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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Freemasonry Predates the Ku Klux Klan's Racism

Feb 12, 2017

Last time I looked, it appears we have a pro-white movement in the U.S.   Hating other races seems to be in right now.   White Supremacy seems to be an increasing in its momentum.

Some may wonder what I have to say about Freemasonry and it has nothing to do with what white nationalists or supremacists believe.  This isn't a philosophy you pick up in a number of lodge meetings regarding the fact that your fellow lodge members don't believe other races have equal rights.   It also isn't about the fact that your lodge members might do business with you because you are a part of a membership that only does business with each other.

The KKK infiltrated Freemasonry, here in the U.S., some time ago and doesn't resemble today what it was when it first started.

Some grandmasters may have changed Freemasonry rituals over the years.   Some lodges have changed the rituals into some psychology.   Albert Pike had to rewrite the rituals as he saw fit with his book Magnum Opus.   These are corruptions of the original rituals coming England.   I favor the 'Ancients' or 'Antients" versus the 'Moderns' Freemason movements.

I started looking at old rituals going way back in time.  Kensington Books had a number of reprints including the 96th degree of Freemasonry regarding the Rite of Memphis.   The book has it's own meaning at the back of the book.  The absolute best text is Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry.   I haven't gotten the revised to see what the changes are.   Search the old texts and that is where the true treasure is.   Those books are a window into the past.

What I've found is the early mysticism or mysteries.  That's the part that has been lost and no longer transmitted among its members.   It isn't just knowledge, but mental exercises that lead to spiritual experiences.   It isn't something you picked up in a few lodge meetings.


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