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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stop Being Yourself

Updated 12/28/12

There are some books you need to consider:  Mind Tricks: Ancient and Modern, and Think and Grow Rich

This is what the whole book has been about. I will discuss generally what this chapter's objective is, but I won't go into details. I have decided against a reality book at this point. I don't have time to mentor others, but this ebook blog should help others to get started.

Many teenagers wish at times they were someone else. This book now shows that this is now entirely possible. I'm looking at rites or rituals that will transform a person into someone from the past. I have a rough draft now on how to become another person. I have tested this concept already this year (2012). Imagine if you will if it was possible to become someone from the past - perhaps Socrates. Think about if you could extend your consciousness back to the point that you were in Socrates' mind seeing things as he saw them.  If anyone else has any ideas about this matter please email me.  My email address is:

 ne  ctane  bus20  13@g  ma
Be sure to eliminate the spaces in the email address above.  It keeps the 'bots' from emailing me junk.

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