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Monday, May 28, 2012

More Details About the Blog Evocation Magic

Updated Title 6-2-2015

In the past, I was banished from an occult forum called
The group no longer exists, but it gave me ideas about future blogs I might read/join.  The following shows what I was going through.  I could have stayed angry, but I have too many important things going on in my life: work, internet auctions, occult studies, etc.   Occult isn't a passing fancy.   I study this esoteric field almost daily.   I'd love to sit down in a cozy coffee shop with a strange book related to metaphysics.  In that occult forum, I went by the same forum name as in this blog: Nectanebus2013.   I have been a member of this group for sometime.   I have no idea why I was banished.  I just suspect a few possibilities.  Admins and Mods never sent me an email in the group.  I posted a new Avatar Power ritual that may have been too racy for the forum.  It involved attracting lust and desire.  I think the forum sits in Great Britain and they may had different rules there.   It may be that  they had rules that did not allow one to run links to another website. 

I had discussed the Genii before (as member Nectanebus3), but I'm not sure what caused the page to be removed.  Instead of reviewing blogs that kick people out, I want to remain more positive.   I was going to list more rituals just like the one using New Avatar Power, but I don't have to hold up to my promise to the group.  Besides, they kicked me out.   I wanted to promise the group I'd post more Genii rituals, but is anyone really interested?  I can tell no one is really interested to email me for more Gray-Cobb rituals, but they come here because I'm discussing that British blog.  I can tell by the number of hits this entry is getting.    I've decided to self publish a small miniature book of Gray-Cobb's rituals off this blog!  I might be able to use Google's Adsense program.  Details to follow!

The whole experience taught me a few things.  The Evocation magic blog broke laws.  Their mods didn't catch the abuse of copyright.  Members were just copying and posting material from books.  A few of the mods in control were using the blog for their power issues and wanted the newbies to be impressed with their knowledge.   Mods tried to boast to people with what they knew but never really taught much of anything.  The rest of the blog was filled with comments of those that were fond of the wit of the members.   I go to a blog to learn interesting information.  Evocation gave me very little original creative content.  

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