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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Deism, Postmodernism and My Worldviews

October 6, 2015

At some point in our life, we reach conclusions as to what life is all about.  This does seem to be like a world detached from our mind at times.  I do believe in the power of visualization, but it seems like it has little effect, if any, on the outside world.  Those that have that idea of spiritual laws would be the deists of our world.  New age believers may have more of a view that spirits are at work in this world.  I have moved toward a postmodern idea, more recently, where science does not offer the best solution to our problems.  Respect for women, or feminism in general, would not have been discovered by the act of modernism or working through pure science.

Let me give you an example of my thoughts.  Our vitamins have been under attack recently by experts.  It seems as if our bodies can't assimilate them very well.  It makes sense in a way.  Just like the FDA extracts drugs from natural substances that don't seem to work very well at curing all our diseases.  The new movement of medicine aims to take the wholeness out of substances to derive their drugs.  I've heard that allopathy is a perversion of homeopathic medicine.  Allopathy may be the reason we can no longer have resistance to the superbugs out there.


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