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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pagan Magic with the God Hades (or Pluto)


I have so many entries in this blog now I may have mentioned Hades before.  Hades was my first work with pagan gods.  Work with this pagan god was the first time I witnessed actual strange events of poltergeist activity in the home.   The effects would soon follow me to work!   My wife and I were experiencing some problems and I decided to turn things over to Hades (also known as Pluto).  I was using Nick Farrell's book on talismans to work my first pagan magic.  I'm not real good at sculpting, but I got a feeling this little guy is alive!   He is pictured above and is kept inside a closet.

I knew something was up when we found candlesticks knocked over in a room that was closed up.  The candlesticks were upright before my wife and I left the house.  Next, Hades' clay wing had come off.  The clay statue was handmade by my own hands and sometimes the pieces would fall apart.  The unusual thing this time was that one of the clay wings came off and flew around the corner into the closet!   I couldn't find that wing for weeks.  My last strange event was what I called "stopped time":  I was at work and noticed my cheap Casio digital watch had stopped at 4 PM.  I thought it was a coincidence, but the watch restarted at 5 PM with no apparent reason why.   I got home to find that our battery operated clock in the living room had stopped right at 4 PM also that same day!   I had no doubt I was seeing the effects of pagan magic.  I think it is more powerful than the invocation of the Jewish divine names.


  1. Hello, is this pagan magick like a spell cast? awesome to delay time, how can i do the same and can this method be used in a spellcast???

  2. Answer: This magic is used in Nick Farrell's book Making Talismans. I don't believe this strange event will occur again on "delaying time" as you called it. It is know that Pluto or Hades can effect electronic devices to make them go haywire. It is nothing that can be done consistently. You might try this and some other poltergeist type events may occur. You do pagan magic and ask the God to give you a sign. It can be anything, but when it does give you a sign you will know you got the real thing working for you!