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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fanaticism and the End of the World

Updated: November 15, 2016

I am still busy composing this entry.  With the events regarding extreme Moslems in the world today, I figured it was important to mention how we are all affected by zealous fanatics and their wish to convert us all to their deep-felt beliefs.  This entry is long overdue as you may have encountered "holy-roller" Christians, the religious right, devout Muslims or that common citizen who wants to push his ideology on you in your daily life.   Formerly a confirmed Lutheran, I can give you honest information about what it's like to be pushed by family members into believing the world has an ending.  This is kind of a point and counterpoint entry as I look at both sides of the issue.  Most of you have probably adopted the ideologies of your parents.   You may be a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu or something else.  Maybe, you are agnostic or atheist and only believe what your local judge in a courtroom has to say about what the law of the land is.  Down deep, you have an ideology that you adhere to as the ultimate truth.  I will have a possible timeline of future events, which I have derived from research, that should tell us where this Earth is headed.  The book above may have been trashed by its readers years ago after it was found we didn't have a massive comet impact of the Earth in 2004.  Many churches feel that when we have reached 2000 years after Christ that there are many calamities that will come upon the Earth.  While I try to maintain a logical, rational idea about life, I have still had religious beliefs ingrained in me since my childhood exposure to religion.

I've collected several prophecies from several sources.  The book pictured above peaked my interest because it details attacks on cities in Europe and a comet that will impact the island of Crete; then roll over to devastate Turkey and parts of Russia with a massive tidal wave.  I've been kind of an armchair futurist trying to spot trends in history.   My research included Farmer's Almanac claimed to have figured out the problem of 2000 years after Christ: 2025 A.D.  There was a Catholic website that had narrowed down the date to 6 different dates.   With my new information, I have projected this comet to impact Earth: 2025 + 4 years = 2029 A.D.  I was in the process of writing a horrific tale of an asteroid impacting the moon and splitting it into pieces that would fall into the ocean.

As a futurist, I notice that our phones now carry cash in the form of digital currency.   You can pay by debit card and never see coins or cash.  You notice things just within your own work environment: People keep loosing their phones at work.  They set them down and loose them constantly.   Many will leave their keys and phones at work and must promptly return to retrieve them.   Most people have so much stored on their phones that they are lost without them.  The logical next step is to have a phone that is attached to your body in such a way so as to prevent the user from loosing it.

We now have electronic currency called the "bitcoin".   My father and I were into coin collecting in the early years.   I just naturally had to own a bitcoin and bought a small amount.   So, I could say I owned one just like I wanted to own a few wheatback pennies at one point.  I was surprised that it has almost doubled after I did.

If you look to Nostradamus prophecies - and they were recently featured on the History channel - this new president should lead us into another war.  Just watch for a comet overhead.

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