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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sage Advice from an Armchair Alchemist

September 19, 2016

"Before chemistry, alchemy was the science that was known. The alchemical processes were a riddle hidden from the ignorant. This list of processes, associated with the 12 zodiac signs, are found in many books on alchemy. Multiplication is the duplication of the organic or nonorganic substances. Crystals or yeasts are an example of the method by which substances duplicate: crystals or yeasts can be populated from other crystals or yeasts. Projection is the system or conditions that allow for duplication to occur. This projection is the heart of the philosopher's stone. Gold or diamonds, theoretically, should be able to grow (duplicate) given the right temperature, pressure and solution of dirt from the Earth."
- Nectanebus II

Although I've not gotten a degree in chemistry, I had taken several college level chemistry courses.  I had questioned the philosopher's stone for years wondering what it could be.   I love science and had read material at the MIT website:

I also read up on seed crystals here:

I am home beer brewer and had recently read about yeast farming, essentially, growing yeast from other yeast.  I have come to the conclusion that we already have discovered the philosopher's stone.   We just didn't know it was right there in front of us all along.  Using a seed of the substance, we can duplicate the substance over and over.

My publisher recently put out his blog entry on gruit ale and found some startling facts.   I just used some kitchen spice to be a great picture for this blog entry.  Of course, the spice pictured is really what we are talking about here.  See his blog at:

He tells us: "sage was used to remove iron from a spa during the early 1900's."  

If you were to look at the Kabbalistic tree, Jupiter is represented by Chesed on the right pillar.   Immediately, to the left pillar, you have Mars represented by the sphere Geburah.  This is interesting.   Sage is a plant corresponding to the sphere Jupiter.   If Sage does diminish Iron, then this is using a plant of Jupiter to dissolve an element of Mars on the opposite pillar.   Sage would balance out the other plants or minerals of Mars and might be an effect of alchemical chemistry.   I do recall reading somewhere that sage is full of the metal tin.   Tin is a metal corresponding to Jupiter.

How do we apply it to our practical lives?  The most significant thing about alchemy is that it is important to magical ritual.   If you are into witchcraft, sorcery or other magic involving spirits you should use sage to help create a closer relationship with those Jupiter divine names, archangels, angels or spirits.   You will better attract the power through the use of sage along with the divine names.   Sage, should work to attract the spirits from the Jupiter Sephirot or Kabbalistic spheres.   It will also repel those spirits from the Mars sphere. Just like it diminishes iron in water it should diminish the spirits from Mars.

My findings are that if the spice stores it, it is attracting that substance. Resistance or a depleting effect means the spice repels that particular substance.

This file shows the contents of metals that store in spices:
Iron stored highest in Pepper and Aniseeds, Copper showed the highest concentrations in Nutmeg, Mercury was the highest in Cinnamon while Lead was the highest in Ginger.

The alchemy website,
shows Thyme is related to Iron and would be associated with the planet Mars.

Wikipedia shows that the metal Nickel ores resisted being refined into copper. I might place Nickel under the planet Mercury, opposite to Venus planet. The planet Mercury in magical work is really also associated with Mercury.

This is simply amazing.   I was thinking of composing an experiment with part of an old rusty nail, in a jar in solution of water. One would then add periodically more and more sage spice over time.  The rusty nail would be observed to see if it has a reaction with the metal or if the metal would slowly dissolve.

Much of this may be known by college level Chemistry students.   It does appear that tin ions will reduce iron ions to some extent.   This would be close to the alchemical knowledge.  

Another strange thing is that it has been determined that pine cones absorb or attract lead.   The pine tree is associated with the Roman god Saturn.   Now, it makes me wonder if other trees are sympathetic or associated with gods have the same properties.  If this is true the myrtle tree, associated with Aphrodite, should attract copper.   Something from the myrtle tree should reduce mercury under the same lines of thinking.

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