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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Check The Time - Go By The Stars

Updated: 1/15/14

(Read bottom paragraph for the latest and greatest)  Mental projection is the feeling that one is conscious outside the body and it supposedly takes place on the mental plane.  I find it similar to remote viewing.  Some people may be quick to point out the similarities or differences of mental projection and remote viewing.  Remote viewing is the seeking out of impressions from a target - usually a distant one.  The latter may be conducted by a government for the military purpose of spying on another country.  While this may be a interesting fact, I am more interested in remote viewing from an individual's viewpoint.

How do I use mental projection/remote viewing?   Let me explain with a story.  My parents usually take off half the year to the state of Florida.  They take a recreational vehicle and stay at a trailer park.  I wish I could be with them in hot, sunny Florida, but I have to work through a hard cold winter.  I have many fond memories of that recreational vehicle.  I have been inside it many times and can picture the inside of it in my mind.  So, as my own practice, I try to imagine what it would feel like to stand inside their vehicle.  I try to visualize what it would look like.  I try to sense where my parents are located in the vehicle.  This works well if you can't sleep at night.  I've turned the problem of not sleeping into a creative experiment.  At many times, I get the feeling of peace or calm when I try this.  This reflects the feeling I usually get when I am with them.  I don't know why, but the experience brings this out.  At this point, I know I am successful.  This would be a good practice for you try as well on your own visual target.  Thus, you are a remote viewer at this point.  It does not matter how successful you are.  Just keep practicing.

Remote Viewing Secrets is the latest book I've been reading from the library.   I will try to review more books on remote viewing in the future.  I want to increase my ability.  In this book, there is a mention of the concept: Local Sidereal Time.  Sidereal time is a star time.  The earth rotates every 23 hours and 56 minutes.  I became aware of it when I studied witchcraft.  It's similar to the system mentioned by Gavin and Yvonne Frost.  Their witchcraft was based on sun time divided into hours.  Evidently, remote viewing experiments became more successful during specific times of the day based on experiments done on a calendar date back in 1997.   This book made me conclude that psychic phenomena was clearly tied to cosmic or astronomical cycles.  The author states, through data trials, remote viewing spiked at specific time intervals.  The psychic cycle spiked on 3/26/97 at about midnight and by the end of the year, on 12/31/97, that cycle was happening at 6:45 AM.  It was a very slow change throughout the year - the time interval moving earlier in each day little by little about 4 minutes.  This was clearly tied to cycles of stars and constellations.  You should get the book to read up on this to get a clearer understanding about what I'm discussing here.  The most likely case is that it is a phase of the moon which is tied to psychic ability.  It could also be the planet Neptune which is also responsible for the psychic realm.   I'm really thinking that this is tied to one of the stars.  Stars tend to rise on the horizon changing 4 minutes each day.  This is what I suspect is happening.   I will need to confirm this by researching further.  This time is approximately 13:30 local sidereal time from Fort Meade.  This local sidereal time is on shown on several graphs on the web. It also shows that about 4 1/2 hours later remote viewing drops significantly (about 18:00 local sidereal time) from Fort Meade.  This will focused on in my memoir book more fully.  It concerns the U.S. Stargate program.

My latest findings:  the remote viewing took place at Fort Meade which is at a place called Annapolis Junction.  I'm trying to find that in the Old Farmer's Almanac and the time corrections for this area.  Annapolis Junction is about halfway between Baltimore Maryland and Washington D.C.  If we interpolate we should be able to find out the time corrections for the rising and setting of stars that took place on the dates found in the book.  My assumption is that the Pisces constellation (tied to intuition and the psychic) is responsible for the spike in remote viewing ability.  I have to check the star formation with linux astronomical software to see what the constellations looked like on this date.

This does lead to several questions:
1. Does the event that happened at 13:30 at Fort Meade happen at different times in other cities?  According to the Farmer's Almanac each city has to have time corrections to determine when one will see constellations.
2. Could the graph shown in the book repeat similar data for other years?  Is there a pattern or is it just the pattern for 1997?
3. Most witchcraft is based on the positions of the moon and planets in determining the best time to perform a ritual.  This shows that the constellations might have more to do with success of a ritual.
I have certain conclusions about the experiments and am looking to include them in a future book I will publish.  This was some of the most exciting data I have ever run into.   

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