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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cloudbusting and Mind Control Anomalies In My LIfe

November, 19, 2016

As I discuss cloud busting or bursting, it is not about breaking up the electronic cloud but about real clouds. You will find the web sites such as

if you search on the words, "Cloud busting with psychic energy", in Google.  That was as of September 8, 2015.  I'm here to give you my ideas about mind control and what is possible.

Over the years, I've considered mind as one of the most powerful tools and weapons in daily life.  I've read a few books written by Ernest Holmes and consider his view as unique in the ideas of mind control.  Many of you will not consider this entry to be credible, but I will present various theories about what may be taking place.

Many of you will have experienced thinking about some object only to see the name of the object later on. This is your mind at work.  In my security work, I had met an individual that was at my desk.  I would take note of someone's name, as thought it was kind of cool or as others might say was awesome.   I kept repeating the name long after the individual had been checked into my building.  Later, on the drive home I would see the name on the side of truck.  It was the name of a business.  Many would say it was coincidence.  These anomalies I have practiced over and over and they continue to happen.

My job has a lot of lag time where nothing is happening.   I can do a lot of staring out windows.  I practice what is called cloud busting.  Others might just think I'm another security officer staring into space.  I try to use my periods of doing nothing productively practicing various mental disciplines to make my mind stronger. I've practiced meditation a lot.  I concentrate on the breaking up of clouds over intervals of about 5 minutes each.  I totally concentrate on a cloud with the thought, "How do I break up this cloud?"   I keep the mind on this single thought trying not to let the mind wander onto other less important thoughts.  Sometimes, I might just use the words "break" over and over and I've found some success at seeing clouds break apart on their own right before my very eyes.  While I can't prove it to someone else, clouds around the cloud I've been focused on appear to stay intact.  It does seem to be better than statistical chance that I've been able to influence clouds.  Although, air particles seem to be the best medium to try to alter with the power of mind.
With each try, I appear to be getting better at it.

I've used my mind, now, to get other things to happen.  I've gotten annoying neighbors to move away.
Concentration of a favorite food seems to find it to my wife's grocery list without mentioning it to her!

Many of you may find this one of the most significant information pieces I've ever made.  I've looked at the possibility to test the use of goetic demons for an earthquake.  The event would prove to be a sure sign of success.  I wouldn't be seeking a big one, but just significant enough that I would be assured that a demonic force could act upon the physical plane.  Earthquakes happen all the time and how would I determine that the quake had happened beyond statistical chance?   As I composed the experiment some time ago, I dwelled on the idea of shaking the east coast of the U.S. in August of 2011.   I felt it would be significant as it experiences no quakes.  Within one week of my experiment, the east coast did shake! Had I been psychic perceiving an event that was about to happen or did my mind's focus help ease tectonic plates through an earthquake?  I was very much amazed at this anomaly.   It wasn't so much a demon at work, but I feel, it was the mind at work.   I try to mentally run tests everyday.   The air and clouds are the easiest to manipulate.  A cumulus cloud is a good start.   In time, you will see the right mental discipline that it takes to manipulate physical matter.  Tectonic plates, or the earth below our feet, should be no greater obstacle to move.  It is just that we tell ourselves it can't be done.  If you just dwell on how something can be done the answer may reveal itself as your mind ties itself to the object of your desire.

I will continue to strengthen my mental power to test other events to see what success may happen.  Only through testing may I be assured as to what success I'm having.   I am also currently working and testing Hebrew magic, Greek mysticism and Egyptian powers of the priests at this same time.  These may have had something to do with it as well.

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