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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christianity: Pretend Christians, Fake Ministers and a False Religion

February 2, 2017


We have a new presidential cabinet building for 2017 that seems determined to find Muslim terrorists.   The person that helps me with marketing this blog has told me that sales of security products go through faster when you give people a fear that something is going to happen drastically to them.  Sales of mace sprays help women to feel more secure in walking to their car alone at night.  They had the fear and the advertisement played on their fear to sell them a product.  That appears to be the motivation by the new administration to find those terrorists and a justification for spending on the defense budget.   In the past, Republicans usually cut spending on infrastructure, education, human services and the environment.  Spending on defense, should be no different in this administration than with other Republican administrations in the past.  ISIS is a threat in Europe but spending every dime on defense is futile.   Every bit of the savings will probably go to defense.

Even members in my own family will vote Republican, regardless, of who's running.  They belong to churches that endorse a conservative way of life.  Many churches will actually let their congregations know they should vote for the conservative party.  Just like other Republicans I've known, they have a narrow vision of whether someone will take their guns away through gun control.  They have this fear of loosing their guns. Many vote for the pro-life candidate and that included the members of my family in the 2016 presidential election.

Others will vote Republican to attempt to save Israel like we have to protect it from its muslim neighbors. These people think something bad will happen if we turn our back on Israel like God was going to go hard on us.  If you've read in the 2nd half of the Bible you know there is a verse that says God turned his back on Israel when Israel turned their backs on him.  Many have already turned their backs on God.  You can find many Christians that only go to their church on the holidays.  Many Christians preach the faith but don't actually follow their own religion.  Now, ministers seem to make a big push for prosperity in books being sold.  When did Jesus tell his disciples he was going to make them prosperous?   The intention was to spread the gospel.

Church has become something on a resume or a politician's flyer that advertises that he belongs to a particular church.   This administration will be no different than any others with cabinet members claiming affiliation with churches.   You usually find that your local Christian boasting he's coaching little league baseball as well.  It becomes a list of all the things that make him a better candidate because he's helping to make the community better in some way.

Christians can no more prove their God (the God of Abraham) is any more alive than Allah.  Show me your god. The gods all appear asleep and nothing remains but their zealous followers who want to convert us over to their religion.

Christianity is no more different than the Catholicism of the middle ages.   The Catholic church ruled over all and tortured people for having an ideas contrary to the church.   Once again, so called "church people" are taking stands against Muslims.   Those religious personalities in government may wish to exercise their control over us once again.  My family pushed the Lutheran faith on me when I was young.  It is OK to push back as we don't need a church to rule over us again like Catholicism did in the past.

Evangelical Christians try to set a false precedent that our founding fathers were some of the greatest Christians alive.  Check your history and you will find many did not commit to an opinion; some were actually Freemasons that helped to give everyone a choice in the religion they wish to practice here in America.  On the whole, they didn't endorse any specific religion.

Look down deep at your own life.  Can you see when a Republican politician's changes actually benefited you?   As another Republican administration favors tax cuts for businesses, see how much prosperity actually rolls back to you.  Think about whether trickle down economics really works for you.

I favor freedom of religion.  What about you?

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