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Friday, December 14, 2012

Who Am I And Why I Am Not A Republican

Updated 1/9/13

Many who read my blog may assume certain things about myself.  I am not one to hurt an animal for ritual.  I am not a Satanist who might consider an animal sacrifice in order to conduct a ritual.  I don't feel right about that at all.  My wife and I share the house with cats and dogs.  Although my wife may love animals more than I, I've taken a liking to the animals around the house.  If you need blood for a ritual cut your own finger!

I have been a big fan of the 3 Stooges on television.  I also loved watching Seinfeld on TV; have also taken a liking to the Beavis and Butthead cartoon years ago.  Just like myself, these TV shows don't respect the status quo or authority.

Call me pagan, concerned about the environment, Democrat, but don't call me a Republican!  I have found that most Republicans share common ground that centers around a few issues:

1. A large part of Republicans are afraid of gun control.  They cite the importance of guns for hunting and being able to protect oneself.  Do you need a automatic repeating rifle to hunt deer?  You know these guys - they sit around the mall dressed in all black reading gun catalogs.  They've got to be a royal bore to their wives!   I'd say that the country has more to worry about gun toting Americans than the threat of radical Islamic groups!  The U.S. should wake up and smell the gun barrel.  You've got more problems worrying about your neighbors than Al Quiada (spelling?).  America is a violent, killing nation.   It won't pass any gun control anytime soon and the NRA has nothing to worry about.  God knows I sell more books on warfare in book auctions than anything else.  (I don't read the books, I just sell them.)
2.  A majority of Republicans feel we can stimulate the economy by only helping businesses and the rich class predominately through tax breaks.  For example, Michigan recently switched over to a right-to-work state.  How much more business can we get in this state considering we are the 23rd (or is it 24th state) to switch over to a right-to-work state?   It's not an original idea.  I'm wondering if the Governor has only set the state up so he can do more business in this state with his firm if he takes on the role of investment banker again in the future?   Nobody really comes up with any really great original ideas anymore.  Many states will just copy each other in their laws or policies.
3.  Many conservative Republicans believe the economic health of the economy will snap back to normal if we leave things alone.  Unfortunately, Russia and China are playing the same economic game where the US is not the only capitalist player in the world any longer.

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