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Saturday, July 2, 2016

#1 Master Rite of the Nonself: Flamelism

November 12, 2016

Previously, in my work with Rosicrucianism, I became exposed to another field of occultism: Martinism.   Martinists more or less examine the works of Louis Claude de St. Martin.   I won't go into the complete history, but his work is a belief in being close to God by using a form of prayers that he devised.   It is an opposing belief from the order that he was working with.  Some of the other members were using the evocation of spirits in order to encounter God.   St. Martin was opposed to this idea of contacting God through evocation.  Of course, this information comes not from my membership from the order but rather from some history of the order.  While I never got to the higher degrees of Martinism, I am still under oath as not to reveal the concepts.   You may have the opportunity to join a Martinist group after you've become a Rosicrucian but you may become disillusioned or disappointed after you've seen a ritual.  It appears that most of the leaders of such rituals never tell the members what they are supposed to get out of it.   It can be like witnessing a dramatic play with no explanation.

I became inactive after awhile.  A book, available publicly, pointed out that Martinists seek to become unified with the mind of St. Martin.   I disputed the procedures as a valid method of reaching God. I still was not quite convinced that his path was right for me.   Why would I ever seek to have his mind joined with mine even if I was successful?   I have even developed my own form of prayer, that I feel, is more successful with particular goals.

I have come up with a better target: Nicolas Flamel.   The alchemist credited with finding the Philosopher's Stone.   It it the aim of alchemy to develop this stone.

The Rite: 1. Study Nicolas Flamel's life  2.  Say to yourself: "Each and every day, I am becoming more and more like Nicolas Flamel.   I have become Nicolas Flamel in thought, word and deed.   All his thoughts are mine."  Repeat this as many times as possible throughout the day.

More details on this process coming up!

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