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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Visit With Your Dead Relatives

UPDATED 1/18/13

Necromancy is a method of communicating with the dead. I never thought that communicating with spirits would be reliable, but I thought that if I could communicate with my dead relatives I might find something out about the afterlife. The occult organization I belonged to taught me telepathy. Telepathy has always been easier than using magic to conjure up riches. It is almost like I've done it all before. I just have to practice to get my skills back. It is so much like reviewing material I already know.   These experiments were the most dangerous and I have found out about the true realms of heaven, hell, the Catholic concept of 'Sheol', and the concept of 'God'. I could have titled this chapter: Visit Heaven and Hell While You Are Still Alive.

I have always wondered about the experience called astral projection. It is somewhat similar to experiencing death and the afterlife while you are still alive. Once in awhile we are confronted with the death of a loved one. Sometime ago, my wife and I found one of our cats had passed away sometime in the afternoon. Later, we came to find out he had a heart condition. I miss that cat more than ever. I wonder if he is now in that world called the afterlife. There is something I've discovered by combining all the techniques I've accumulated. I think I have found a way into the depths of heaven and hell. I came across things I have never seen before. If you aren't skilled in astral projection or remote viewing you won't stand a chance to experience one of the ultimate of paranormal experiences. Even if you can do remote viewing or astral projection it is best not to mess with this one. I have decided to not disclose the details or HOW to do this unless you have had a chance to talk to me personally. I plan on revealing this as the last thing I detail I write in this blog.

I visited 3 people that had died.  These people were family or friends of the family.  I can honestly say that you are better off to take a trip to someone who has gone to hell than one who has gone to heaven! Not many can face God especially if one isn't meant to go to heaven. I had the opportunity to meet someone who had committed suicide. In death, all is compensation. It isn't exactly like karma where you learn something so you can do better next time. Reaping and sowing is a better description of what happens. Everything good or bad you do is being tabulated, counted and you will be confronted with it upon your death. The soldier who has killed will experience the bullets he fired into another over and over. I am no Christian, but I now see this world will soon pass away and we will be rewarded or punished based on what we have all done here on this Earth.

I'm trying to find more from my notes because I had written everything down.  MORE DETAILS TO COME!

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