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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Best New Age Publishing Companies Are Free At Your Local Library

Updated 3-7-15

I wanted to give some of you an idea about what are some of the best new age publishers.  I believe that great publishers attract great authors and great reading.   My best method is to look over my bookshelves to see what publishers dominate my library.  

I will do something more thorough later, but I have to give credit to Llewellyn Publications as one of my favorite publishers.  They have more books on my shelf than probably any other publisher.  I would have to say most of my learning comes from them.  

The library is an excellent source of material if you low funds or are on a budget.  One of my favorite books from the local library is Low Magic: It's All In Your Head... by Lon Milo DuQuette.  He is United States Deputy Grand Master of the OTO.   My other favorite is Rediscover Magick of the Gods and Goddesses by Jean-Louis de Biasi.  Jean-Louis de Biasi is Grand Master of the Ordo Aurum Solis.  You can read more about him at the Amazon site which shows his books.   I came to know the Ordo Aurum Solis through the books of Denning & Phillips awhile back.

I think the reason authors don't make too much money is the fact that so many incredible books are at the library.  Nobody has to buy any books anymore.   Seek out books at your local library.   See what they have on the shelves.   I had built a lot of knowledge from the metaphysical section of Lansing Community College and Eastern Michigan University while attending college.  

I've got to examine the rest of my library a little more to see what publishers are in my top 5 and get back to you on the rest.


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