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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Air, Earth, Fire and Water

New:  March 26, 2016

Many have heard of the concepts of air, earth, fire and water in occultism.  It is thought of as 4 elements that are commonly found in new age and occult reading.  I thought I would add this simple idea to the blog, but it can be a life changing concept.

While these 4 elements have been brought up by other authors, I thought I would give my input on best to use them.  Most people can use the elements for visualization and affirmations.   You don't have to use these for spirit work.

Start with the Earth element.  Any of your goals or dreams have attributes that can be sensed.  Go for a walk outside and notice the the ground or dirt next to your feet.  You get the idea even if you are in a grassy area.  Picture that same dirt with your eyes close.  Your goals have many different things about it just the dirt or earth outside.  It has a certain look about it.  You can hear dirt as you drop dirt from a height onto the ground.  It has smell and can be felt.  It even has taste, but we will leave that one to babies that may eat dirt from time to time!   Picture your goals or dreams with your eyes closed and try to sense all you can about your objective.   For example, one might be looking for a new job and it may help to narrow the definition down to what I really want: a job more than $10 an hour.  This is a modest ideal, but some people are out of work and it may help.

Next, we consider the Air element.   Notice that when someone speaks words it is similar to the wind. When the wind blows, you may think about it as your body is being impacted by this force of weather.  Words also make us think.  Thinking is the intellect involved and we need to put our goals and dreams into words that describe it.  Let's go back to our example of finding a job.   Let's state in words what we really are trying to achieve.  "I have a job that pays over $10 an hour."   There are many books on affirmations out there.   It helps to say your desire in present tense.  I find that affirmations have some way of occurring and it tends to keep you focused as if you are a piece of metal being pulled toward a magnet.

Thirdly, we examine the Fire element.   Things that you want are desires.   You have to take some kind of action toward those desires to make them come true.  Let's look at if you are trying to camp and you are going to cook something.  You might have some charcoal bricks and lighter fluid to grill something.   To get that fire going you need to light some matches or take some kind of action to achieve your goal.   That is if you want a fire to cook something you have to initiate or take some kind of action to get it going.  You get the idea.   Want and action must both happen for this to occur.

Lastly let's look at the Water element.   This is a very confusing idea for a lot of people.   Water usually is comprehended when we take a bath or swim in a lake.  You can feel it.   Emotions are very much the same thing as you feel them.  Can you feel as if your goal or dream has already taken place?   You can take many paths to get to this feeling of the water element.  Let's look back at our job example.  Feel as if you got the job: feel the exhilaration - the emotions that come with getting your goal.   Really immerse yourself in that feeling.

Now, you can see the engine that drives many self improvement books out there.   In just a few short paragraphs, I have summarized numerous books and websites on the subject.  To get something you must know everything about your goal.  Know, or at least imagine, what your goal might look like, sound like, feel to the touch, taste (if it has a taste) or smell (if it has that).  You should be able to put the goal into words - take the time to write that down in a notebook or log.   You should really want that goal and take steps to getting it.  Lastly, try to imagine the feeling you get from achieving your goal.

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