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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sylvia Browne's Best Book of Angels


Sylvia Browne is no longer with us, but she left us a number of books.  I've reviewed many at the bookstore. I consider this one the best.  At a time several years ago, I got a terrible illness of vertigo.  It took a year to pass - it just had to run its course.  This book, Book of Angels, was an inspiration because the archangels seemed to really work.  I did the exercises in the book.  I contacted the necessary archangels for a healing and those spiritual beings seemed to stop the illness.  Dizzy spells would stop abruptly with no apparent reason other than these spirit beings were at work.  The illness had to run its course and took a year to leave, but this book seemed to give temporarily healing relief.  The book talks about her organization.  I want to look more at Gnostic churches as there is much more to these organizations.  Many people have found her to be fraud, but this book is the real deal if you are working with angels.  Unfortunately, psychics are always scrutinized greatly in our society.

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