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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Russia's Conservative Watchdog Problem Solved, U.S. Can Learn As Well

New 4-26-2015

I was doing reading about the new age in Russia. There is quite a new age revival in that country going on. The Russian Academy of Science wants to promote its own ideas against the occult which perceives it to be a pseudoscience. For the U.S., our churches and law enforcement are the main opponents to those ideas that are not mainstream. Churches think its just plain wrong and law enforcement thinks occult is just a cover for criminal activity. (I could say cops are just a cover organization for a group of people that only go golfing and hunting - they serve no valuable purpose except to seemingly maintain peace and control over society) I can say that the driving engine of the occult is affirmations and visualizations. This is the concept that what I say and what I picture in my mind can have an effect on my inner self as well as the outside world. Philip H Farber combined magic and NLP. NLP and magic combined together is really interesting concept and I might say it changes the theory of some things.

My opinion is that Russia's Academy of Science should classify occult and new age thinking as "consciousness experiences" whereas it could classify everything else as "worldly perceptions". In other words, the psychic can be thought of the mind entering an altered state that causes it to experience something that can't be measured by outside world observers. It can't be proved nor disproved. It is close to what the mind goes through in dreams. To some people, the occult is no more important than listening to someone explain a ghost or dream they had encountered the previous night.  It's an interesting story and then people usually move on to the next activity in their day. What we need to do to live in society is what is called "worldly perceptions": this is the way we perceive the world to be, to work in it, and to coexist with family members. Atheists and occultists can coexist together if Russia's Academy of Science makes the above classifications. The Academy can then move on to what it should be working on - to promote science.   If someone has an astral projection experience it is no more threatening to life than describing a dream.  No one really opposes discussing dreams.  It is a natural human experience and some will encounter an astral projection as well.  

Our governments tend to concern themselves with things they don't need to concentrate on.   

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