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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A World Test: Contact with Greek God Poseidon

November 19, 2016

Poseidon, God of the Sea,
Please hear me,
Poseidon, divine deity,
Please hear our plea,
You are the key,
We beseech thee,
For this is your day,
To shake ancient Troy's bay
Rise up from your grave,
And move water's wave,
It is our sincere will,
That you no longer remain still,
Wake from your sleep,
Come forth from the deep,
Let your actions be seen,
On March fifteen,
More alive than the Maker,
Show us the Earth-Shaker!

As I mentioned before, I helped to create this world test for March 15, 2013.  The test was meant to contact the God: Poseidon. I did chant this several times during the few days that preceded the target date.   There wasn't a better poet out there because no one contributed a better poem!  I had to look through a book of Edgar Allen Poe's poems to find some rhyming words.  I am looking for some action to occur near the ancient city of Troy.  Nothing appeared to have happened, but the strange thing was Cyprus had a financial meltdown.  Was it a pure coincidence?   It was extremely close to the area.  I will still devote a majority of my time to Poseidon worship, familiar spirits and the communication with the dead.  I've already had some mild successes in the house.  I had not actually constructed a clay statue of Poseidon yet.  I didn't do a lot of preparation.  I hadn't contacted any other pagans to assist in this great adventure.  Statue animation is still one of the main objectives of my life.   This was an interesting experiment.  I haven't given up on Poseidon.  When I get into God worship, I will construct his statue and try again.   If you look at my blog entry on cloudbusting you can read up on my ideas about mind control.   If I were to put 100 people in a room, to chant the above verse to Poseidon for about 40 minutes, some success may have been achieved.  It's when I convince those 100 people that they were able to make this kind of event happen, a type of mass hypnosis, the results would be really successful.  Belief is what really makes it happen.

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