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Saturday, July 2, 2016

#2 Master Rite of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Revised From An Older Entry 7-2-16

This entry is being updated and was originally called "My Philospher's Stone - The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree".   I am going to delete the old entry referring to an eBook I was going to produce.   I never got around to doing the eBook and have decided to let the public work on this one as I describe the ritual in its entirety.

Anyone who has Christian teachings in life is familiar with the Garden of Eden story. Assuming the story was real with a real Adam and Eve the Tree of Knowledge of the Good and Evil existed at one time. Using information from the description of this Rite, one should be able to construct a ritual to have the participant identify with Adam, transform a piece of fruit into the apple from the Garden of Eden. The participant would take a bite to obtain the visions or knowledge of Adam. All knowledge should flow into the participant and that person, theoretically, should become a god.  This is a ritual involving a communion.  I am looking at protestant transformation ceremonies that involve communion. Some of you may be familiar with these. This ritual, with Masonic overtones, is what I can also call the Rite of Adam. Ritual of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. (abbreviated: R.O.T.T.O.K.O.G.A.E.) It may be dangerous. I was working on my Ritual of the Nonself (abbreviated: R.O.T.N.) and may have contracted an illness held by the target contact in my experiment. I have halted testing of that ritual for the time being. The ritual is to help one become another person in thought, word and deed.   After much work, I realize that the Ritual of the Nonself may be something along the lines of the Martinists.  Check out the 'Book of Secrets'.   My work with the Ritual of the Nonself may lead to the Tree of Knowledge.   Some may be wondering what I meant by 'The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree'.   The expression may refer to a son who hasn't amounted to anything good - acting just like the rest of his family.  However, I am referring to something altogether different.

Essentially, the Rite involves 3 main ideas: 1. An apple is used during the ceremony 2. You identify the apple as being one and the same with the apple that Adam and Eve ate 3. You eat the apple 4. You identify with Adam 5. You derive some spiritual experience where you may become "God-like" for an instant.

Some have said that the instant Adam and Eve ate the apple in the garden that they became God-like and all-knowing.   That is the goal of this rite.   This was the fall of mankind and we suffer Adam and Eve's sins to this day (if you believe the Christian view).  Why would we want to suffer if we didn't commit the same sin as the 2 in the Garden of Eden?   You know the Christian view:  sins of the fathers are upon the children.

My philosopher's stone might actually be the result of my 30 plus years of occultism studies.   I may have enough material from what I've studied: a philosophical secret organization, witchcraft, Freemasonry studies, and ancient mysteries.    My spiritual fathers are those philosophers that have gone before.   They are my heroes.   You can tell who you are meant to be by the type of heroes you have.   Who do you respect?   Who is your idol?    Answering questions like these says a lot about who you really are.  Claude de St. Martin would be one of mine.   Essentially, everything I need is already inside me.   I have to look inside myself.   The apple has fallen and it is there for the taking.   I just have to eat it and wait to see what happens. I am in my 50's and I'm willing to take more chances.   My life is mediocre with nothing really exciting in my career.   I worked magic to create change and excitement; it was like opening Pandora's box or going into the 'Twilight Zone'.   It was very much surrealistic.   Assuming that the Devil was the Serpent in the Garden of Eden it seems natural to pull him up for such an operation.    

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