testing occult procedures. Call me a scientific sorceror.  I've probably spent money to purchase close to over 1000 new age or occult books over the years. I know what is good and have seen stuff no longer in print. I spent my teens researching government conspiracies. I was then searching for a group so powerful that the mention of their name would get one killed in witchcraft circles. I will be referring to words 'new age' or 'occult' interchangeably, but it really means the same thing. My parents pushed church on my brother and I at an early age. We started as Lutherans, then switched to an Assembly of God church and then finally ended up as nondenominational evangelical "holy rollers". I always felt there was something else out there. I was zealous enough to do prayers at age 10 and never saw much in results. I never felt God did much to answer prayer. Later college years showed me that I was a Deist: God doesn't do anything and doesn't answer prayer. That was foundation of belief. I started believing that in order to bring about change one needed to incorporate visualization and affirmations to tap little known spiritual laws. I got away from the occult briefly while researching the Voynich Manuscript. Cryptography has been an interest of mine and it that helps in researching old medieval occult manuscripts. I view the Voynich Manuscript as a creation by John Dee or his scrying buddy Kelly. It looks like coded Enochian. The Enochian language and its magic fired up my interest again in my lifelong interest of the occult. I've always enjoyed science fiction and fantasy movies also. One of my favorite movies was remade, but I doubt it will replace the original: Clash of the Titans. See the picture above with my favorite video.  The Greeks addressed their statues in respect to their Gods. I later would find out that this was referred to as statue animation. Evidently, it was somewhat real to the Greeks. Gods or spirits would become infused into a statue and someone with spiritual abilities could talk with the dead and obtain information. I will bring up some of the books that might help you investigate this concept further. By age 21, I was investigating sorcery when other adults my age were exploring partying and doing drugs. Evocation was the peak of my interest. Evocation is the drawing up of a spirit to visible appearance to obtain information or to execute a task. I should be able to give you some good books for those that want to get started in that area. At almost 50 years of age, I've compiled enough research that includes Christian prayer, witchcraft ritual, philosopy, Freemason initiation and the Egyptian mysteries. I am previously a member of a philosophical mystery school. I am under oath not to reveal any of its secrets. I won't promote nor criticize that school in this written work. I am continuing to dig into Freemason information from old published works. I won't touch on handgrips nor passwords. I may not build this book in numerical order because I am typing what I am interested in discussing at the moment.

This blog is really a training tool for those that want to learn without reading every book out there. It should show you what to expect and that it takes time to get success from exercises. The pitfalls and traps will be shown. At times, I may only compose some rough notes only to revise it later.  I list some of the best new age books that are available. For those that just like to read ghost stories, I will have some interesting stories to tell you. You may become a practitioner after reading what is possible. Many of my notes will be finely polished. Some will be in rough draft form with some errors. If you read all the chapters you should be able to come to the same conclusion I have.  I hope to keep this blog within the framework of an occult book blog and new age training tool for beginners to the advanced.

Centuries ago the Catholic church ruled and made the call if the heretic was to be punished. Today, police make the call on whether the individual is good or not based on "psychiatric evaluation". That's right, the psychiatrist or the judge rules today. We have a different ideology today, but we still have some kind of ideology. You have preconceived notions that create your world whether you believe it or not. Maybe, I can open your eyes to show you the light about what is really possible.

If you look at the history of America you will find that there is little positive change for the individual. In the US, politics is a never ending battle between 2 parties: the Republicans and the Democrats. Year after year I never see any real extra money in my pocket nor any additional happiness as a result of what political parties do for us. Republicans will push for tax cuts for businesses and Democrats will support labor unions and raise the minimum wage. Prosperity starts with what you can do for yourself. Prosperity can come as a result of little known natural laws that can work in your favor. Let's get started...I will be starting another blog on Wordpress concerned with business, politics and government.   I will be called the IdeaMaster in 2012.

