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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gray-Cobb's Daughter Canadian, Aye?

Update 11/19/2014

I was happy to hear that Vicki will be putting out her dad's published works soon.  I will be buying everything of his that I don't have in my collection.  I will certainly be adding another new copy of his book on Avatar Power.  One of his most rare or is it scare - his published work on astral travel will definitely be in my collection.  After you get to Vicki's site, you can join her blog and catch the latest in Facebook. 

I never could figure out why the Canadian's are always saying 'Aye' at the end of their sentences.  They are a great people with wonderful achievements.  I had read that Geof Gray-Cobb was a Canadian and travelled throughout the world.   There is another interesting Canadian occult writer: Donald Tyson who I will discuss later.  He has some great books out there to discuss.  If you are ever web surfing be sure to check on Gray-Cobb's daughter Vicki.  She doesn't have that spelling of her name on the website, but he mentions his daughter Vicki in his last book 'Twist of Fate' near Edmonton.  I wasn't always into psychics, because I was afraid of some fraudulent psychic making a fool of me and taking my hard earned money in the process.  However, I think differently about Vicki.  She runs a pretty good site and a great blog too.  Gray-Cobb was the real deal and I believe his daughter is too.   If I needed a psychic I'd probably go to her first. She is at

I was trying to work on a book deal with her.  Sorry to say the deal fell through. I wanted her to write an introduction and I would write the rest of the book.  I have most of the rituals ready to go already.   It was going to be called 'More Rituals From My Friend, Mr. Gray-Cobb".   I guess it was for the better.  I now have some other ideas since the deal has fallen apart.   Be sure to pay her site a visit and check out her blog.

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