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Thursday, March 16, 2017

#6 Master Rite of the Illuminati

March 18, 2017

My reading of conspiracies has been fascinating since I started researching this topic back in the late 70's. You perhaps have heard of the Illuminati and its myth seems to precede the real facts of this organization. History shows us that Adam Weishaupt attempted to initiate an organization based on reason, Deism or natural religion and the idea that humans could be perfected in some way. The fear came from the idea that it was a force of revolution. Countries have had a fear of Freemasonry's past because it appeared to be a revolutionary group. Today, countries protect themselves from revolution. Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, are larger forces now for social revolution. Masses of people are judge, jury and executioner and no longer adhere to the standard forms of authority such as law enforcement. Economic revolution tends to be at the whims of a new president or premier who takes control of a country from the previous leader by changing laws. The individual has a lot less control over his environment as leaders cease even more power over their respective countries. The top Freemasons were usually people that represented those at top positions of government or business. Those top leaders have always been a force for change. We just don't hide that fact these days as everybody knows our top leaders' decisions the minute it hits the headline news.

Instead of believing in a Greek goddess of reason: Athena, Freemasonry was starting on a new chapter to utilize logic and reason. Men were using reason as defined by the modern philosophers. Remember, the Catholic church would punish people for heresy at this time. Deism was at its beginnings during this Age of Enlightenment as men were trying to define what it really was. God was tied to science and the world itself. Today, we might say deism is defined by all the books about affirmations or visualization that one can find in the self help section of a bookstore. Spiritual laws govern how things actually work in the world. Adam Weishaupt would be amazed if he could see today's world - people didn't abolish religion but many just gave up on it to become godless. We may have left it out of our own selfishness.
In college, I utilized another kind of affirmation. Call it divine guidance but I used a number of affirmations that started with "I am lead to meet women..." that were quite successful. I was quiet and shy in high school, but during my college years I was getting 10-50 times the dates out with women. I am a believer that affirmations work as I have the proof. Read up on Scientology's founder and you'll find he used affirmations as well.
Again, the same as the previous rite #5, we will implement an affirmation that you can say morning, noon and night. For those desiring the right type of work, the following affirmation is quite effective. (Use the term job or career, whichever works more for you for your situation.)
I am being lead into a career/job that is suitable for me.
Another good affirmation is:
Each and everyday, I am moving toward the perfect individual I am meant to be.

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