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Friday, November 23, 2012

Magic Assassin or Psychic Destroyer? Just Dwell On It!

Updated 12/22/12

"Dwell and you shall encounter"  -  Keep this phrase in mind as I discuss my latest post.  Also, remember this phrase:  "Life and death is in the power of the tongue."  These are some anomalies that I've encountered in my life.   There were 4 specific events that I've always wondered about.

One involved a teacher that embarrassed me in front of the class.  The teacher had asked for me to come to the front of the class when I was in elementary school. As I think about this incident, more details are coming back to me.  She asked the class what she had said.  Yes, I may have daydreamed and my mind was elsewhere.  Maybe, I wasn't paying attention. She embarrassed me in front of everyone.  I remember mentioning, "I HATE HER!".  The amount of energy I spent thinking how much I hated this woman made me wonder was it true black magic.  I spent a lot of time hating this woman and she died within a month.

The second event involved my grandfather dying leaving my brother and myself $6,000 each.   I had worked a magical ritual for money.   The money was actually willed to my mother and my parents split the amount equally for my brother and myself.   I had mentioned this in an earlier entry.

Thirdly, I remembered watching some televised broadcast of Oral Roberts back in 2009.   I didn't agree with this minister/evangelist.   I remember I focused on the thought that Mr. Roberts needed to be stopped.  I thought that the statements were not true and his communication needed to cease.   He died within 2 weeks.

On a fourth occasion, I was looking at Goetic spirits that could cause an earthquake.   The question I posed was, "How do I shake the east coast [of the U.S.]?"   I wanted to do a small test.   Within a week, the east coast shook!

The fifth event involved a tree in the backyard.  I was sure tired of picking up walnuts; my brother and I had the chore of picking up walnuts from the walnut tree.  Children rarely see the real value in some things.  I remember mentioning I hated that tree.  Picking up walnuts gave my hands a yellow stain I couldn't get rid for days.  The tree got hit by lightning.  I'm trying to remember if it stunted the growth and it didn't drop as many walnuts that year.

This is not made up.   Many of the events could be psychic signals that I get periodically.   I might ask a question like, "I wonder how long I have to go on these tires?"   It will just pop in my head.   After checking with a mechanic, I might find out I was driving with a nail in the tire.   Other times, I might sense I haven't gotten a catalog from a particular company.   In the next 2 days, I might receive that particular catalog in the mail.   I don't always get data about an event, but just something about the event pops in my head.   The first 2 events actually involved an action on my part.   The first involved an incredible amount of negative energy: hatred.   With the use of clairvoyance subliminal CD's, I may have opened some psychic doorway to sensing events before they happen.  The fifth event was just strange.


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