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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Updated Title Change 6-2-2015

A recent death of our dog in January of 2014 lead me to some new conclusions.  If you've been keeping up with this blog you will recall my work with psychic explorations.  After our dog passed, I started getting what I call a psychic flash.  I am usually waking up in the morning and receive a still image of something.  I had received a still image of our dog standing outside the house on the south side.  I can tell my dreams from my psychic impressions.  Psychic impressions are usually still images like a picture whereas dreams are a movie for me.  Chrissy, our dog, was in one of these still pictures.  She was standing in the grass outside staring at me as though she was seeing me.  It was kind of like when you take a picture of a pet with a camera.  I think that I may want to get into American Indian legends to see what actually might happen to pets when they pass away.  My wife thinks they go to heaven, but I think the contrary.  Pets may remain here on Earth and recycle into another animal.  They may even help their fellow pet friends when they cross over.  If I ever really develop full clairvoyance I may find that all our pets have remained on the property and have been watching us all along!  Now, to look into the beliefs of American Indians...

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