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Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Bad Blog Experience From England

Updated Title Change 6-2-2015

Many will remember the blog  It no longer exists.   The last I had heard was that some people are trying to recreate it in some form on the web again.  For those that remember, here's a review of the blog.

We might all have stories to tell when it comes to joining a particular blog.   It can be a frustrating experience filled with debate.   It is hoped all people can participate in a blog with tons of creativity.  However, that isn't always the case.

Many N.A.P. discussions were going on at the blog when I was a member.   I
had interjected in those discussions.  There were some leaders of this group that seemed to want
to push others in a specific direction.  Let me give you an example of a blog discussion  about
N.A.P. and let's define some things in the topic.  Verify the following in Wikipedia or other
sources of the web if you wish.

Gray-Cobb's book, New Avatar Power, came from either the Nuctameron by Apollonius of Tyana
or  Transcendental Magic by Levi.   Apollonius lived in a Roman province prior to 100 C.E.  From
some of the books on the Latin language, we still aren't completely sure of the pronunciation of
this language.   From all the research I've done, Ashkenazic Hebrew is a theoretical pronunciation system used by a variety of Jewish people.  We really don't know for sure how
Biblical Hebrew was pronounced either.   We probably come closer to proper Latin pronunciation
than we can speak ancient Hebrew today.

The evocation magic blog member, raum215, questioned everything and liked to add all kinds of
tidbits that really didn't pertain directly to a blog topic.  Member raum215 was hung up on
pronunciation claiming he knew how each of the ancient words was pronounced.  Everyone that
refers to cabalistic words pronounce them differently.  His claim was that some of these words
had to be pronounced in Ashkenazic.  I found raum215 didn't like those who stated things, but
rather liked those who questioned.  He was to the evocation magic group what Aleister Crowley
was to his prospective organizations:  just a another man seeking power.  I don't supply things
here to feed my ego.   It's fine raum215 knew a lot of things, but he needed to not sweep other
people's ideas under the rug like dust.

Member raum215 stated he knew where the word Labezerin came from.  Everything doesn't have
to fit "Sephardic and Ashkenazic hebrew".  He was correct stating  "and there were already LOTS
of dialects"; so, other pronunciations would allow magickal miracles to occur as well.   I'm sure
you could still get results if you didn't speak Ashkenazic Hebrew correctly.

There are leaders and followers and I choose not to follow the information provided by raum215
just as others chose not to follow the controlling authority of Aleister Crowley.   I may have been
banned for a N.A.P. Ritual of Lust,  or running a link back to my blog.  After reviewing all the
Google web cached pages stored on my computer, I believe raum215 had me banned because he
felt I gave wrong information about N.A.P.   Perhaps, I didn't speak Ashkenazic Hebrew

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