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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Church of Wicca, the Frosts and Great Books on Witchcraft


Gavin and Yvonne Frost were leaders in teaching witchcraft.  They had placed a good share of their knowledge in the books from Parker Publishing.  Years later they would publish works similar to the one's they had done before.   It was good to get the updated versions but the classics are good too.  Even if I wasn't using the systems in their entirety, I was using the theory to begin to create my own rituals and spells. Once I began to create my own talismans.  I was designing my own in the 80's.

I've seen other witchcraft books on the shelves today in stores and they don't compare.  These were more comprehensive and goal oriented.  It wasn't the traditional witchcraft were you celebrated the solstice but it more pertinent to what one wanted: attracting love into one's life for example.  

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