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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Are All Satanists Killing Animals and People?

New 3/25/14

This title is bizarre, or the title could have said, "Faulty Stereotypes and Double Standards in America" or maybe "Not All Bad People are Bad or All Good People aren't Necessarily Good".  Stereotypes generally come from a number of faulty attitudes. My wife watches all these criminal profiling shows and it has everyone pegged.  There are so many pursuing criminal justice degrees that criminal profiling is their "Bible" when it comes to America's perception of criminals. These attitudes come from people. They get a few stats and some expert comes up with a theory that everyone is like that.  Can I say that all cops eat donuts?  It kind of reminds me of that movie White Men Can't Jump starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.   There is a stereotype inside the title as well as the story.  I can think of hundreds of new stereotype movie titles that could be brought up in my living room for the entertainment of my wife and myself.  I sure couldn't mention it in this blog for fear that it was inappropriate for public media.

I work with a retired cop in my security work.  We get to talk most of the day while we maintain a post in state government.  He mentioned he got in trouble, as a cop, with his boss when he cussed out a juvenile offender that was going to jail.  The juvenile had spit on him.  I said there are 2 kinds of standards in society regarding speech: what we can say in public and what we can say at home.  An example of this is that we have to eject those that are cussing us out at our security posts.  It is inappropriate in public. However, when I get home and am watching cable or Netflix I can listen to cussing and swearing from TV; I can cuss and swear with my fellow family members.  We have a double standard in America.
Are you motivated by an unusual prejudice idea?  Do you see a double standard in America?   Take some time to think about it.  Have you got someone pegged?   The answer to the above blog entry title: No, not all satanists are killing animals and people.  I could say that this is a conservative, Christian or Republican stereotype.  Could I say that just because a New Jersey Republican governor gives tax cuts to the rich that all Republicans want to give tax cuts to the wealthy?  Question your values.  Are they right? 

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