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Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Cover Photo for this Blog


Many of you may wonder what the symbols in my main picture mean.  Top left corner is the letters "DS" inside a cloud-like object.  This is a symbol of the Desire Self.  The desires of the self are usually obtained through the use of magic.  The inverted cross signifies an anti-orthodox view: the afterlife can be reached through psychic means.  You can experience afterlife through death or reach it earlier through astral or mental projection.  Next, in the right upper corner are the letters "SS" inside a triangle.  The SS stands for Super Self.   The triangle symbol signifies a perfect being that we can find out through divination.   We can find out about our true self through divination.  These are my symbols.   The eyes on the right side stand for an all-seeing eye watching us.  Before, man had to be careful about his actions as God was always watching him. In the same way, man today is being watched by cameras in the sky: cameras in the ceilings of buildings watching our every more to see that we are acting properly.  The U.S. is slowly moving toward a police state as I reveal in my science fiction blog.  The 2 drawn symbols are sigils I came up with over 32 years ago after its design flooded my mind.   The letters S.O.D.I.C. contain my magical name which I will not reveal.  

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