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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is The Ancient Egyptian Language Based on Sound?

Title Change 6-2-2015

This blog entry will focus on the consonants of the ancient Egyptian language.   If you read my book, The Cat Speaks Egyptian, you now have the vowels of this language.  It's a theory, but it is a pretty good one.  I won't reveal the vowels here.  You will have to buy the book, "The Cat Speaks Egyptian", to see what the vowel sounds are. Two stores in the Lansing Michigan area were carrying it exclusively, but I'm going to sell it in auction very soon.  Thoth's real name is given in the book (as the Egyptian priests may have called Thoth).  This book is not available in Amazon nor will it be in Barnes & Noble as it does not have an ISBN number.  Many stores on the web do not show books without ISBN numbers.

You may have to reference several Egyptian language books to keep up with me.  We will come back to the the hieroglyphics for Osiris and Isis later.  (I will recheck my own references).   The books each have a different definition of what the ancient hieroglyphics stand for.  We can envision a very primitive society. I do believe it was a society that put value in the sounds of their environment.  Take for instance the symbol of a leg is the letter 'b'.  This could have been the sound of feet on the ground.  A "buh" sound.  Those people that can read this page in English will know what I'm talking about. Take the  'f' sound.  It is a horned viper symbol and this animal typically makes a "ffffff" sound.  It is the same 'f' sound we use in our language.  Next, is the "k" sound.  It is the symbol of basket. Anyone that has set down a wicker basket, knows the sound it makes.  We've used a basket in the house and I am familiar with its characteristic sound.  The letter "t" is the symbol of bread in hieroglyphics.  Egyptians may have had bread loaves that were quite hard.   Especially, if they had no way to keep a bread loaf fresh.  Take an stale old piece of bread and bang it on a table.  Note the "t" sound and you know what I'm driving at.  I have given Thoth's name in my first book.  Many of the others will be given in my wordpress blog.  I will make an interesting forecast of the future and then I will provide the god names at the conclusion.  The last 2 Egyptian names Ra, and Maat will be given in my 2nd and last fiction book about Freemasonry.  When all the names are out I will start writing my Egyptian book of magic.  I'm looking at creating my own language that will better depict the sounds of these ancient gods.  I'm looking at reviving my own analysis of the Biblical Hebrew also.

More will be discussed in my wordpress blog.  See the first entry for my other blogs link.

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