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Thursday, March 16, 2017

15 Good Years Left? End of the World?

February 8, 2018

Latest News:  It's impressive the story we get from Christianity and the Bible.  Many believe we are in 'end times' as they call it.  It is almost better than any dystopia that writers could imagine.  Farmer's Almanac had predicted that 2000 years after Christ would be about 2025 A.D.  Now, there is a Catholic website, using hints in the Bible, that puts Christ's return about 2033 A.D.  That would mean that the start of 0 A.D. would be the birth of Christ.  After his return, trials and tribulations will occur for approximately 7 years until the Antichrist emerges.  Newest research by the late Moses Reading, shows Nostradamus quatrain numbers represented actual years digits.  This is showing an amazing accuracy in predicting recent historical events.  My friend and former publisher says he may start to research Moses Reading's books to see what things look like coming up.  A special on the History Channel showed that a great leader will come forth in the year 2040 something that will have no heart.  This is either something to do with medical research that will allow people to live without hearts or we have our Antichrist on the scene.  He won't be normal like a human being as we know it.  This may also be a robot that becomes a world leader actually given consciousness by man.  Man greatest creation?   Interesting to ponder anyway!  Celebrate and be festive now, for there may be no tomorrow?

I will do reviews of various sites in the meantime during my inactive phase of this blog.  Those that are trying to increase their psychic ability will be assisted by this website:

This contains an image that shows the chakras, energy spheres, as miniature tornadoes positioned around the body.  I try to practice my visualization of 3 inch white paper cones positioned around my body to increase my connection to the psychic realms.  I visualize one at a time and sometimes feel the same thing as when I used to practice New Avatar Power - almost a ethereal euphoria.  At some point, you may feel negative energy, such as hate or anger, dissipating as you feel at peace.  At almost like being in your psychic body apart from your physical body.  I also alternate the visualization to small horns instead of the paper cones.  If you do psychic exercises see which one works for you.  Test two images and see which one works better.

I'm updating my #4 Sorcery Master Rite (see below).  You may find this blog helpful:

as it contains the spheres with the names.   Or you can refer to the New Avatar book by Geof Gray-Cobb for the pronunciation of the Divine Names.

My research into the occult goes on every week, but I won't pass on anything to the public in this blog until the current political administration is over.  They are moving in the wrong direction.  With the current U.S. administration trying to change copyright laws now, authors will have to keep track of all information that is borrowed and separate it from their own creative work.   This blog will become to overwhelming if I have to quote others properly or have to worry about getting sued.  I have removed the free eBook.  Some of my letters are in agreement with other authors, but I own the copyright for the Egyptian vowels.  (My publisher has reminded me that he owns the copyright!)   The free eBook contains the sounds I am pioneering and testing of rituals.  I have to admit the testing of new rituals is more exciting than writing this blog.  Others have suggested I sell a book, but a lot of work for a book with mediocre sales is not dear to my heart.  However, if find out how to work rituals that bring significant changes to my own life it doesn't matter what I pass on to others.  I may attempt to resell my first book again on an auction site.  I probably won't post any additional entries for quite awhile as I go through my blog to make sure I'm not using other author's works. Blogging won't be so great if we have to quote our references every step of the way.  I haven't made any money from any of this blog at this point.  I don't think I will write anything more during this administration as I await election of a new president.  I now have to go through my entries to make sure I'm not infringing on some other works.  I will be removing works rather than trying to reference them properly with footnotes.  I will finish uncompleted entries connected to my book reviews.  The new laws will only help a few that might own copyrights through lawsuits and fines, but now blogging websites will have to rethink whether they want to maintain the sites if they are going to suffer a lawsuit.  The state of America now is very much in the negative right now.

Check out any entries with a new date on it.  All the newest information should be underlined for your/my convenience.   The author of this blog is currently involved in the writing of occult/new age books. I am also engaged in using the new practices I've created to make changes to my own life and the world around me.  I've read and have in my collection so many books that I consider myself an expert on the subject.  As I am writing, this blog may go silent for months at a time.  I am still here, but just busy getting books ready for publication.  I am moving away from the sensational to the more conventional and you may see some posts go away.  If you want the real unusual  and the strange - just read the current event news going on.  There's plenty of it there.

I am somewhat between being a Deist and and a Pantheist.  We are in a universe that has natural laws as though the Creator made the world and stepped back to allow man to work.   Specific affirmations have lead me to understand that words control, not just what is going on in our bodies, but also tend to change the outer world if those words are stated repeatedly.  We also seem to have a world that has beings that can be commanded to complete tasks or provide information.   I like the Postmodern philosophy on life and have considered certain Atheist ideas as valuable also. Atheists have an interesting view on life.

Reflecting on my Past:
I think that we co-create our world with others through visualization and affirmations.  My worldview is in a Supreme Creator, but it is a deistic view since he set the world in motion and does nothing at the present time.  Miracles occur because we tend to believe strongly that something will occur.  Not all of us believe in miracles and that would account for reality being 99% miracle free.  Over the summer, most Americans would believe in that.  In my teens, I was pushed to go to a "holy-roller" church to find miraculous healings going on.  The only explanation for what I saw: it is either (1) a magician's trick such as a fake to attract new members or (2) that human beings have an inherent God-power within them that make spectacular healing miracles possible.  We are each little gods co-creating our world.

I will work my best to make sure this blog will continue.   I will continue to make it one of the most comprehensive, provocative places on the web for occult thought.

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