Your first step is to take a hard look at yourself. What do you believe? Are you a Catholic or Protestant? Do you believe everything your church teaches? Do you believe that there is something else out there besides the rigid rules your religion teaches? Consider the opposite...maybe what you believe is not correct. I started believing that the world that we see is called reality. I am not a highly emotional person, but rather a logical one. I think that you can succeed in life if you rule your life with reason. However, I've seen some things in life that my reasonable viewpoint doesn't seem to explain. I have had an astral projection outside my body. I have had prophetic dreams of things that would come to pass in the future. I've experimented with magic, like a scientist, to see if I could get results. I did get results. I considered something else is out there in the world that explains ghosts, magic, astral projection, etc. I call this viewpoint "super reality". Its a view or theory that would explain all that other weird stuff out there. Consider that this "super reality" exists and it lies outside you normal understanding of the world. This is your first step. Churches teach the concept of faith which is not that apart from magic - one must have a belief in what one is doing to get results. If you go to the self help or new age sections of bookstores you may find a number of books about how to get a miracle to occur. You could read hundreds of books and not find all the points about creating miracles in one place. New age books discuss the 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water. Later on in this blog, I will discuss these elements in more detail. You can use the 4 elements to help you remember how to create your own personal miracle. All miracles will require 4 things in order to create. Whether you use visualization, affirmations or magic ritual you will need to the following. The element of Earth corresponds to the physical item. You need to be able to picture or see your form with your eyes closed. That picture doesn't have to be perfect, but with daily visualization of your goals you will get better at your picturing. The element of Air relates to words. You need to be able to put your goal into words. If you don't quantify what you want with words you may not be able to get your specific goal. The element of Fire corresponds to your will and desires. Everyone has a will in what he/she desires in life. If you don't truly want something you may not get it. Will and desire are close to the heart. You have to look into your own heart to see what you really want. Finally, the last element Water relates to your emotions or feelings. Feelings are usually based standards we have set for ourselves. If we have a great day above our expectations of what is typical we feel happy. With goals or miracles you must feel the feeling like you already have achieved your goal. Some people may feel that this is faith. Faith usually ties in with God whereas this is a belief that your goal will come true if you just focus on it. These 4 elements are necessary to reach your miracle. If one of the elements is missing you probably won't see your miracle.

I don't want to teach a number of paradigms, theories or models of how the universe explains the occult. All occult or new age activities seem to fall into 3 operations: divination, psychic or magic. These are my own definitions, but every time someone works in the occult it is usually 1 of those 3 operations. You can also look at dictionary definitions because Webster has an excellent grasp of these words also. Divination can be forecasting of the future or a tool to help one to decide whether to take a particular action. Some parts of the Bible might forbid divination. The first work, divination, implies that the future is set or predestined to occur in a certain way. It implies that future human actions are set in stone. This certainly is not the case. God may have not wanted man to fool with divination because it implies that something will happen and man can do nothing to stop some future event. I like "I Ching" divination because it is an oracle that determines whether I should do or not do something which will lead to more favorable circumstances. I don't like the tarot cards as it tends to dictate some future fate. Secondly, psychic work involves everything that in usually outside the normal human experience: astral projection, ghosts, seeing auras, clairvoyance, etc. Psychic work is the exploration of that "super reality" I mentioned earlier. Once you are able to explore these realms, you will understand a truth that goes beyond everything you have been taught. Whatever you were taught by your school, parents, military, workplace and your own personal derived philosophy from your life will go by the wayside when you delve into the psychic areas. Most of what you are taught is not true. Your God is not what you think he is. Lastly, magic work is the use of spells, incantations and other forms of magic to bring some change about. It is the idea that you can bring change about without any personal contact. It is also a concept that one can effect another person around the world without any contact with that person. Magic can work effects in the world, in the after world and in our own character or personality. There are 3 regions that those 3 operations usually take place in: this world we see every day, the afterlife or the world we experience in death and also the self. We can alter our inner self or examine it more closely. I hope to show you 4 concepts in this blog to help you make changes: Christian prayer, Witchcraft ritual, Lodge initiation and magic. These 4 can be combined to make something even more powerful and effective in bringing about changes or miracles. This blog will be separated into 5 ways or paths to follow: psychic, mystic, philosopher, lodge member, alchemist and the Egyptian priest. Later, I will focus on the 4 elements necessary to bring about a miracle.

By 2012 I hope to provide my readers with some real special gifts. After some reading, I think I have come up with something close to what God's name might be as well as the approximate frequency of the sound of his name. Before the end of next year I will provide my readers with rituals to become someone else (possibly living or dead) or a rite to help one eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Both of the rituals and God's sound will be provided by a free email or pdf file for joining the mailing list. I will release this close to the December 20, 2012 (the proposed Mayan end). This should be a real magical time next year. I am hoping to release my first eBook and some directories next year as well at a price.

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