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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Demonology & Can We Change Lead Into Gold?

February 2, 2017

Feb. 10, 2017


The idea of alchemists changing lead into gold during medieval times has always been fascinating. If you take a look at Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia you will find 3 goetic demons that specialize in changing other metals into gold. Some have viewed these old grimoires as corrupt or profane books on magic that have no validity today. Can they be called false? If such demons exist with that specific power what would it take to harness control of such entities? We have this perception that you can't work with a demon, but people work with ouija boards everyday.

I've already tested the negative Caballa and have found it's power available and quite potent. At the point of Kether is the Archdemons Satan and Moloch. Each of the sephira have corresponding arch demons. They are a higher intelligence that may power the specific demonic power

I am currently building the #4 master magical procedure. It isn't a rite, but an involved number of steps that the student can try to arrive at the truth of alchemy.

The blog entry coming soon will be called: #4 Sorcery Initiation & Mastery of Alchemy. The student of magic will have the opportunity to perform a variety of steps to see if alchemy is real. About 10 goetic demons answer truthfully about many of the unknown secrets about the world. Also, 3 of the goetic demons, it is said, can transform metals into gold. Perhaps the "scientific method" used by the Invisible College was a method, through trials and tests, to work with spiritual beings to unlock the secrets of the universe. The original Royal Society of England may have used experiments to measure the spiritual world. I will offer hints and methods that should prove useful with this type of evocation. These procedures I will list here may come close to the Rite of Strict Observance as it is known in Freemasonry.

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