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Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Next Two Narratives: My Magical Memoir and a Narrative About Freemasonry

November 19, 2016

I have changed the order of the books I have coming out. The first one is an eBook which is a memoir of my early years. There are a few things I've found out about life which will go into a book of their own which is my magical observations. I'm aiming to have to the publisher by Christmas 2016. Secondly, my future tale is about Freemasonry. Many non-Masons will understand more about the organization and the reader will have a rite or ritual to read through that can help them understand the experiences of what it is all about.

As I consider the book coming out after my eBook, I am examining the complaints many readers had about Gray-Cobb's book - "hokey" stories is what I remembered from the blogs discussing his book. Readers did like the way he didn't require you have a bunch of equipment, so, it ends up simple and convenient.

My book on Mr. Gray-Cobb will cover a stronger magic. I'm carrying on where he left off. I'm adding new concepts to improve it.

With NAP, I have to tell historical stories from my past to make it interesting. Whereas, the future tale is used for my Freemasonry story. The Freemasonry story will resemble fiction, but the careful reader will find complete rituals of Freemasonry within. I have solved 80% of the riddle with Freemasonry. I use it now on a daily basis. It is another form of mysticism as I discuss the hidden verbal tradition of the organization.

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