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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Timetable 2012-2013

NEW 8/28/12

This is going to be an exciting year as I rapidly try to hit my deadlines for this blog.   I aim to finish this thing as I need to commit to the publication of my 2 books.   Look what's coming up:

May 30, 2012:  Publication of new rituals using Genii.   For those familiar with Geof Gray-Cobb, these rituals will use Genii similar to what he used in New Avatar Power.   Scratch this.   It was a side track and takes me off course.  It doesn't relate to my goals: overhaul Avatar Power with my own published book and the goals listed below.

Summer 2012:   Working on an interview with someone involved with the occult in solving a perplexing national problem which I hope to post.  Even though I wanted to prove psychics could solve something major besides crime solving (as seen on TV), it was hard to find a psychic who was sensitive toward remote objects.   Most psychics seem to have vague, general information and it doesn't always prove or solve something.  
Fall 2012:  I post details of how you can create a ritual on your own.   Pursuing the Ritual of the Nonself.   This is a ritual to become another person.  
Two weeks prior to 12-21-12:   I will have available a ritual R.O.T.O.K.O.G.A.E.  (Ritual of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil)   Those that email me in November will have their own copy along with a question about how they would improve the ritual.   If successful a flood of knowledge will come into the mind of the operator of this ritual.
March 2013:   We will be working to bring forth Poseidon in a massive world experiment.   A ritual will be posted to this site and I will try to get the participation of many pagans, and occult web site authors to call forth Poseidon.   He will be asked to shake the waters surrounding his ancient port city.   Timing is important as it needs to be the month that he is the strongest.   

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